The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 488

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 488 - Having gotten this chubby girl as his wife, what more could he want? (1)

Qian Yingchen had already slowly gotten used to the chubby girl's easygoing personality. It was pretty good too. She seemed so muddled-headed, but she was actually more sensible than anyone else. When he was favoring a new honored concubine, she would flee far away, thus she avoided doing anything that would annoy him. Compared to Honored Concubine Feng that constantly came over to compete for favor, she was much better. 

Men, they were bound to want a harmonious relationship with their wife at home while being free to go out and sample other women. Over time, Qian Yingchen thought it wasn't bad to have married this chubby girl. At the very least, his days were comfortable.

The new honored concubine kept him company for half a month, and Zhu Yurun didn't show any negative reactions. Qian Yingchen felt very proud of himself. When he was out drinking with his friends, he couldn't resist showing off by saying words like "A sensible woman saves one from a lot of worry."

During the dinner, Marquis Moyu drank wine without changing his expression when he heard these words.

Qian Yingchen had drunk too much. Slightly smiling, he asked Ning Yuxuan, "Your wife hasn't asked you to have her as your only woman. She's probably more sensible than Yurun. But, the world has been at peace for a long time. Marquis, why hasn't the number of women in your home increased at all?"

Ning Yuxuan pursed his lips and put down his wine cup. "She loves me with her whole heart. How can I turn my back on her and disappoint her?"

"What?" Qian Yingchen widened his eyes. "Isn't it the natural order of things for a woman to be loyal and dutiful to a man?"

"Who told you it's the natural order of things for a woman to wholeheartedly love you?" A nearby black-robed man sneered. "It's not like she's your mom."

Qian Yingchen froze in surprise. His eyes were a bit blurry from being tipsy. He stared at the figure. After carefully looking, he realized that it was Nie Sangyu. She was cross-dressing!

This was a gathering of officials from the Six Ministries, ah. Marquis Moyu had actually brought her along? Qian Yingchen's face changed colors. He glanced over at Ning Yuxuan in shock.

No wonder his friend's reply had been so full of deep feelings. As it turned out, Nie-shi had been next to him!

Ning Yuxuan slightly smiled. He calmly picked up his wine cup to hide face. Too young, ah.

Ji Man hadn't liked Qian Yingchen for a while. Recently, Zhu Yurun kept running over to her place. Although Yurun was smiling when she came over, she knew that Yurun only came over to see her because Qian Yingchen had other women and didn't have time to keep her company.

She could overlook this if it had only happened a few times, but recently, it was becoming increasingly outrageous. Did people that had been loved for a long time take for granted their good fortune and forget to reciprocate? Even if that chubby girl was a fool, she was still a woman and would want her husband to wholeheartedly love her and come home early each day.

Qian Yingchen hadn't noticed this point at all.

"Sir Qian, a toast to you." Slightly smiling, Ji Man raised a cup of wine.

"This one doesn't deserve such an honor." Qian Yingchen awkwardly laughed and raised his own cup. "Let this one be the first to show my respect."

"No need." Ji Man smiled. "This one is hoping to get a touch of Sir Qian's good luck. It'll be better to clink cups. Perhaps, this one will be as lucky as Sir Qian and marry a good woman like your honorable wife."

Good luck? Qian Yingchen raised his eyebrows. Was is it good luck to marry a chubby girl?

Please, back then, he had been the victim. He was forced into a relationship with Zhu Yurun. No matter what perspective you were looking at, between the two of them, it was Zhu Yurun that had the better luck.

Seeing his disapproving face, Ji Man snorted. "Sir Qian, you overcame calamity because of your face. It was with the help of your wife that you were able to peacefully become an official in the capital, so it was naturally your good luck to have married her.”

There was a hidden meaning in those words. Qian Yingchen slightly furrowed his brow.

Ning Yuxuan put down his cup. Looking at Ji Man, he asked, "What do you want to say?"

The group of people stopped their drinking, and many people perked up their ears. Ji Man stood up and said, "The moonlight looks very good out on the balcony. Sir Qian, care to go over there and take a look with this one?"

Qian Yingchen hesitated for a moment before nodding. Ning Yuxuan naturally stood up and followed after them.

"Sir Qian, do you still remember Xu Province's senior official's son?" Ji Man asked.

Qian Yingchen nodded. He chuckled and said, "Of course this one remembers.  He's just an arrogant second-generation. He even repeatedly tried to stop me from returning to the capital."

"It’s only recently that I found out that second-generation has done many misdeeds." Ji Man rapped her knuckles on the railing. "For example, he drugged you. He wanted you to force Assistant Minister Zhu's daughter to sleep with you, so that you wouldn't be able to come to the capital."

The smile on Qian Yingchen's slowly faded away.

"Why are you saying this?"

"I found this out from hearing idle gossip." Ji Man shrugged. "Originally, seeing that your relationship with Yurun is going well, I thought there was no reason for me to say this aloud. Who would have thought you would haven't the slightest feeling of gratitude? You act as if she owes you something. That's why I won't keep my mouth shut this time."

She had heard these words from Zhuer. Zhu Yurun was too stupid and hadn't realized the value in explaining the truth back then. Later on, there was no longer any reason to explain, so that incident had become a misunderstand that couldn't be resolved.

Zhu Yurun had wanted to save him and had stupidly given up her innocent reputation. As a result, she had been misunderstood for a long time. She really was hopelessly stupid.

Qian Yingchen was silent for a time. He lowered his eyes and said, "Impossible."

How could this be possible? If that second-generation had harmed him, why had he woken up the next day and found traces of the drug in Zhu Yurun's room? And, why had Zhu Yurun told a different story?

"It's not impossible." Ji Man quietly said, "It's only that Sir Qian truly has very good luck in meeting such a big fool. It was only her first time meeting you, but she believed in love at first sight. For you, she didn't even care about her reputation. In order to preserve your future prospects, she would rather be misunderstood.”

After saying this, Ji Man couldn't resist covering her face. "Really, this a whole new level of stupidity. She never considered that the probability of a happy future with you would be unlikely.” 

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