Wu Gate Ch 26.2

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 26.2 of 87

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After the dishes were brought over, Lu Zi Zheng only attended to himself.  He picked up his chopsticks and bowl. Qing Qiao first looked at Shao Yi and in a deeply concerned tone, she asked, "Sir, aren't you going to eat?"

On the way here, Shao Yi had said very few words. At the moment, his expression looked painful as if he was suffering from constipation. He looked at the food and lightly shook his head.

"Just a at a little bit. I know you blame me, but you can't ignore taking care of your body, right?" Qing Qiao gently and sincerely pleaded as she tugged on Shao Yi's sleeve.

Shao Yi's mouth slightly pursed. There was a trace of faint pink on his ears.

As if he was motivated by a peculiar desire to see the world in chaos, Lu Zi Zheng suddenly said, "Aiya, this little young master's body is too precious and delicate. He can't eat simple food from a mountain village. Why are you worrying?"

Qing Qiao harshly glared at him. Just as she was about to open her mouth and refute, she heard Shao Yi suddenly uttering, "I'll eat if Chun Jiao feeds me."

With his eyebrows raised, Lu Zi Zheng's smile deepened, "Yo, little master, are you missing hands or a mouth? You even need people serving you to eat a meal?

Shao Yi didn't become angry or fuss. With a calm face, he repeated his previous words, "... I'll eat if Chun Jiao feeds me."

Lu Zi Zheng's expression stagnated. Just as he was about to say something, Qing Qiao hastily picked up a bowl and smiled at Shao Yi, "Okay, I'll feed you."

Then, she brought a spoonful of soup to Shao Yi’s lips and glared at Lu Zi Zheng to indicate for him to shut up.


Shao Yi drank the spoonful of soup. There was an intrigued expression on his face.

Lu Zi Zheng coldly snorted and didn't continue to speak.

After feeding the crown prince half a bowl of soup, Qing Qiao stretched her arm out to pick up a white fish ball on the table. She had already rowed a boat for most of a day and hadn't eaten anything yet, so her hand was disastrously trembling. Unfortunately, that fish ball was small and slippery. She couldn't pick it up despite multiple tries.

Without a better option, she called out to the waiter, "I'll have to trouble you for a thinner pair of chopsticks."

The fat waiter said, "Miss, the chopsticks we have here are all the same size. There's isn't a pair of thinner chopsticks."

Qing Qiao awkwardly looked at Shao Yi. His face was expressionless. Then, she looked at Lu Zi Zheng. The peacock had his nose turned up in disdain. He didn't have any intentions of helping her.

She sighed and tried to continue her difficult task of picking up other food, but her hands kept shaking. She couldn’t even pick up a piece of shredded potato.

With a serious expression, Lu Zi Zheng voiced his assessment that was straight to the point, "This child is really lacking in exercise."

"You!" Qing Qiao was very angry. She was tired to begin with and now this person was mocking her. She put down the chopsticks, looked at Shao Yi, and said, "Let's not eat anymore. Sir, drink more soup!"

And so, another half of a bowl of soup was poured into Shao Yi.

The crown prince finally couldn’t tolerate this anymore. He abruptly turned his face away and said, "... Don't want anymore."

"How can you be full after only eating this?" Qing Qiao worriedly looked at him, "How about a bowl of congee?”

Ai, cute, young boy, this great aunt's hand is sore. I can only feed you liquids. Please endure it.

With a blushing face, Shao Yi stalled for a long time before pointing at the fat waiter and shifting the blame by saying, "It's primarily because he's too ugly. I can't eat with him standing here."

“Ah?” As if his head had been struck by a club, the waiter suddenly collapsed on the ground, "Has... Has this inferior one committed a crime by just standing here?"

Looking at the waiter's familiar face, Qing Qiao couldn't bear to stay silent. She warmly appeased him by saying, "Definitely not. You're very handsome. If you go to where we come from and sing in an opera, you'll definitely be able to become a famous actor.

The waiter felt broken-hearted. He lifted his face up to look at her and forlornly asked, "Really?"

Ah~~ Qing Qiao couldn't resist looking supercilious for a moment. He was too similar! He really looked too similar to Young Master Cong Cong's iconic picture! If Lu Zi Zheng wasn't currently here, she wouldn't be able to resist rushing over there, grabbing his hand, and asking him, "Master Cong Cong, where's your small, short horse? Why aren't you wearing black eyeliner? Also, where is little brother Gang and Miss Jiao Jiao hiding?!"

After she finally finished feeding Shao Yi, Qing Qiao didn't have energy to be picky. She simply filled her stomach with a bowl of rice soaked in soup. She wobbled to her room, then she immediately fell down on the soft bedding. She didn't want to ever get up again.

She was so tired. Her hands were sore and her head felt faint. Her entire body including her skeleton felt like it was going to scatter into pieces... Sigh. It wasn't easy to take care of children in this time period...

She felt like she was currently fully experiencing the essence of suffering that single mothers went through. She couldn’t resist knitting her eyebrows and sobbing as she hummed, "In the world… only mothers are good. Children… with mothers are treated like treasure pieces..."

As she hummed, she cried for her miserable fate and eventually, carelessly fell asleep.

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