Fortunate Wife - Ch 0067

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 67 - Dreamland

Hubby? Did she just call him hubby? Li Mo felt overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

"Hubby, the water is getting cold." Li Man gently took out her small feet from the bucket. Droplets of sparkling water slowly rolled down from her perfect feet.

Li Mo felt as if his eyes were being stabbed. His heart was palpitating. In a dither, he took a dry towel and dried her feet for her.

He had wanted to go and pour out the water she had used to wash her feet with, but in the midst of his panicky state, he suddenly felt a soft body against his. Somehow, without him being consciously aware, he had pressed the woman down against a bed.

"Sorry, I -" He didn't know what to do and wanted to flee from the bed.

In contrast, Li Man smoothly wrapped her arms around his neck and stared at him without blinking. Her small, delicate hands touched his face. She went from his brow to his eyes to his nose. At the end, her hands slid down to his tightly pressed lips. She gently stroked his lips and said in a low voice, "Hubby, kiss me."

*Boom* It felt as if something had exploded in his mind. He lowered his head and quietly stared at her moist, little mouth. Their breaths seemed to intertwine. A subtle feeling erupted as the fragrance of her body assailed his nose. It felt as if all his senses were being overcome by a surprise attack.

He tightly held her arms. He wanted to ask her if this was real. Would she regret this later?

However, he had a stronger urge to just envelope her so that they could become one.

But, just as he was about to kiss her, her body disappeared, and there was only empty air.

"Man-er!" He anxiously shouted and looked around.

In the midst of a white fog, Li Man's figure gradually became more distinct. He rushed forward to catch up with her, but when he did, he discovered that she was in the arms of a strange man.

He felt as if someone was stabbing his heart. It was a blunt sort of pain...

He heard her quietly call out by his ear, "Hubby, what's wrong?" Li Mo suddenly became clear-headed. There wasn't any stranger.

The two of them were standing in their family's uncultivated fields. His wife was in his arms and was rubbing her head against his chest like a kitten.

Countless feelings overwhelmingly gushed forth. Right here, in this field that was overrun by weeds, he pressed her beneath him...

"Oldest brother, oldest brother -"

Suddenly, he heard Little Five's voice by his ear. It was like being shocked by a bolt of lightning.  Startled, Li Mo trembled for a moment before waking up from his dream. His body was rigid for a moment before collapsing like someone suffering from loss of blood.

Little Five was sitting by him. Observing his oldest brother's blank state, he worriedly asked, "Oldest brother, what's wrong?"

"What's going on?" Li Yan was also on the bed. Hearing Little Five's words, he turned his head towards them.

"I think oldest brother had a nightmare," Little Five said.

At this time, the sun was just coming up. Li Mo absent-mindedly looked up at the shabby roof.

Seeing that Li Mo still seemed nonplussed, Little Five gently nudged him. "Oldest brother, did you really have a nightmare? What were you dreaming about?"

"Oh, it's nothing." Li Mo abruptly came out of his half-asleep groggy state. The lower half of his body felt sticky, and he realized what had happened. In the dimly lit room, his face felt as if it was burning hot. He didn't dare to look at Little Five.

"It's really okay?" Little Five felt less worried, so he lied back down. Still feeling a bit confused, he asked, "Oldest brother, why do you have a stick with you when you sleep?"

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