Fortunate Wife - Ch 0068

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 68 - Deciding

"Oldest brother, why do you have a stick with you when you sleep?"

"Huh?" While Li Mo was still feeling confused about this question, a chuckle had escaped from Li Yan.

Li Mo's face turned even redder. He cleared his throat and said to Little Five, "It's still early. Be good and sleep some more."

"There really isn't a stick? But I felt something poking my arm earlier." Little Five sat up and held out his hands. He carefully looked at Li Mo and really wanted to lift up his oldest brother's quilt to check.

Another snort of laughter came from Li Yan.

At this time, Li Shu blearily opened his eyes. "Huh?"

Li Yan said with a smile, "Ask oldest brother."

Li Shu really was going to ask what was going on. But, before he could speak, Li Mo warningly said, "Go back to sleep."

"What?" Li Shu felt baffled. Besides, the sky was getting brighter, and he couldn't fall back asleep. He poked Li Hua, who was next to him, and quietly asked, "Fourth brother, what's wrong with oldest brother?"

Li Hua had actually been awake since Little Five called out "oldest brother" the first time. But, how could he possibly say aloud what had happened?

Li Yan lightly smiled as he said, "Third brother, go to sleep for a little bit longer."

Li Shu sulkily huffed. He turned over and decided to go back to sleep.

After Li Mo's recent admonishment of Li Shu, Little Five didn't dare to keep asking questions. He obediently closed his eyes and went to sleep too.

As for Li Mo, after he reprimanded his younger brothers into going back to sleep, he was unable to fall asleep himself.

He lifted up his quilt and very quietly got off the bed. Then, he walked to the large wardrobe and took out a pair of pants. Just as he was about to exit the hut, he heard Li Yan's voice from behind.

"Oldest brother, it's still early. Why aren't you going to get some more sleep too?”

Li Mo turned his head and saw that his second brother was lying on his side with his chin propped up in one hand and observing him.

His second brother was really bad. He clearly knew what was going on, but he still asked him this question.

Li Mo responded, "I'm not sleeping anymore. I'm going to repair the hoe that broke yesterday." Right after saying this, Li Mo pulled open the door and strode out.

Li Yan looked at the sorry figure of his oldest brother and pursed his lips together as he chuckled.

As soon as Li Mo exited the hut and closed the door, he dashed towards the outhouse.


In the western hut, Li Man heard the sound of a door opening in the neighboring hut and immediately sat up. She felt embarrassed that she had woken up so late in the past days.

After thinking it over all night, she finally thought things through. No matter what her relationship with this family was, or whom she was going to marry, she had to live her life well here. Besides, apart from this choice, there were no other options for her to choose from, right?

In this strange and unfamiliar world, she was just a weak and lowly female. Even if she successfully left this mountain and the Li family, where could she go? Not only was she unable to support herself, she could die in an indescribably horrible way if she encountered wicked people.

Yeah, it was true that she was a timid person that was scared of dying. But, since there was a warm, cozy shelter available to her, why should she refuse it?

Besides, Li Shu was just a bit short-tempered. Other than that one negative aspect, he had a handsome face, a muscular physique, and was hardworking and competent. He didn't drink excessively, go to brothels, or gamble. He also treated her very well.

Why wouldn't she want a man like him?

Even if there weren't feelings between them yet, she didn’t dislike him either. She believed that once she got to know him better, feelings would naturally develop between them.

She was also willing to do her best to gain feelings for this new world.

As for the other members of Li family, they were all good people. They definitely wouldn't mistreat her.

She would happily live her life here. Her diligent efforts would definitely win her a place in this family.

Once again, Li Man summoned up her courage. Then, she quickly changed her clothes and brushed her hair. Once she had tidied up, she opened her door and headed towards the kitchen. She wanted to make breakfast for everyone.

Right after she entered the kitchen, she saw Li Mo holding the container used for washing clothes as he walked out. There was a pair of pants inside.

Li Man was briefly surprised. Soon after, she politely asked, "Are you going to do laundry? Just leave it there, I'll wash it with the other clothes after breakfast."

As soon as he saw that it was her, Li Mo felt as if his heart had almost forgotten to beat. He was so overcome with panic that he didn't even know where to look. Holding the basin, he took a step back. "N-no..."

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