Wu Gate Ch 13

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 13 of 87

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Author: 影照
Chapter: 013

When QingQiao opened her eyes, everything was the same as before. Steamed buns and coals were still fighting with great effort. Occasionally, there would be people bleeding brightly colored tomato juice and loosing body parts.

Big brother Dang Dang was honestly sitting next to her. He looked at her with a pair of peach-like eyes.

“… How long did I faint?” She dizzily looked at the beautiful man next to her.

“This… little sister opened her eyes after big brother counted to one hundred and one.” Big brother Dang Dang looked at her with a smile as if nothing had happened. He looked as if hadn’t threatened her, pinched her pulse point, or wanted to kill her in a single moment.

QingQiao lowered her eyes and touched her wrist. It was still a bright red and so painful that she gasped.

“Little sister, what are you thinking about?” He said intimately, “Are you worry this will scar? Don’t worry. Big brother knows that this won’t cause a scar. Little sister, this will heal in half a month.”

He continued, “What do you think? Isn’t big brother extremely tender and protective towards females?

“… Big brother is very unusual. In the future, I’m afraid you will have boundless longevity (suffering*).” QingQiao dimly replied.

* (T/N: There’s a Chinese idiom that’s wishing someone boundless longevity. The author replaced one of the words (longevity) in that idiom with another word (suffering). Those two words sound exactly the same, so this is QingQiao way of secretly cursing him when she says this.)

Big brother Dang Dang was speechless for a moment. Then, he suddenly smiled proudly.

Looking at his radiant smile, QingQiao felt a bit resentful.

What? Only one hundred and one. Isn’t that only a minute and forty-one seconds?

Really?! How come other people faint for a long time? But, when I faint, its only a minute and forty-one seconds?!

Big brother Dang Dang, was your attack too light or was my physique too good? Since you made the resolution to attack, why didn’t you let me faint longer? Let me stay unconscious more thoroughly?

Did you know? In all time traveling books, after the female lead’s vision goes black, a thrilling, new world would appear. The day before the female lead fainted, the ice-block by her side would have decided on his own that she is his true love. The day after she fainted, she’ll discover that a prince or sect leader had kidnapped her. The female lead might occasionally be placed into a dangerous situation. But, in accordance to convention, during this dangerous time, the highest leader (Author’s Note: 99.9999% chance that he will be extremely handsome, devilishly cool, and have extraordinary skills.) will illogically fall in love her with her.

And then, they will be become entangled.

Be separated

Be entangled again

Be separated again

~~ In short, they will be tossed and turned like baked sweet potatoes.

Ah, every time, when the female lead needed to be shown as delicate and weak, there would be fainting.

Ah, every time, when an evil handsome villain debuted, there would be fainting.

Ah, every time, when the author realized the story arc wasn’t good and needed to change the scene, there would be fainting!

But now…

The laws of time traveling had failed her.

As she considered this, an unidentified object was suddenly hurled towards them.

“Hidden weapon!”

Just as QingQiao was about to let out a heart-rending scream, she saw big brother Deng Deng swung his sleeve. The object was flung into the air.

“Splat!” The unknown object heavily fell onto the ground. He struggled to move a few times, but finally stopped moving. A lot of blood had leaked onto the ground…

After she looked carefully, she saw that the hidden weapon was a person. And he was a Steamed Bun person!

“He… he… Wasn’t he from the same group as you?” With a trembling hand, QingQiao pointed at the deceased. Her voice was shaky.

“So, what if he was?” He propped up his chin with a slightly raised his hand.

“Then… then… you’re not going to save him?” QingQiao stared at him. An ostrich egg could be stuffed into her gaping mouth.

“Why should I save him? Anyways, he was going to die. Saving him would only dirty my hand.” Big brother Dang Dang sweetly smiled her. His smile was as lovely as spring flowers.

Such classical words that could have come out of a play… Once these villainous words were said… inevitably, an evildoer was revealed.

And so, QingQiao without any courageous spirit curled up in ball and held her knees. She decided that before reinforcements came, she would pretend to be a dummy.

Big brother Dang Dang, I’m very obedient. I didn’t see anything or know anything.

She numbly sat there for a long time. There were less and less coal people. There were steamed bun corpses everywhere. The entire mountain was reeking of blood and iron smell.

QingQiao firmly covered her mouth. She didn’t dare to escape, or even close her eyes. She was scared that big brother Dang Dang would snap her neck at any moment.

As for that big brother Dang Dang, he was sitting next to her. He seemed absorbed in his appreciation of the ongoing fight. As if he was only watching a play, he was wearing a pleased smile.

So hateful. So terrifying.

Just when QingQiao was so dizzy that she was about to faint, big brother Dang Dang looked at her.

“Little sister Ding Ding, your lover isn’t simple. He was able to break through my spell to come here.”

Hearing a sound, QingQiao turned around to look. She saw that Duan Yu was very quickly coming towards them on a black horse. Underneath the sunlight, his sleeves were fluttering. His body was as strong and healthy as a lithe, wild goose. She saw him looking in her direction. He lifted up a golden bow…

Little Duan! Stop!

QingQiao was so startled that her hair stood on end. Why was he shooting from so far away? Who did he think he was?

But, before she could think anymore, the golden arrow had flown out of the bow and was heading towards them. She had only heard the sound of the arrow when the arrow was firmly nailed into the tree trunk above QingQiao’s head.

“Ah!” QingQiao threw herself onto the ground.

God fulfilled her wish. This time, she stayed unconscious for a long time.

By the time that Duan Yu and his troops had arrived, there was only the passed out QingQiao under the tree.

She probably suffered from a great shock. Her pale face, clenched teeth, and curled up body looked very pitiful.

“… Reporting to the prince, this sorcerer’s magic was too powerful. While I was fighting, I clearly took care that the young miss was safely by herself. I didn’t expect that I had been tricked.” Qiao Feng took one step forward. With a serious look, he said, “This subordinate’s protection was unsatisfactory. Please punishment this subordinate.”

“Man Tuo* tribe’s sorcerer is very powerful. It’s not your fault.” Duan Yu lowered his head to take measure of QingQiao for a while.

Then, he gently put her on Zuo Qing. “Lead the horse back. Find someone to change her clothes. Then let her rest.”

* (T/N: The author used a different name for the Steamed Bun tribe here. Steamed bun sounds somewhat similar to man tuo in Chinese.)

Qiao Feng accepted the order. He led the horse and the group of shadow guards to depart.

Duan Yu silently stood under the tree for a while.

He suddenly summoned, “Come out.”

Rustle. Rustle.

From the tree branches, a green-robed man appeared. He leaped onto the ground in a single leap. His action was as light as a swallow.

“What did you hear?” Duan Yu stepped closer to him. His eyes were sharp.

“Reporting to the prince, it was Lu SiKong. He wanted miss’s life. But, I don’t know why. He didn’t succeed.” The green-robed man respectfully said.

“Oh? Did he say why the Man Tuo tribe wanted to kill Miss Gu?”

“He only said that miss had taken their tribe’s holy item.”

“En.” Duan Yu’s eyes had a bit more contempt and he said, “So it was that nine surd bells?” He looked down and thought of another question.

“Today, did you observe Miss Gu’s reaction around Xing Si?”

“Yes, this subordinate saw everything clearly from the rafter.”

“What do you think? Did Miss Gu look like she recognized the appearance of someone from Bing Mu clan?”

“To report to the prince, in subordinate’s humble opinion, Miss Gu doesn’t seem to have knowledge of Bing Mu clan and probably doesn’t know that legend.

“Oh? How could you be sure?”

“Because Miss Gu didn’t pay attention to the color of the wolf’s eyes or the number of the wolf’s teeth. After all, the wolf on Xing Si’s chest had green eyes and four teeth. But, the wolf on the Bing Mu prince’s chest has red eyes and six teeth.” The green-robed man completed his assertion. His palm was already covered in cold sweat.

Duan Yu slightly closed his eyes and didn’t continue to speak. Underneath the sunlight, his shadow was ethereal. It gently stuck on the dappled ground that was shaded by tree. It was like a soft cloud.

A soft cloud that was heartless.


(T/N: Does Dang Dang’s psychotic behavior remind you of anyone?)

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