In which the System(s) Torments the Protagonists: My Wife is My Life! - Ch 1

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Title: In which the System Torments the Protagonists: My Wife is My Life!
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 1

"Popular actress, Ji Qingqing, had been apprehended by the police for deliberating injuring someone. Today, she was let out on bail. It has been reported that once she's formally prosecuted, Ji Qingqing will face five years of jail time!"

Ji Qingqing looked at the headline news on the phone's screen. She blinked, then she looked at the woman sitting in front of her. "You're saying that I'm Ji Qingqing, the person in that news article?"

The woman was dressed in a professional suit. She looked at her with an unsmiling face, "I came to see you today to tell you that Miss Shen decided to offer to settle out of court with you. In return for not suing, she's only asking that you compensate her with twenty million yuan. The full amount has to be paid within a month."

The person sitting in front of her was Meng Xun. She was her agent. Miss Shen's full name was Shen Weiwei, and she also worked under Meng Xun.

A week ago, Shen Weiwei and Ji Qingqing were part of the same cast and crew and filming together. A disputed occurred between them, and Ji Qingqing pushed Shen Weiwei down a hill. Shen Weiwei ended up with multiple bone fractures and a deep cut on her face that almost spoiled her beauty. For an actress, this was undoubtedly a huge blow.

Afterwards, Shen Weiwei reported Ji Qingqing to the police, and Ji Qingqing stayed in the police station for a few days. As soon as Shen Weiwei filed a formal lawsuit, the fate that awaited Ji Qingqing was a five-year prison term.

However, Shen Weiwei had expressed a willingness to settle out of court as long as Ji Qingqing compensate her with twenty million yuan.

"Qingqing, you've been my charge for a long time, so I won't talk in circles with you. The company's upper level executives are unhappy about this matter. The company has already decided to give away your endorsements and roles to other actors and actresses. During this period of time, you have to resolve your problems before we can discuss anything else."

Ji Qingqing was jolted out from her shocked state.

"That's all for today. If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving."

Ji Qingqing watched as Meng Xun departed.

After Meng Xun left, Ji Qingqing went over the novel's plot in her mind.

Ji Qingqing knew the star she was born under and that she was due for a calamity, but she hadn't expected it to be so bad. After waking up, she had transmigrated into a novel as the supporting female character that had done many nefarious deeds.

The novel was an inspiring story of sweet pampering in the entertainment industry.

The female lead in this novel was Shen Weiwei. She was born in an impoverished family, but she was naturally optimistic, benevolent, and worked hard to improve herself and her situation. Because she liked acting and had a beautiful face, she was scouted and entered the entertainment industry. However, the female lead didn't have a strong family background or any other supporter, so she had difficulty progressing in her acting career. One after another, the female lead overcame difficult hurdles. In the end, she achieved fame and fortune and reached the pinnacle of her life and career. 

As for the malicious supporting female character, Ji Qingqing had been able to enter the entertainment industry because of her sweet looks. She had gained popularity after playing the role of a cannon fodder supporting female character in a TV drama and received endless invites.  If Ji Qingqing had adopted a serious work ethic and kept a humble attitude, she might have been able to stay in the entertainment industry for a long time.

After all, the stars in the entertainment industry had to withstand the test of time. There was wave after wave of new stars. Only the people that had genuine abilities could hold onto an invincible position.

However, the novel's Ji Qingqing was a person that favored the rich and disdained the poor. She was unruly and impulsive. Although she had a beautiful face, but it wasn't enough to counteract her actions.

After entering the entertainment industry, she didn't work on improving her acting skills. Instead, she depended on hype and marketing to attract attention. She had used speculation involving popular actors to increase her popularity. It had reached the point where celebrities would rather take a detour than pass by Ji Qingqing. No one wanted to be associated with her.

Later on, Ji Qingqing hooked up with a rich second-generation. Believing herself as the second-generation's girlfriend, she acted like a tyrant in the entertainment industry and offended many people. She hadn't expected that the second-generation was only playing with her. The kind-hearted and hard-working female lead attracted his attention. After he witnessed Ji Qingqing giving the female lead a hard time, he claimed that Ji Qingqing was only a plaything he kept on the side. After that incident, he escorted the female lead around like she was the empress, and Ji Qingqing gained the reputation of being a kept plaything.

As for the novel's male lead, he was female lead’s boyfriend and had been helping her all along. What was even more interesting was that male lead had once been Ji Qingqing's boyfriend when they were younger, but she had kicked this poor boy to the curb.


T/N: Chapters have been split into parts, and I'll be updating 1x/ week on Thursdays until The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir is done on October 31, 2019. After that, I'll be updating at least 3x/week.

Translator Ramblings: Almost always, the male lead is in a position of power over the female lead, so I thought it was a refreshing idea that this story's male lead literally needs his wife to live and has to do all these tasks given by the system and be misunderstood by his friends XD. Of course, the female lead needs the male lead too because of the system(s) shenanigans. I like that they mutually need each other.

P.S. The actual title of the story is I'm young and I'm waiting at home for my spouse to return, but I took some artistic license and made up my own title to more accurately describe the novel.

P.S.S. This is written by the same author as I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child.

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