Fortunate Wife - Ch 0188

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 188 - Resolution (5)

"Me?" Out of all of her nephews, Li Shu was the most impulsive one and had the worst temper. He didn't show her the respect that she deserved as his elder. At present, there was still palpable angering hanging over Li Shu's body. It was like facing off with a fierce beast. She instinctively retreated and pulled on Li Mo. "Li Mo, ah, how about you tell Li Shu about this matter."

"I want to hear this from big aunt," said Li Shu, "Last time, big aunt and that ugly woman bought over two pig heads and a few kilograms of fatty meat and treated it as a betrothal gift. They wanted us to marry into her family. They even said words like oldest brother, second brother, and me are passable. We can help out with their family's work. Fourth brother needs money for school, so that should be stopped. It would be a waste of money if he doesn't pass the exams. Little Five is still young. It'll be at least a few years until he grows up, so our old home has to be sold off. They acted as they were worried he was going to eat too much of their food."

Li Xiangyu looked embarrassed. Last time, Hehua didn't come here by herself. Hehua's parents and older brother had also come.

Hehua's older brother was disabled, and many things inside and outside their home was taken care of by Hehua, so Hehua's parents wanted to find son-in-laws that would marry into their family.

Seeing that Hehua's family conditions were quite good and knowing that her nephews still hadn't been able to get a wife, she agreed on their behalf.

However, Hehua's parents had wanted to lord it over her nephews, and when they came over and saw how poor this home was, they had spoken impolitely and acted overbearingly.

Li Shu had gotten angry. At that time, he had used a hoe to drive Hehua's family out. Hehua wasn't willing to accept this, and the two of them had fought.

Li Shu ended up bleeding at his wrist from a bite, and Hehua's face looked like a pig head from being beaten.

She had originally given up on this idea, but Hehua had stubbornly fallen in love with the Li brothers. She even felt that way about Li Shu. She thought that even though Li Shu was a bit mean, that was to her taste too. And so, Hehua had badgered her until she agreed to come over here with her. Perhaps, she would get some benefits from this too.

"Last time's words didn't count. After leaving here, big aunt had reprimanded them. You're my nephews, and they really did acted outrageously. The purpose of coming here is mainly to apologize for the previous visit," said Li Xiangyu.

Standing nearby, Li Yan chuckled. "Big aunt, those words are too serious. Almost half a year has passed. We've almost forgotten about that incident."

The implication was that this apology had come too late.

Li Xiangyu knew that Li Yan had a poisonous mouth, so she tugged on Li Mo and said, "Li Mo, I've already discussed with you at noon. Properly explain everything to your two brothers. This time, Hehua's family is acting in good faith. They're not asking you and your brothers to marry into their family. She'll be the one to marry into your family -"

Hearing these words, Li Shu's eyes widened to the size of small bronze bells. "What?!"

Li Xiangyu hurriedly said, "No bridal price is needed. She'll come with  a dowry too."

"I don't want it." Li Shu called out with a cold expression.

Li Xiangyu's face shook in anger. "Li Shu, don't be impudent. Is that how you should speak to me?"

"Big aunt, don't be angry. You know what third brother's temperament is like. He blurts out whatever he thinks. "Li Yan walked over and appeasingly said, "Big aunt, we know that you're only thinking of us and doing this for our benefit. But, you came here too late. Don't we already have a wife?"

"Hehua can be your wife, and that woman can be your concubine," said Li Xiangyu.

"Bah!" Li Shu spat out. He very fiercely stared at Li Mo and Li Yan and said,"Oldest brother, second brother, if you marry that woman, you can have her to yourselves. I don't want her. If that happens, I'll build a separate home for me and wife and we'll move over there to live on our own."

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