Fortunate Wife - Ch 0189

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 189 - Resolution (6)

"Don't say nonsense." Li Yan lightly glared at him. "Who says we’ll marry her? Back then, we vowed in front of mom that we would only marry one woman. We would only treat our wife well. How could we marry another woman?"

"En." Li Shu nodded his head in satisfaction.

Li Yan looked at Li Xiangyu and said, "Big aunt, sorry for making you waste a trip here. This matter really can't be helped."

Li Xiangyu didn't think he would take out that vow as an excuse and tried to persuade, "Li Yan, you and your brothers were so young when you made that promise. You didn't know anything then. And your mom, really. She was already on her deathbed, she could have said anything, but she insisted on such a poisonous vow. How could a mother act that way?" 

Li Yan's eyes look cold. Insincerely smiling, he said, "I don't know the answer to that. My mom had already been dead for so long. I can't ask her that question. How about this, if my mom ever talks to you through a dream, you can ask her yourself?"

Li Xiangyu's face immediately paled and her legs felt weak. "Li Yan, you -" 

"Older sister." Li Xiangcao quickly supported her sister to keep her from falling.

"You?" Leaning on her younger sister, Li Xiangcao suddenly said, "Fine, just treat it as me not minding my own business. I'll leave. That will make you happy, right? I know that even if you're speaking to me politely, each of you secretly hates me."

"Big aunt, the sky is already dark. Stay here for the night. I'll send you back tomorrow, " said Li Mo.

Li Xiangyu felt utterly disappointed.  She had thought that Li Mo would scold Li Yan for her. After all, everyone knew that this matter was a thorn in her heart. How was she wrong? Her beloved three younger brothers had died because of that wretched woman.

"Hehua, come with me, let's go inside to talk."

Hehua had still been leaning against the corner. Hearing Li Xiangyu calling to her, she kept close to the wall and carefully followed her into the eastern hut.

After the three women went inside, Li Mo helplessly looked at Li Yan. "Second brother, your words were too harsh just now."

Li Yan slightly raised his eyebrows. He quietly stared at the western hut. He was sure that Li Man was hiding in the corner and secretly looking at them. At the thought of this, his lips curved upwards without him noticing. He slowly replied, "Oldest brother, third brother and others might not know this, but you and I clearly know what happened back then. If big aunt hadn't meddle in our parents' relationship, that incident would have never occurred."

"That's already in the past. No matter what, she's our dads' older sister and our big aunt. During these past years, she's done a lot to take care of us," said Li Mo.

Li Yan snorted and said, "Oldest brother, just don't walk down the path that our dads took that year."

"Second brother." Li Mo's expression changed. "Man-er, she -"

Li Yan followed up with saying, "We only have one wife. We have to keep guard her carefully. I don't want to be like our dad. I'll watch after my wife, take care of my children, and watch them grow up."

Those last words deeply stabbed Li Mo's heart.

Li Shu parroted Li Yan's words, "Yeah, oldest brother. I want to do the same as second brother. Big aunt is still big aunt. We can respect her, but we don't have to mindlessly obey her."

"Oldest brother, what you did today was good," said Li Yan while smiling. Compared to last time, when Li Mo had almost acquiesced, this time, he knew to call him and third brother back home to disrupt things.

Li Mo helplessly looked at his two younger brothers. "Alright, once this matter blows over, the two of you have to apologize to big aunt. I won't reprimand you for today's actions."

"En." Li Yan and Li Shu looked at each other and laughed.

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