Fortunate Wife - Ch 0170

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 170 – Traveling Together (5)

"This entire path is by the mountain." Which meant that there could be another accident at anytime.

"I'll be careful."

"Oh, alright then." He harrumphed. Although he seemed to have heard her words, he didn't let go of her hand.

Li Man coldly glared at him. She truly felt helpless. Although he had saved her, it didn't mean he should take advantage of this potentially dangerous situation.

Not hearing a response from her, he asked, "Do I look ugly?"

Li Man slightly shook her head.

"I'm ugly?" Not hearing any answer, Li Yan turned his head and glowered at her.

"No." Li Man quickly shook her head.

Li Yan scoffed, "Am I really that bad?"

"En." Li Ma honestly nodded.

"I'm bad?" Li Yan suddenly stopped and leaned towards her as he stared at her.

Li Man's heart tightened in alarm, but she bravely faced his gaze. "How are you not bad?"

He suddenly smiled. "Oh, you silly girl, even if I'm bad, I'm only bad to you."

Li Man's heart felt clogged up in annoyance. "Am I supposed to feel honored for having that privilege?"

Li Yan sighed and said, "Well, I wouldn't go that far. Isn't it better to me with me than a man that looks ugly and doesn't love you?"

Li Man wanted to laugh at this outrageous statement. "Why do I have to marry an ugly man that doesn't love me?"

"Do you have the opportunity to chose either way?" Li Yan taunted.

"..." Li Man was speechless. It was true that she didn't have the opportunity to choose her own husband. Even if an opportunity came up where she could leave the Li family, she wouldn't know what to do afterwards.

Even thought she hadn't been in this unfamiliar era for long, she still had a clear understanding. A woman didn't have much status in this era.

Even though it was very common for several men to share a wife in the Goddess's Ravine, the status of their wives remained low. These men treated their women as tools to carry on their family line.

Seeing her blanked out look and dejected expression, Li Yan felt bad for her and pinched her nose for lack of a better idea. He slightly smiled and said, "Alright, just treat me as a bad person that's bullying you then. How about this? I'll let you bully me."

"I'll thank the heavens if you just stop bullying me in the future." Li Man rolled her eyes at him.

The smile on Li Yan's face grew. He tightened his grip on her hand. "Man-er, don't be angry. Last time, I really didn't mean to do that."

Li Man suddenly felt cold, and goosebumps rose up. When this person was crude, he didn't seem human. But when he was gentle, he seemed even less like a human.

"Stop mentioning it. It's enough as long as you don't bully me in the future." She quickly threw his grip off and dashed forward.

"Little creature, you run quite quickly." Seeing her long hair fluttering behind her as she ran, Li Yan's heart was crammed full of softness. He raised his foot and began to chase after her.

When Li Man turned her head and saw that he was pursuing her, she ran even quicker.

Thus, on their way back, the busy villagers in the fields saw a woman and a man sprinting down the path. The man was too hateful. Every time, he would wait until the woman had increased the distance between then, then he would speed up his pace and catch up to her. This would frighten the woman into screaming and cause her to desperately run faster. It was like a cat toying with a mouse.

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