Fortunate Wife - Ch 0137

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 137 – Wolf attack (2)

"En." As soon as Little Five heard that Li Man would be coming back, he swallowed down the rest of his sobs and got up from the ground.

“Oldest brother, how about I go with you to the back of the mountain?" Li Shu thought that area was more dangerous and was worried about his oldest brother going there by himself.

Li Mo waved his hand and said, "Your second brother is still wounded. I'll worry less if you go with him."

"We should be the ones going to the back of the mountain then," said Li Yan.

"The two of you aren't as familiar with that area as me," said Li Mo.

The other brothers didn't try to keep arguing. They knew that their oldest brother grew up hunting on the mountain. No one else in the Goddess's Ravine was as familiar with the mountain's topography as well as identifying the various scents and threats as Li Mo.

"Alright, regardless if we find her or not, we'll all come home to check in with each in two hours," instructed Li Mo.

After that, everyone dispersed.


It was if time had come to a standstill. The beautiful sunshine passed through the dense trees and cast its dappled light on her.

Li Man narrowed her eyes and stared at the patches of sky above her. She was as still as a stone statue.

She didn't know how much time had passed when a gust of wind blew by. The leaves rustled, and some of the broad leaves fell on her body. It was as if she had been jolted awake from a dream by the cold temperature. Shivering, she abruptly got up from the ground.

Had long had she been out here? Her family must be worried sick about her, right? After she came to Li family's home, she had never gone out by herself since then.

Li Man patted her clothes down to shake off the bits of grass and leaves. She turned around and wanted to leave the mountain to go home, but right after she turned her head, she saw a pair of cold eyes that were filled with killing intent.


Omg, it was a wolf. It was a violent, man-eating wolf.

All of her blood instantly went up to her brain. Li Man wanted to run, but her legs felt numb and weak. She was shaking like a piece of chaff. She couldn't even move one step away.

That wolf could sense Li Man's timidity. It quietly strolled towards her.

Li Man wanted to retreat, but her legs felt weak, and her butt fell to the ground instead. The wolf suddenly violently dashed towards her.

"Ah!" It felt as if her heart had stopped beating. Li Man instinctively grabbed the loose grass on the ground and threw it at the wolf. She rolled away, then ran for trees.

However, before she could even start to climb up a tree, the wolf's agile body was already pouncing towards her. Terrified, she closed her eyes and waited to feel the pain of her neck being torn apart.

However, the awaited pain didn't come. Instead, someone forcefully hugged her, and they rolled over several times on the ground.

When she opened her eyes to look, before she had time to get a clear look of her savior, that person had already swiftly grappled the wolf. That person and the wolf tumbled along the border of the tree roots until they rolled down the side of the slope.

Li Man got up in a panic. She headed over there and saw that the wolf was on top of Li Mo with its jaw wide open.

Li Mo was desperately trying to choke the wolf's neck so that the wolf couldn't bite down.

“Oldest brother." Li Man was freaking out. She picked up a stick and thought it was too thin. She threw it away. After turning around several times, she finally found a stick that was slightly thicker. She quickly picked it up and ran towards the bottom of the slope, but the slope was too steep, and she was panicking too much to watch her feet. She tripped and fell headfirst. Just like that, she rolled to the bottom of the slope too.


T/N: This might have already been mentioned before? Until recently, Li family was too poor to even have a field to farm, so Li Mo could only feed his younger siblings by hunting, which is very risky. This is why he's more familiar with the mountain than the other relatively richer villagers, who can safely stay by the village and farm.

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