Fortunate Wife - Ch 0191

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 191 - Don't be afraid (2)

Li Yan went back to the eastern hut. Li Xiangyu was still leaning against the side of the bed and wiping her tears. Li Xiangcao was sitting next to her and had the arduous task of consoling her older sister.

Hehua was lying on the other side of the bed and loudly sobbing.

Li Mo and Li Shu were silently sitting on separate stools. But, looking at Li Shu's complexion, he had probably gone through one round of lecturing.

Seeing Li Yan coming inside, Li Mo hastily looked at him meaningfully. He wanted him to apologize to Li Xiangyu.

Li Yan understood. He very cooperatively walked to the side of the bed and bowed to Li Xiangyu. "Big aunt, I was wrong. I made you unhappy. How about this, you can give me a beating."

Li Xiangyu's expression was cold. She turned head to look elsewhere.

Li Yan ordered Little Five, who was standing by the corner, "Little Five, go, get a feather duster."

"Oh." Little Five obediently went out. He soon returned, but instead of bringing back a feather duster, he was holding a thin bamboo pole. He had taken this from the fence that was around the chicks. "Second brother, here."

"I told you bring a feather duster, why did you bring this over?" Li Yan lightly looked at him in admonishment and reluctantly took the bamboo pole.

Little Five said, "Our home doesn't have a feather duster. Second brother, you'll just make do with that."

"It has to be something that big aunt can easily use, ah." Li Yan offered up the bamboo pole to Li Xiangyu. "Big aunt, there's no feather duster. Please make do with this. Be assured, you can hit me however you want. Although your nephew was sick a few days ago, my body has always been robust. I should probably be able to endure a beating."

Before he had even finished speaking, a Li Xiangyu was already amused into laughing a bit. She smacked his arm with her hand twice. "You little brat. You know that your big aunt wouldn't be willing to hit you, and you still brought that over to anger me." After saying this, seemingly in a fit of pique, she tossed the bamboo pole in his hand out through the window.

Li Yan immediately apologetically smiled. "I know that big aunt cares about me, otherwise, I would have dared to offer to give you something to hit me with."

"Oh you." Li Xiangyu glanced at him, and her tears resumed falling out. "Do you know that your words today felt like you were stabbing big aunt's heart with a knife? You clearly know that I didn't get along with your mother and that even on her deathbed, she was cursing me. I -"

"Big aunt, second brother already admit that he was wrong." Li Mo hastily went forward to persuade her.

Next to her, Li Xiangcao was wiping her older sister's tears and trying to persuade her, "Older sister, it's already been so long. Don't bring it up in front of the children. Back then, they were so young. What would they know about what happened then?"

"It's because they don't know, that's why I have to tell them. It's not that I was a harsh sister-in-law. It's that their mother was indecent. For her to have such a fate, it was her own fault. I didn't think it would end up that way either. I felt regret during the past several years." Speaking to sorrowful point, Li Xiangyu couldn't stop more tears from gushing out.

Li Yan chimed in, "Everything is okay now. Why bring up what happened back? We've already forgotten about it."

"Big aunt, don't cry." Little Five also leaned over and thoughtful used his little hand to wipe Li Xiangyu's tears.

Li Xiangyu took him into her arms and hugged hum. After wiping her tears for a few moments, she continued to speak, "Li Yan, Li Shu, I know that you held a grudge against me during the past several years. You think that I caused your parents' death -"

"Big aunt," Li Yan rudely interrupted her. He didn't want to listen to her platitudes.

T/N: Wish the truth about their parents' death could just come out. Author is dragging this out way too long.

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