Wu Gate Ch 16

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 16 of 87

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

After they finished eating the pastries, Duan Yu took Qing Qiao to see Zuo Qing.

On the way there, there were rare treasures in every nook and corner. The path had birdsongs and intoxicating fragrant flowers that were as beautiful as the Immortal Realm’s.

QingQiao couldn’t resist clicking her tongue in astonishment, “Prince, you can really burn money. Does your body feel uncomfortable if you don’t burn money?”

Duan Yu’s face and thoughts were full of gloom. He didn’t reply.

After she was given the cold shoulder, Qing Qiao rubbed her nose and thought of another good saying. It’s difficult to get along with princes and villains.

(T/N: The actual Confucian saying is “It’s difficult to get along with women and villains.”)


At the stables.

From far off, Zuo Qing smelled QingQiao’s scent. All of his hair bristled and stood on its end.

It’s that foolish girl. The foolish girl is here again!

His eyes reddened. He threw back his head and howled. He hated that he couldn’t break away from his reins and run away like a wisp of smoke. Nothing good could come from being near this hateful, foolish girl! When she wasn’t asking him stupid and odd questions, she was choosing a name for him that didn’t have any grandeur or loftiness.

Oh right, she almost caused him to be encircled and killed last time. If his wise and godly owner hadn’t rushed there in time, he might be in the underworld being put to manual work by the imps right now! He definitely had to settle this score with her…

“Xiao Qing!”

He only heard a heart-rending screech before a shadow rushed over to him as fast as thunder.

“Long time no see. Did you miss me ma?” Qing Qiao very affectionately and tightly hugged Zuo Qing’s neck.

I didn’t miss your mom (ma) and I don’t know her either.

(T/N: Zuo Qing says ma because in Mandarin, ma is added to the end of sentences to make the sentence a question, but ma also means mom.)

Boss Zuo Qing unhappily glared at her for a moment.

“You definitely missed me. Look, you’re so excited that your entire body is trembling.” Qing Qiao affectionately stroked his back.

Please! You’re firmly holding onto my carotid artery. How could I not tremble?

Zuo Qing shook his head from her grasp and sighed resentfully.

“Aiya! Prince, he just answered me. He must have missed me a lot!” Qing Qiao cheerfully and lightheartedly shouted to Duan Yu.

Duan Yu silently looked at them. At the corners of his mouth, it looked as if he was trying to not smile.

Zuo Qing raised his head to gaze at the prince. His eyes were filled with grief and indignation.

Owner, you’re so perfect and refined. Above earthly matters. A reincarnation of an immortal. A god that has descended to the mortal world. Against all expectations, why did you find a girl that knows nothing?!

Duan Yu stood behind them and suddenly asked, “Little Qiao, do you like Zuo Qing that much?”

“Like, really like, really like a lot.” QingQiao slowly pressed her face against the horse. Her tone was as soft and gentle as cotton, “It felt like we were old friends at first sight.” They had both suffered the same misfortune of being taken to a faraway place. It was natural for them to feel sympathy towards one another.

“Felt like old friends at first sight?” Duan Yu repeated her words. It seemed as if he was pondering these words, “One man one horse. How could you feel like old friends at first sight?”

(T/N: The one man one horse is a reference to several chapters ago when Duan Yu said that Zuo Qing will only recognize one owner in his lifetime.)

“What is there to ask?” QingQiao twitched her mouth and had a disdainful expression, “Didn’t prince like A’Da’s braised pork at first sight? Did you forget the reason for wanting to marry me?”

Duan Yu covered his mouth with his fist and coughed once.

“Oh right, I’ve been wanting to ask you.” Qing Qiao suddenly thought of a question that had troubled her for a long time, “At the time, how were you able to recognize me? My clothing was very ordinary and I told you a fake name. How did you know I was lying?”

“… Little Qiao really wants to know?” Duan Yu raised his eyebrows and leisurely looked at her.

“If I’m lying, I won’t be able to eat any more braised pork.” QingQiao raised her hand to vow.

“… I can tell you. But in return, you have to answer my question too.” The centers of Duan Yu’s eyes flickered beautifully.

“Feel free to ask.” QingQiao was very curious and agreed readily.

“It’s very simple…” Duan Yu leaned closer and smiled with his eyes, “Because at that time, you were wearing a green lotus jade pendant. That pendant was given to your grandfather, Great General Xu Fei, by the previous emperor.”

Oh, so it was like that.

QingQiao touched the red thread that was around her neck. In her mind, she thought, so it was grandfather that betrayed me.

“Now, it’s little Qiao’s turn to answer my question.”

Duan Yu stood up straighter and put his hands behind his back. He was smiling superficially as he looked at the distant sky.

“I heard that Gu Shang Shu’s daughter had a serious illness when she was ten years old. When she woke up, she had amnesia. Tell me, did this really happen?”

In life, there will always be inconceivable events.

When Gu Qing Qiao was twenty-two years old, she never thought there would be a day when she would transmigrate.

She was only an ordinary city girl. She liked to go on the Internet. She adored manga and gourmet food. She had parents that loved her and spoiled her. She had friends to joke around and hang out with. In short, her interpersonal relationships were simple.

Although she had read many transmigration novels, it was just a way to pass the time when she was bored.

Because she was very realistic, she had never thought about being a girl who transmigrated. She knew that she was just one of the countless ordinary girls. She was accustomed to relying on modern technology and couldn’t tolerate the various inconveniences of ancient society.

Five years ago, when the sun was as splendidly bright as today, her parents had called her to say that they had cooked braised pork and wanted her to go home to eat a meal. And so, she stopped her work for the day and prepared to walk across the street to wait at the bus stop.

Perhaps, because that day was somewhat cold, her footsteps seemed as if they were floating. So, she stopped for a moment.

But she had forgotten that she was currently crossing the road. The pedestrian light was flashing green and was about to turn red soon.

Then, she heard a sharp breaking sound. She dazedly turned her head to look behind.

Her eyes were filled with the view of shining white light.

A single slip may cause lasting sorrow. When she woke up, she had transmigrated.

How and why did god select me and arrange all of this?

During the next five years, Gu Qing Qiao thought about this question constantly.

First of all, she wasn’t a modern beauty that had suffered from an emotional breakup and had transmigrated to a matriarchal world to enjoy being surrounded by beautiful men as if she was the moon and they were stars. And then, in the end, that beauty’s heart would feel balanced.

Second, she wasn’t a shrewd and aggressive beauty with lofty ambitions and had transmigrated to a world in chaos to convince villains to act against their own interest and devise battle strategies. And then, in the end, that beauty would become a legendary figure praised by the current generation.

Also, she wasn’t a fujoshi that couldn’t free herself from overindulging in reading yaoi novels and had transmigrated to ancient China to admire and appreciate boy love in person. And, then in the end, that fujoshi would turn their world upside down and charm everyone under the sky.

(T/N: Fujoshi is a Japanese word that describes girls who like reading yaoi.)

She wasn’t like Zhang Qing Lian who could be perfectly composed when cross-dressing as a man and was like a fish that went back into water and had thrived in ancient times.

(T/N: This is referencing a BL novel titled “Qinglian Chronicles“. Does anyone know what novels the other three transmigration were referencing to? I think the fujoshi one might be “Father, Mother Escaped Again”.)

She only had a most ordinary brain and heart. After she had transmigrated, she didn’t know how many time she had secretly cried. She missed her family and friends. She missed running water and natural gas for heating water and the house. She hated god’s cruel arrangement.

Gu Qing Qiao was only an insignificant and harmless character. She didn’t have lofty desires or want to pursue any of those desires. She should be healthily living in the modern world, going on the Internet, drinking and clubbing at bars, drinking black coffee, and eating chocolate.

Why was she suddenly transmigrated for no apparent reason?

She closed her eyes for a moment, then she turned around to face Duan Yu with a sweet smile. “Yes, little Qiao doesn’t have a memory of anything before the age of ten, whether it was good or bad.”

Duan Yu slightly pursed his lips. His face was cold.

He slowly opened his mouth to say, “… Is it that you forgotten, or is there a hidden, ulterior motive?” He sharply stared at little Qiao’s phoenix eyes.

The beautiful women froze for a moment. Immediately after, her beautiful eyes turned and she said, “It couldn’t be that prince thinks I’m an impersonation?”

“… If little Qiao is really a fake, could you tell me where you came from?”

Duan Yu clenched his hands that were behind his back.

In the end, everything in this world would end up within his grasp, even if the ending result wasn’t according to wishes.

The beautiful women didn’t know the danger. She waved her hand and mysteriously laughed, “Fine, since you’re sincerely asking me, I’ll be merciful by telling you. To be honest, I’m from Mars. Is the prince satisfied with this answer?”

Her head was held up high and she was in high spirits. Her long hair was lifted up by the wind and her smile was beautiful and charming. Her face was a never seen before beauty.


(T/N: Did it seem like Duan Yu was jealous of how much QingQiao likes Zuo Qing?)

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