Wu Gate Ch 27.1

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 27.1 of 87

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The sky above was as blue as water. The fragrance of flowers and grass was floating in the air.

There was a carriage that was creaking as it slowly traveled on a mountain road.
"... Whether the outcome is good or bad, at least tell me where we're going." The person saying these words was a young girl that looked docile and distressed, Gu Qing Qiao.

"Hmm, as long as you're following me, does it matter where we're going?" Looking at her disdainfully from the corner of his eye as if there was nothing worth seeing, the person responding to her was the oft referred-to "evildoer that didn't feel comfortable unless he was scolding someone, Lu Zi Zheng.
Aiya. Qing Qiao sighed and plaintively looked around.

Inside this wildly swaying carriage, there were two other beauties in addition to her. Lu Zi Zheng's face showed that he was cheerfully and effortlessly enjoying the current situation. Shao Yi's body was exuding a thick aura of grievances. Even when she was facing him directly, he still wouldn't even glance at her.

It was strange. She hadn't done anything, right? She had been serving this little crown prince yummy food and drinks this entire time and worried that he would suffer the slightest grievance. A few days ago, she had inadvertently mentioned that she had eaten glutinous rice balls in the middle of the night, so she didn't have any appetite during a meal. The young, cute boy had been showing her a stinky face since then.

Aiya, don't try to guess a boy's mind. Even if you tried to guess, you won’t be able to guess the correct answer.

"Younger sister Ding Ding, what is the place that you want to go to the most?" Lu Zi Zheng suddenly turned his head. The flickering light and shadow that was projected on his face made a person's heart jump.

"Me?" Qing Qiao froze for a moment, then she subconsciously said, "I want to go home... No, I want to go Shang Temple!"

Since Shao Yi had already started to regularly eat and his complexion had greatly improved, she was hopeful about finding the Emperor's Spirit's location. She planned on first visiting Great Master Kong Kong to have a briefing. If that didn't work, then they would have a brainstorming session.

"... Why do you want to Shang Temple?" Lu Zi furrowed his eyebrows. The pleased expression on his face gradually faded. "Don’t tell me that it’s because there are monks there?"

"Haha ha..." Three black lines hanged on Qing Qiao's face. As if she was hiding something, she mumbled, "It's not just because there are monks there..."

"Darling young sister, even if you fancy people with short hair, that's not how you should be showing it!" Lu Zi Zheng suddenly forcefully interrupted her words. His expression had the foreshadowing of storm clouds right before a pouring mountain rain that would wash away everything, "Besides, it's not like every monk has a shaved head!"

Eh? Qing Qiao blankly looked at him. She didn't know why he would say these words. Confused by the situation, she could only agreeably say, "You're right. Hero is absolutely right." But in her heart, she couldn't help thinking, f***, don't tell her that there were monks with long, fluttering hair in this world?

(T/N: Just in case it was too long ago, in chapter 24, Qing Qiao casually mentions something to Zi Zheng and he thinks she’s being serious. Zi Zheng currently has super, beautiful long hair.

"Ah, nothing much... I'm looking at that person's hairstyle." Qing Qiao casually pointed at a passerby. She dispiritedly said, "It looks quite good. Really creative." 

Hearing this, Lu Si Kong immediately leaned out of the window and carefully examined.

He turned around and said in surmise, "... There's nothing special. It's only that his hair is short.” 

"Short hair is better. I like short hair, hehe." Qing Qiao's expression was lax. There was a lifeless look in her eyes. 

"... So, younger sister likes men with short hair?" A gleam of light quickly swept past Lu Si Kong's eyes. "Then, how short do you want the hair to be?"

"The shorter, the better. Hehe." Qing Qiao foolishly laughed. Her soul had already been scared to a distant edge.)

Lu Zi Zheng sighed, magnanimously patted her shoulder, and something like a shadow passed through his eyes. "As a person, you have to keep your gaze at long-term objectives and broaden your viewpoint!"

Qing Qiao hurriedly nodded. She was afraid of being disobedient to this unstable and abnormal hero.

"Tell older brother Dang Dang, who else are you thinking about in your heart?" Lu Zi Zheng started to patiently guide her.

Qing Qiao's face was sullen as she said, "Well, I... I miss Dong Xi." Suddenly thinking of something, her eyes brightened, "Oh right, I also miss Meow Meow. Where did you take my Meow Meow?!"

A burst of laughter came from Lu Zi Zheng. "You still remember? I thought you've already forgotten about that little furball."

Qing Qiao harshly glanced at him, "Aren't you going to take Meow Meow out for me to look? It couldn't be..." She suddenly thought of something and her face paled. She tightly clutched Lu Zi Zheng's wrist, "Did Meow Meow get crushed to death by the boulders?"

Lu Zi Zheng stroked the nine surd bells bracelet on her wrist and glanced at Shao Yi before looking at her and comforting her in a soft voice, "Be good. As long as your wear this bracelet, Meow Meow will definitely appear again."

Puzzled by Zi Zheng's words and faced with Shao Yi's discreet and occasional glances, Qing Qiao could only resentfully closed her mouth.

At noon, Lu Zi Zheng settled them at a hillside, said he was going to prepare food for them, and instructed them to not leave the carriage.

While watching Lu Zi Zheng's departing figure, Shao Yi suddenly asked, "... Do you like him?" His face was calm without the slightest sign of turmoil.

"Me?" Startled, but happy, Qing Qiao turned her head. The crown prince was finally willing to speak with her after several days of silence.

She waved her head and seriously explained, "Not at all. He's just my friend. He could also be considered... a benefactor!"

No matter what, she had obtained the nine surd bells from him. If she could really return home, even if he didn't have 30% of merit, he still had done 10% of the work.

"... If you don't like him, then why are you willing to abandon everything and wander around the world without a home with him?" Shao Yi asked another question. There was a strange expression on Shao Yi's face.

Eh? What?

Hearing his words, Qing Qiao's jaw almost dropped. "I don't... I only went with him because I can't beat him. Besides, you were also captured by him..."

"If he dies, would you feel sad?" Shao Yu lowere his gaze as a sharp gleam flashed through his eyes.


Qing Qiao blankly looked at the teenage boy in front of her.

If that demon dies? She had never though he would die. Although she never had any special feelings towards him, she at least considered him her benefactor. If he dies one day in the future, then...

After Shao Yi looked at her for a long time, he concluded in an extremely faint tone, "You don't want to part with him."

"... A person's life can't be rashly treated like a weed. Your Highness, you shouldn't joke about this type of thing." Qing Qiao's smile looked rather distressed. The cute, young boy was being so strange today.

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