The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 475

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 475 - Give me back my sword (2)

Nearby, Dengxin hastily lifted up the curtain and requested him to enter. "Young Master, please come inside. Young Master's wife is here."

Hearing that Ning Mingjie was here, Pengxin felt a bit surprised, but a greater part of her felt happy. She stood up and quietly said, "He actually came here to pick me up!"

It had already been half a month since she saw him, but now, he had come here to bring her home.

Seeing Pengxin's excited appearance, Ji Man faintly smiled.

On the other side, Pengxin had already rushed over to meet him in joy. "General!"

In contrast, Ning Mingjie's expression was chilly. He briefly saluted Ji Man with his hands, then he pulled Pengxin over and said, "Sorry for the trouble. We'll being leaving first."

"Ai..." Before Pengxin had time to say anything else, he had already pulled her outside with him. With only a slight departing nod at Marquis Moyu, they headed out of the marquis's estate.

"It's already so late. How about we go home tomorrow?" As soon as she thought about how he would probably sleep with someone else once they returned home, Pengxin felt upset and struggled a bit.

Ning Mingjie glanced at her with a furrowed brow. "You shouldn't be here. Why did you come here to ask her questions instead of asking me directly?"

Pengxin blankly stared at him. She gave up on struggling and let him lead her out of the estate without resisting. Just as she was about to mount the horse, he picked her by her waist and brought her into the carriage. "As a woman, how could you leave home on a horse so late in the night? No other woman would do that. Don't you know that you should take a carriage?"

After putting the carriage's curtain down, Ning Mingjie erupted at Pengxin like a fire-breathing dragon, "Why didn't you ask me before coming here? You went to someone's home so late in the night. Didn't you know that would be bothersome? Fortunately, they're relatives. Otherwise, you would have ended up offending someone."

After experiencing the barrage of words, Pengxin ended up trembling as she leaned back against the carriage's wall while sitting. She was left feeling dazed and couldn't say a word.

Why had she previously thought Great Song's men were very gentle? Clearly, it was only a superficial gentleness. When they were fierce, there was nothing more terrifying than them.

Seeing that she wasn't refuting like she had in the past, Ning Mingjie's anger lessened a bit. He looked sideways at her. When he saw her pitiful appearance, the last of his anger disappeared. He sighed and brought her onto his lap and hugged her.

Once he hugged her, Pengxin's tears poured out like a dam that had burst.

Ning Mingjie was startled. They had been married for so long, and it had been a long time since this girl had cried. Wasn't she always very wild? He didn't know how to comfort people and even his hand stiffened. "You.... Why are you crying?"

When a woman was crying, don't ask her what was wrong, why she was crying, who bullied her, and other similar words. It's guaranteed that the more you ask, the harder she would cry until there was no way to stop it.

Pengxin immediately became a mess of tears. Rubbing her tears and snot on his clothes, she sobbed out, "I... Give me back my sword."

"What?" Ning Mingjie frowned.

Pengxin continued to cry as she said, "I want my sword. Without my sword, I can only be bullied by you and everyone else. Give me back my sword. If you dare to act so horridly towards me again, I'll hack you into pieces!"

Ning Mingjie was so angry that he laughed. "You were the one that made a mistake. And you're demanding me to not act horridly?"

Pengxin angrily said, "If Luoqi hadn't said that you still love Ji-shi the most, why would I have gone there to look for her? I didn't bring my sword with me. I just wanted to see what kind of woman you like so that I can learn from her! You haven't come over to see me in half a month! Why can't I compete for favor too?! What have I done wrong?!"

Luoqi said that? Ning Mingjie slightly froze in surprise for a moment. "It was because of her words that you went to Marquis Moyu's estate?"

"Exactly." Pengxin wiped her snot on the lapel of his robe. "I understand things now. She got me to go there because she knew you would get angry. Ji-shi was right. I can't trust her words."

Ning Mingjie was stunned.

Luoqi was someone that had been by his side since early on. She had always been a kind-hearted and sensible woman. She was considerate and gentle. That's why, after she gave birth to a child, he had promoted her to an honored concubine.

The woman in his arms was a carefree and careless person, who wasn't the type to be suspicious about other people. Could she have really been wrongfully accused?

After a long time passed, Ning Mingjie sighed and said, "In the future, go to the marquis's estate less often and talk to Luoqi less too."

"En." Pengxin nodded. Her eyes brightened. "Then, I won't have anyone to talk too. You can't ignore me again. Otherwise, I'll die of loneliness."

Ning Mingjie put her down next to him and said, "En, that won't happen."

The foolish girl smiled. She had already forgotten about getting her sword back.


Pengxin didn't have a child, and Luoqi's child, Ning Jinxing, was already five years old. From the household's important matters to the trifling ones, Luoqi was still in charge of everything. It was because the Yuzhen Princess was illiterate and didn't know how to handle these matters.

Ning Mingjie was very busy. When he was home, he could only keep Pengxin company once every few days. Since Pengxin was very bored, Ji Man sent over Zhu Yurun to keep her company.

Zhu Yurun said, "I don't know why, but Mister Ji said we're the same type. So, she told me to come over often and chat with you."

Pengxin looked at the chubby young woman in front of her. Could it be that in Ji-shi's eyes, she was also a chubby person? She felt distressed at this thought.

Still, with someone coming over to keep her company, Pengxin felt a lot happier. She would occasionally go with Zhu Yurun to a Hundred Flowers Association to play. Her days passed by easily.

However, one day, Zhu Yurun happened to come over while she was eating, and her entire face scrunched up. "Is the general's household lacking in money? You're the main wife. Why are you only eating this?"

Zhu Yurun wasn't sensitive to the clothes and jewelry that Pengxin worse, but she was very sensitive to food. "There's only a small plate of meat and two plates of vegetarian dishes. Isn't this an ordinary concubine's meal?" 

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