Meow Meow Meow Ch 152

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Title: Meow Meow Meow
Chapter: 152 – Where did these monks come from?

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“Monk, don’t be too worked up. Can’t we sit down and slowly talk about this?” I tightly concealed my cat ears and walked forward. I wanted to peacefully talk.

The monk was so scared that he fell off his horse. He frantically tried to escape by running towards a large tree and hiding.

While trembling, he said, “Don’t… don’t come closer.”

“Hey, don’t be scared.” I walked forward a few more steps.

The monk was so scared that he closed his eyes. A rake suddenly flew out from the side to hit my head.

I hurriedly looked back to ward off the attack. I saw that the person who threw the rake was a fat-headed, big-eared, and pig head monk. After he saw me, he was astonished for a moment before he picked up the rake to continue attacking me.

As he attacked, he said, “No matter how beautiful you are, you’re still a demon. This old pig won’t be seduced this time.”

How hateful. I didn’t even do anything and you started attacking me. My heart raged with anger.

Before I could use my Heaven Shattering Claws, Xiao Mao attacked him with lightning speed and left behind a steam of blood on Pig Head’s arm.

“Second senior brother! I’m here to help you!” Another rough voice shouted. An itinerant monk with a long beard came rushing over here with staff that had a crescent moon.

I stepped forward and separated them from their weapons in two to three movements.

The two of them saw that the outcome wouldn’t be good and turned around to run towards the woods and loudly shouted, “First senior brother! Where are you? Come here quickly to save us!”

Xiao Mao hurriedly went forward a few steps to stop them from leaving. I was behind them to block their escape route.

At this moment, these three monks lost hope and hugged a big tree while trembling.

As I was considering whether or not to kill them in order to prevent them from spreading my secret, someone said, “Where’s the monster? Old Sun will beat them!”

A glittering golden staff quickly and powerfully jabbed towards me. Just as it was about to hit me, it was forcibly returned. A handsome monkey looked at me in shock and then scratched his head.

He whispered, “Why is it you?”

“They ran around calling me a monster and then wanted to kill me.” I quietly explained to Sun Wukong the current unfavorable situation.

Sun Wukong understood. He walked towards the more human looking monk and pulled him up from the ground.

He scoffed, “Shifu, could you not make a fuss over nothing every day? Where do you see a human-eating monster?”

The monk pointed at me while trembling, “Wukong. Isn’t…. Isn’t the monster right there?”

Pig Head and Long Beard also promptly nodded, “Senior brother, the monster is right there!”

“She’s clearly a beautiful girl. How could she be a human-eating monster?” Sun Wukong turned his head and made a signal with his eyes.

En. Sun Wukong didn’t lie. I definitely wasn’t a monster that ate humans. I was only a monster. I quickly shook my ears and changed back to my human form with Xiao Mao. Then, I smiled innocently.

Pig Head walked forward, “Senior brother, don’t make irresponsible remarks. That girl is a monster! Now… Now, she changed her form.”

Long Beard also said, “First senior brother, don’t you have discerning eyes? How could you not see that she’s a monster?”

“Nonsense! You guys are obviously worn out from the journey and hungry, so your visions are blurred. That’s why your eyes have turned a well-behaved girl into a monster. And you still want to make excuses!” Sun Wukong replied resolutely and decisively

“If there’s nothing important, let’s quickly leave. I had investigated earlier. This forest’s surrounding area covers several miles. Be careful that you really meet a human-eating monster.”

“Senior brother! You’re being outrageous! There’s obviously a monster in front of us and you’re not dealing with her. Are you going to let her continue doing evil acts?” Pig Head angrily scolded. “Perhaps, you’re not really Sun Wukong. Maybe, you’re a monster’s accomplice that’s lying us to lead us to our death. “

“Then come here and fight old Sun to see if I’m real or not.” Sun Wukong smiled dangerously, and then raised his golden cudgel and swung it around.

Pig Head immediately retreated in fear, but his mouth was unyielding, “I won’t accept this! I won’t!”

As the two of them quibbled, the white horse suddenly changed into a human.

He walked forward with a smile and chimed, “Senior brother Wukong is right. I was with shifu the entire time and saw everything clearly. That girl is a human. She isn’t a human-eating monster.”

Oh, no wonder the horse seemed familiar. So he was Ao Yun’s younger brother, Ao Yu. When I previously went to the Eastern Sea to play, our relationship was pretty good. Later on, Ao Yun said that Ao Yu disobeyed one of Heavenly Realm’s rules, so he had to be a monk’s horse as way to undergo a journey to gain understanding. So, it turned out that it was this monk.

After I received Ao Yu’s strong mutual support, that monk became more confused. He rubbed his eyes and looked me.

He carefully came close and asked, “Miss, are you really not a monster?”

Only an idiot would say yes…

With three people arguing, the monk’s thoughts became more chaotic.

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After Long Beard, who had stayed silently on the side, thought about it, he walked forward to say, “Second senior brother, stop quarreling. Let’s leave as it is. It doesn’t matter if she’s a monster or not, as long as she doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s more important to hurry on with our journey.”

Pig Head didn’t want to comply. He even suggested going to the Heavenly Realm to borrow a magic mirror from Heaven’s Prince Li to test me. If the mirror revealed me as a monster, they would do away with me immediately.

Sun Wukong and Ao Yu said he was meddling in other people’s business.

Xiao Mao, that little brat who wanted to see the world in chaos, said, “Then go up to Heavenly Realm, ask whomever you want. We’re not human-eating monsters or afraid of our shadows being crooked.”

After Pig Head heard these words, he immediately summoned a cloud and went to Heavenly Realm.

I said to Xiao Mao in discontent, “Your method will be very troublesome.”

“It’s not a big deal. We have people in Heavenly Realm. This will be easy.” Xiao Mao said with a wicked smile.

“I meant that you’re causing trouble for your uncles and aunts. And it’s already so late. What if your father already returned home…”

“It doesn’t matter. Men won’t come home early when they go drinking. Besides, I’m sure he’s drunk and lying down somewhere.” Xiao Mao smiled without worries. He led me to a nearby stone to sit down and wait for the Heavenly Realm’s person to come.

(T/N: Xiao Mao, how do you know this? You’re still a baby kitten. But still so considerate to your mom in the next moment.)

About two hours later, two big clouds appeared in the night sky. I looked up and saw that Pig Head was hurriedly leading two immortals down here.

When they got closer, I saw that they were Hai Yang and Shao Zhong. When the two of them saw me, they happily waved their hands to say hello.

“Generals, look. This is that powerful monster.” Pig Head hurriedly pulled them forward and pointed at me.

Hai Yang wasn’t anxious in examining me. Instead, he walked to that monk and took up Heaven’s air of authority to verify their origins and status. The monk was called Tang Sanzang, Pig Head was Zhu Bajie, and Long Beard was Sha Wujing.

After he finished asking them, he turned around and walked to me. His solemn face immediately changed into a smiling face.

He put on an act of thoroughly looking at me up and down, and then he said, “Sanzang fashi, are you guys too tired from your journey? How could you regard this beautiful, gentle and soft, able and virtuous, exceptionally intelligent, innocent and lively, lovable and clever child as a human-eating monster? Zhu Bajie, did you think we have too much idle time, so you wanted to find a humorous thing for this general?”

He said so many words in one breath. I suspected that he would run out of air.

(T/N: Fashi is a Buddhist monk who has mastered the sutras)

Tang Sanzang quickly echoed, “So it was like that. Perhaps, my vision was blurred and I wrongfully accused miss.”

“No… This isn’t possible!” Zhu Bajie lifted up his sleeve to show everyone the wound inflicted by Xiao Mao, “General Shao Zhong, you should still examine them using the magic mirror.”

Shao Zhong used the mirror to illuminate me for a second and immediately put it away after a glance, “The result is the same as General Hai Yang’s inspection. Zhu Bajie, knock it off now.

“I… I… what’s going on?” In ancient times, Qin Hui had deliberately misrepresented. Today, everyone was lying about this monster. Zhu Bajie couldn’t go against their unanimous decision by himself. And Sha Wujing was pretending to be a fool. Finally, he started to become somewhat confused himself. He didn’t continue asking for an in-depth investigation and only look at me suspiciously.

(T/N: Qin Hui was a Song Dynasty official that was believed to have betrayed General Yue Fei.)

I thought that since had everyone had come from so far way to my home area, it would be unacceptable if I didn’t act as a host. And so, I invited everyone to my house for dinner.

Shao Zhong and Hai Yang cheerfully agreed. Sun Wukong and Ao Yu were also happy to come along. They dragged the unwilling Tang Sanzang, Sha Wujing, and Zhu Bajie with them to the village and to my home.

Hearing that I would be personally cooking, Shao Zhong seemed as if he saw a fresh and new affair and nosily said that he wanted to bring his wife here to enjoy this too. I haven’t see Xiao Zi in a while, so I agreed for him to go back to get her.

I didn’t expect that Bai Cai and Han Jing would be at Xiao Zi’s home talking about beauty tips. When they heard about the dinner at my home, they also came down to play.

With ten people, the small central room in my house was completely packed full. They all wanted to eat different things: meat, vegetarian, fruit, wine, and tea. I was so busy that it seemed like I was running around in circles. Even with Xiao Mao’s help, it wasn’t enough.

And Hai Yang, that troublesome fellow, followed me to incessantly asked when shenjun (high god) would return.

I was too busy with all of the requests, so despite the consequences, I woke up the sleeping Xiao Cha to help me. I didn’t expect that she would faint as soon as she saw Sun Wukong.

When she woke up, she said nonsensical words, “Heavens, what’s going on? Did I transmigrate to “Journey of the West”?

At first, I thought Xiao Cha had fainted from fear, so I wanted to let her go back to her room. Instead, she bounced up and went to her room to look for brush and ink. Then, she came back and bothered everyone for something she called “autographs”. After she had gotten that from everyone, she remembered that I was busy and hurriedly went into the kitchen to help. Xiao Zi and the others found their conscience and also came by to help me.

Everyone continued to chat noisily about anything under the sun. After midnight, a drunken Xiang Qing finally came home. He saw the situation in the room and immediately became cleared headed from shock, “Miao Miao… This… Was our home changed into an inn?”

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