Fortunate Wife - Ch 0169

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 169 – Traveling Together (4)

"I'm what?" Li Yan asked with a smile. He knew that he had provoked her into anger, and it wasn't a light anger either. But, strangely, compared to her usual appearance that was as gentle and refined like water, he enjoyed seeing her boiling with anger appearance more. When she was angry, her eyes were even brighter as if little flames had ignited inside them. Her delicate cheeks that still had a bit of baby fat in them would become stained red like rosy, sunset clouds. She looked even more like a beautiful peach blossom.

It instilled a desire to embrace her and thoroughly cherish her for a round!

Li Man saw that his gaze was gradually deepening, and her heart sunk. Furious, she cursed, "You're a fake gentleman!"

"Fake gentleman?" His infamy was increasing. "I rather you call me despicable scoundrel."

"You're shameless!" Li Man quickly retorted.

Just as Li Yan was going to riposte, he heard the sound of rocks tumbling down. Someone above them shouted, "Hurry, get out of the way!"

Get out of the way? What were they evading? When Li Yan raised his head to look up at the mountain, he saw a wide expanse of loose rocks falling towards them like a waterfall. There was no way from them to avoid it. He instinctively hugged Li Man and brought her along to hide in a nook at the bottom of the slope.

Li Man didn't know what was going on. She only knew that Li Yan was tightly holding her. Her head was pressed against his chest, and she couldn't see anything. She could only hear the sound of tumbling rocks.

A landslide?

Fortunately, this sound quickly ended and was replaced by the pattering of hurried footsteps, and someone worriedly asking, "Are the two of you okay?"

Li Yan let go of Li Man and pulled her up. His eyes showed concern as he carefully looked at her. "Are you okay? Did you get hit anywhere by the rocks?"

Li Man shook her head. She was fine. But, when she looked at Li Yan, she saw there was a gash on the back of his right hand. Startled, she exclaimed, "You're hurt!"

A falling rock had hit his hand when he had been pulling her safety. "It's fine. It's just a skin wound."

At this time, one of the two middle-aged men that had come down from the mountain very apologetically said, "The two of us were chasing goats and accidentally stepped onto a loose pile of rocks, and they started to cascade down. We're really sorry that the two of you got hurt. We couldn't stop the rocks from falling.”

Li Yan looked at the rocks on the path. Even the smallest one was the size of a fist. If these rocks had actually struck their heads, even if they didn't die immediately, they would have still been seriously injured. He said to those two people, "Be more careful in the future. You know there's a path at the bottom of the mountain. We were lucky today. What would you do if someone got injured?"

One of the two men quickly explained, "Sorry, we're really sorry. We were just too anxious. Our family's goats had been missing for past two days before we finally found them today on the mountain."

Li Yan waved his hand. "Fine, just be more mindful in the future." Then, he very naturally held Li Man's hand. Seeing that she wasn't hurt anymore, he said, "Let's go home."

"En." Li Man walked by side. He was firmly holding her hand. It felt very unnatural to her, so she wanted to pull her hand away, but he was holding it too tightly and acting as if he couldn't sense her attempts at all.

Discontent, she mumbled, "I can walk by myself,"

His eyelids didn't even twitch. He indifferently refuted, "Really? You almost got killed by those falling rocks."

"That was an accident."

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