Fortunate Wife - Ch 0192

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 192 - Don't be afraid (3)

"Fine, fine, I won't bring it up. The gods above are watching. They can see who is right and who is wrong." Li Xiangyu sniffled and slowly said, "This time, I brought Hehua over here to suggest marriage between our two families. I'm truly thinking for you and your brothers’ benefit. What's good about the Goddess's Ravine? Other than these two broken-down huts and the kitchen, what's keeping your and your brothers from leaving here? Actually, even if its marrying into her family, it wouldn't be a lost for you -"

"Big aunt, let's drop this subject. We already have a wife." Li Yan felt a bit annoyed listening to her long-winded talking.

Li Xiangyu coldly looked at him in admonishment. "I know that you have very high standard for beauty and you dislike Hehua because she's not pretty. But, all women will grow old one day. Just because the woman in that other hut looks like a flower right now, it doesn't mean she'll stay that way. Her beauty won't even last two years if she's living in the Goddess's Ravine. After that, she won't look good anymore either. When that time comes, will you and your brothers still stay by her side for a lifetime? In addition, Hehua's maternal uncle works for local landlord. It would only take one word from him and you or Li Shu can also work for that landlord. The others can leave this mountain area and figure out a way to make a living outside. Wouldn't this be better than staying here to hunt and do short-term work?"

"Yeah!" Hehua raised her head and looked at the men with an aggrieved gaze. "As long as I ask my uncle, maybe both Li Yan and Li Shu can go work with him. When you're working for a wealthy family, you don't have to work in windy or rainy weather. You can earn a monthly salary too. There are so many people that would beg to get that position, but they can't get it."

"Then, go look for those people that are begging for it." Li Shu couldn't stand looking at Hehua. She always seemed as if she was looking down on them. She merely lived in town, and her family owned a grocery store that sold various goods.

Li Xiangyu glanced at Hehua. "Hehua, if you don't know how to speak, then keep quiet." Honestly, this girl couldn't conceal her true feelings. She looked down on other people, which in turn made other people dislike her. But, her family background really was very good. She felt that with her nephews' abilities, they wouldn't be suppressed by Hehua's family members even if they married into her family instead of the other way around. Perhaps, they might be able to borrow her family's connections, and live a good life themselves.

"Big aunt, let's not talk about this any further," Li Mo finally voiced his decision and put an end to Li Xiangyu's delusions. "My brothers and I have working hands and feet. We don't need to depend on someone else. Hehua, you're a good girl. You'll definitely find someone that will treat you well in the future. Don't waste your time on us."

"I -"

"Yeah, forget about us. We already have a wife. If you keep acting this way and anger my wife, I'll beat you," As Li Shu said the final part, he raised his fist towards Hehua.

Hehua felt hopeless after seeing that gesture. She whined and flopped down on the bed to continue crying.

Li Xiangyu swept her gaze over the brothers and saw their resolute expressions, even if she tried to take advantage of an opening, she wouldn't be able to succeed. She couldn't help sighing heavily. "Oh, you guys, what's so good about that woman? She just has slightly better looks. Sure enough, sons take after their fathers. You guys act as if you've never seen a woman before. Fine, I won't bother myself with this any further. You guys can just live your lives with that woman."

Li Yan seized the opportunity to jokingly say, "Thank you big aunt for your support."

Li Xiangyu's face turn red and puffed up. Even if she wanted to take back her words, she couldn't. She could only icily sneer. She dropped the subject and really gave up on the idea.

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