The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 478

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 478 - There's another way to accompany you (1)

After getting married, you had to slowly adapt to the other person through many interactions. It was true that you had to correct your flaws; otherwise, it would be difficult to live together. However, Pengxin had made a mistake. She had directly changed herself to suit Ning Mingjie's preferences. She hadn't considered that Ning Mingjie should change himself too for their relationship. She had only though she should be the one changing.

Many women knew how to expend their time and energy in a relationship. It was because these women had experienced the love their parents had for them since they were children, that's why they knew how to you should treat the person you love. But, if you only gave without asking for anything in return, only you would be emotionally moved and only you would suffer a lost.

You could improve yourself for a man, but if he didn't know how to cherish you, then your sacrifice wasn't worth it. Don't ask why you weren't repaid for your efforts, that would be like asking why a ball didn't bounce back after you threw it against the wall. The problem wasn't your strength. It was because the other side might be black hole instead of a wall.

Ning Mingjie didn't chase after her to ask her what was wrong. Xianglan had just entered the household, so tonight would be considered their wedding night.


Pengxin was sitting on a roof by herself and holding a jar of wine. She was drowning her troubles in alcohol. After getting drunk, she fell asleep on the roof. Anyways, no one in this place cared where she went.

The next day, it was Zhu Yurun, who falteringly used a ladder to climb onto the roof to look for her. "Aren't you scared of falling down from here in your sleep?"

Pengxin woke up to the morning sun. She looked at Zhu Yurun and grinned. "I have unrivaled martial arts, so there’s no way I would fall to my death."

Zhu Yurun harrumphed. As they went down from the roof, she said, "I heard that the general has taken a concubine, so I knew you would be feeling bad and came over here to see you."

As she said this, she respectably patted her friend’s shoulder. "All men like the new and get bored with the old. Whenever Yingchen takes a new concubine, I just stay far away until he remembers me and comes looking for me. By that time, I'll naturally be the one he likes the most again."

Pengxin was stunned by Zhu Yurun's open-mindedness. And yet, she felt envious of her. In the past, she had also been able to live a carefree life without worries.


Of course, the estate became even less at peace once Xianglan entered the household. The time that Ning Mingjie spent with Pengxin was already very little to begin with. Once another new person was added, he visited Pengxin less frequently.

Xianglan was a troublemaker. After she entered the estate, she couldn't stand Pengxin and didn't get along with her. There were many times when Pengxin wanted to slap her mouth for daring to speak to her in such arrogant tone.

But, once she thought about Ning Mingjie, she would give up on that notion.

Xianglan rolled her eyes as she said, "Aiyo, Yuzhen's princess has such extravagant habits. Who else uses silver chopsticks to eat?"

And so, Pengxin changed to using normal chopsticks like everyone else, but she inexplicable got sick for a month afterwards, and couldn't share a bed with the general during this time.


Xianglan clutched an orchid-colored cloth and said, "Aiyo, sure enough, this is the main wife's courtyard. The fabrics here are much better than ours."

Pengxin didn't bother arguing with her. Whatever fabric she wanted, she could take it.


Xianglan and Luoqi were on the same side. Nuanyu would naturally help Luoqi too. With three women working together, they forcibly snatched Ning Mingjie away. They made her feel unpresentable and unable to receive favor.

However, Pengxin discovered that she was pregnant. She wasn't sure when it had happened. Counting the days, it had been two months. She didn't say anything and quietly remained in her courtyard. Even if her food and clothing were at the same level as a concubine's and Ning Mingjie hadn't come to see her for a long time, she didn't care about any of that.


Zhu Yurun came over and leaked out the news that she wouldn't have to wait too long for her good days to come.

The locust plague in Jiangxi had given the rebels an opportunity to revolt. The rebels said they would attack the capital to rescue the young emperor and kill Marquis Moyu.

Ning Yuxuan had treated this threat as a joke. However, he still sent a massive military force to put down the rebel force. Surprisingly, the power of the commonfolk could be terrifying. Jiangxi's region had many mountain kings, and they gathered up 30,000 soldiers. They were determined to overturn the current regime.

An order was issued for Ning Mingjie to go to Jiangxi.

The group of troublemakers in his estate finally settled down. Once the general left, there was nothing for them to compete. Once he left for a military campaign, he would be gone for a few years. There was nothing left to hope for until he returned.

With red eyes, Luoqi held Ning Jinxing's hand as they went over to send Ning Mingjie off.

Ning Mingjie wasn't surprised by this expedition at all. He was still young. It was no burden for him to be given the chance to perform outstanding military service. Yuxuan was just thinking of ways for him to accomplish meritorious service, so he had to seize this opportunity.

But, it seemed that he hadn't seen Pengxin in a long time? As Ning Mingjie got onto his horse, he couldn't resist turning his head back to look. Lately, he had frequently been thinking about her. Every time he wanted to go over to see her, he always ended up being delayed by something. This had happened a number of times, and he actually ended up not seeing her for a month.

Back when he had married her, it was true that the reason was for political benefits. However, now that so much time had passed, it would be a lie to say he didn't have any feelings for her.

"Where's Madam?" he asked.

"This servant hasn't seen her." Luoqi lowered her eyes and said, "She probably went out to play. Madam really likes the capital. She frequently goes out."

Ning Mingjie nodded. "Once she returns, tell her that I left."

"General, take care." Luoqi led the other people to salute him goodbye.

The armored guards mounted their horses and followed after Ning Mingjie in departing.

Even after the horses had galloped a distance, Ning Mingjie was still wondering why Pengxin hadn't come to see him off. He suddenly heard someone nearby murmuring, "No wonder you haven't been coming to see me. It's because someone always intercepts you on the way there."

That voice... Ning Mingjie abruptly turned his head.

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