The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 473

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 473 - I want to drive away your loneliness (2)

Right now, she was an outsider. She could only watch. She couldn't even take half a step into his heart.

Although it was a bit too windy on the mountain, Ning Mingjie ended up falling asleep as he leaned against the tombstone and drank wine. Clearly, they were about to get married soon, but he didn't look happy at all. He probably didn't even care about the wedding.

Pengxin stayed silent for a while, then she laughed. Wasn't this man very lucky? After all, he had met her. She would brighten his bleak life!


Bowing to the heavens and earth, the wedding passed in a flash.

Her body was burning with enthusiasm. She had to save this man that was drowning in loneliness.

Pengxin was full of fighting spirit. She would definitely be able to surpass him in martial arts one day! A day would come when she would succeed in getting him to fall in love with her!


However, it seemed that the people in Ning Residence were scared of her. She didn't know why. When Honored Concubine Luoqi brought her son over to pay respects, she had looked at her with a fearful gaze as if she was going to eat her and her son.

Confused, Pengxin smacked her three-ring sword onto the table. "Is something wrong?"

The child was so scared that it burst into tears. Luoqi also retreated several steps. Her face was deathly pale. She shook her head. "Madam, please be merciful."

Pengxin felt somewhat depressed. She couldn't make friends here. As soon people caught sight of her, they would avoid her and keep their distance. She had originally wanted to save Ning Mingjie from loneliness, but she was the one that ended up feeling increasingly lonely.

Taking her sword along with her, she headed over to Ning Mingjie's study. She pushed opened the doors and requested, "Practice martial arts with me."

Ning Mingjie glanced at her and indifferently picked up his sword. The two of them went to the garden, but their fight only lasted ten moves. In a short time, her sword flew away from her and landed nearby.

Unwilling to accept the results, Pengxin picked up her sword and shouted as she rushed towards him.

Ning Mingjie smiled. He leisurely counted her every move until her anger was depleted.

Pengxin harrumphed. "I can't win against you yet, but give me two years, and I'll able to."

Ning Mingjie sighed and crouched down to look at her. "You're the matriarch of this family. It's not suitable for you to be swinging a sword around. How about you give the sword to me?"

Pengxin glared at him. "What will I use to protect myself?"

Ning Mingjie slightly smiled. "You have me. You've already married me, so of course, I'll protect you."

Pengxin was taken aback. Looking at his smile, she fell into a stupor. After thinking it over, she really did hand the sword over to him.

If she was close friends with Ji Man, she wouldn't have made such a foolish mistake.

As Princess Pengxin handed over her sword, she thought about Ning Mingjie's earlier words, that it was better if a woman was gentle and educated. She was like a porcupine that had pulled off her own quills. She was left as a soft, little ball of meat that allowed herself to pinched and molded by other people.


The household had Luoqi and Nuanyu as honored concubines. There weren't any other women. However, Luoqi had a child, so she wouldn't want the main wife to get pregnant. No matter how hard Pengxin tried during her nights with Ning Mingjie, she wasn't able to become pregnant. Not only that, someone in the household told Ning Mingjie that she was bullying Luoqi.

Ning Mingjie asked Luoqi, "Does Madam treat you badly?"

With tears in her eyes, Luoqi shook her head, "Madam is Yuzhen's princess. This marriage is extremely favorable for the general. Why would she mistreat this servant? Even if she does treat this servant badly, that's okay. My lord, you don't need to worry."


Pengxin had no idea what was happening at home while she was outside looking at the embroidery stores' employees working. She had been extremely curious about embroidery and wanted to learn. But, during her previous attempts, she only ended up stabbing her hand several times. Smiling, she said, “It's really difficult being a wife in Great Song."

When she returned home, Ning Mingjie didn't come over to her courtyard. Instead, he went to Luoqi's courtyard.

Pengxin thought about this matter. Since Luoqi had a child, and her own body had failed to live up to expectations, there was nothing that could be done. Mingjie would eventually come to see her.

However, after waiting half a month, Ning Mingjie still hadn't visited her courtyard. Pengxin felt a bit panicky. Not understanding why, she asked Luoqi, "Does the general not like me anymore?"

Luoqi bleakly smiled. "When has the general ever thought about the people in his inner court? The person that his heart longs for is the unreachable moon in the sky. We can't compete with her."

Pengxin was confused. "Can you speak more plainly? Who is she?"

Luoqi looked around and whispered, "Nie Sangyu, ah. Oh, her name has been changed to Ji Man. She's Marquis Moyu's wife."

It was her again.

Pengxin pouted. She decided to go over to Marquis Moyu's estate. Although it wasn't early in the day anymore, Ning Mingjie hadn't been coming to her courtyard in a while, so it would be fine for her to stay in Marquis Moyu's estate for a night. Anyhow, they were relatives, and she had stayed in the southern courtyard for a few months in the past.

However, right after she left, Ning Mingjie returned. He hadn't seen Pengxin in a long time. He thought; would she have become more obedient? And so, he went over to her courtyard.

Luoqi was waiting in Pengxin's courtyard. When she saw Ning Mingjie, she anxiously approached him and said, "My lord, Madam went over to Marquis Moyu's estate to look for Ji-shi. I don't know where she heard those slanderous rumors. Aiya, general, hurry, go stop Madam!"

Ning Mingjie's expression blackened. He turned and headed out.

Pengxin was a simple-minded good woman. It was only that she was too impulsive. This type of person easily caused hassles.

Rubbing his temples, Ning Mingjie could only hope that he would reach his cousin's estate before her. Marquis Moyu's estate wasn't a place that people could cause trouble without consequences.


"Madam, Young Master's wife is here," Dengxin reported to Ji Man and brought inside a young woman who's face had turned red from the cold temperature.

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