Fortunate Wife - Ch 0136

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 136 – Wolf attack (1)

Did you not know? Li Mo purchased you to be Li family's shared wife!


When Li Man came out of her daze, she saw that she had somehow walked to a verdant area with trees. It was so quiet here that she could hear the chirping of insects in the grass.

Her legs felt weak, so she numbly sat down on an exposed tree root. Her embroidered shoes had become unbearably stained by mud a while ago, but she didn't have the energy to care. Mudan's words kept echoing in her mind as well as Mudan's slightly surprised and sympathetic gaze.

Above her, towering trees blocked the sky, and only a patch of the sky could be seen.

She suddenly thought of her memories of modern-day.

That young girl, who had been born with congenital heart disease, could only stand in the corner and enviously watch her classmates play with rubber bands.

During athletic competitions, she didn't even have the qualifications to join in and cheer. She could hear the unceasing shouts of encouragement coming from the school campus, but she could only stay at home and look at the sunflower on her windowsill. It had lost a few petals and leaves.

On the college campus, underneath the Chinese parasol trees, there would be sweet couples walking together and attracting admiring gazes. As for herself, she had gone in shock from being too nervous about her first date and utterly frightened away the young man that had wanted to date her.

Much later on...

After graduating college, as her former classmates were busy starting their careers, her parents had arranged a marriage for her.

That man, he came from a good family, had a good appearance, high-level education, a good job, and this would be his first marriage too. And so, she fell for that man's gentle smile.

At that time, she had thought the gods were compensating her by giving her such a good man.

After the wedding, they treated each other with mutual respect. Although their marriage was as insipid as water, she felt incomparably blessed.

She went from a young girl that didn't know anything to someone that learned how to do housework such as cooking. She cooked all sorts of culinary delicious to please her husband.

However, although he had smiled warmly when they met each other for the first time, she saw that smile appearing less and less in his eyes.

He would frequently return home very late. Sometimes, he wouldn't even come home.


She suddenly felt as if there was something in her eyes. Li Man rubbed her eyes and realized there were tears at the corners of her eyes. Her face felt wet too.

Was she crying?

She had previously though that her new life had allowed these memories to gradually fade away. She didn't expect that these memories would still feel so vivid right now.

She missed her family and that time period. She even missed that man, who had betrayed her.


At this moment, Li family's home was in total chaos.

Li Shu's eyes were already red. He turned to hide from their view and secretly rubbed the corners of his eyes with the back of his hand. "Could she have run away again?"

"She wouldn't." Li Hua's complexion was pale. He didn't know if he said this to comfort his older brother or to comfort himself.

Little Five was rubbing his eyes and crying. "I want older sister."

“Oldest brother? ”Li Yan was sitting on the bed and questioningly looking at Li Mo.

Li Mo's forehead was wrinkled. He said, "Stop thinking of such ridiculous things. She definitely didn't run away by herself."

Li Yan's expression became graver. "En. Oldest brother, I'm just worried that something happened to her."

Li Mo added, "Yes, that's a possibility. I walked around the entire village and didn't see her. The morning is almost over. We have to find her before it gets dark out. Second brother, go with third brother and check the fields in front of the village. Fourth brother, stayed in the village and look for her. I'll go the back of the mountain to search. Little Five, stay at home just in case she comes back soon."

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