The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 468

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 468 - The finale of the spring boudoir dream (1)

It was a wrinkled face, and he couldn't see any hint of whom his daughter resembled. Ning Yuxuan blankly looked at her. After using all of her strength, she finally lifted up those thin eyelids. Her black, limpid eyes seemed to glow when she looked at him.

His face was reflected in her eyes.

The surrounding people had thought the marquis's reaction was because he was unhappy that the baby was a girl.

When Zhu Yurun came out, she looked at Ning Yuxuan's eyes and asked in surprise, "Marquis, why are you crying?"

It wasn't that bad to have a daughter. It wasn't worth crying over. Besides, there was already a son in this household.

Hearing Zhu Yurun's question, Ning Yuxuan returned to his senses and wiped his face. There really were tears. Why had he cried?

Holding his daughter, Ning Yuxuan didn't think dwell on those thoughts any further. He wanted to go into the birthing room. "Midwife, you can withdraw to collect your reward. I'm going inside to check on Man-er." 

Dengxin hastily stopped him. "My lord! The room hasn't been cleaned up yet. It reeks of blood. You can't go inside."

Ning Yuxuan raised his eyebrows. "Why did you leave Madam there if the room is reeking of blood? If she's not afraid of it, then why would I be afraid?"

While everyone was speechless, Ning Yuxuan went around Dengxin and entered the room.


The doctor hadn't lied to her. The birthing process really had gone smoothly this time. And so, Ji Man's energy level was in an okay state. She was still awake.

However, as she looked around, she felt a bit dazed. It felt as if she was in a dream. If she struggled a little bit more, she would wake up in modern-day. It felt as if the cracks in her surrounding were continuing to expand.

As soon as Ji Man thought that everything in front of her was only a blissful dream, her eyes reddened.

The room was filled with the raw scent of blood. The servant girls were currently busily tidying up the room. Holding the baby, Ning Yuxuan sat down on the bed and reached out to wipe the tears at the corners of her eyes. Somewhat anxious, he asked, "Does it hurt?"

Ji Man returned to her senses and looked at him. She mustered up a smile. "No."

"Why are you crying then? Look, she's so cute." Placing their daughter down on the side of the pillow, Ning Yuxuan said, "Let's give her a nickname for now. I'll give her a formal name when she turns one."

As soon as the baby girl left her father's arms, she resumed wailing. Ji Man was a bit taken aback. Hearing the baby's heartbreaking cries, she couldn't help thinking of Nie Sangyu.

In the past, she would hear Nie Sangyu heartbreaking cries. Her crying really didn't sound any different from a baby's unbridled crying. Just like a newborn, she was uncaring about anything else except her own unhappiness.

"Can we call her… Sangyu?" Ji Man quietly asked.

She had once read in an eccentric book that daughters were their fathers' lovers from a past life. Ji Man didn't think there was anything bad if Nie Sangyu had had entered the cycle of reincarnation and was reborn as her daughter. If that silly girl became her daughter, she would teach her from childhood how to properly love someone.

As for Marquis Moyu, he could finally repaid the feelings that he owed her, even if it wasn't in the form that she had originally wanted.

"Our daughter can't have the same name as you." Ning Yuxuan furrowed his brow. "That would be going against the rules."

Ji Man raised her eyebrows and asked, "Is Zhao Zhe dead?"

Ning Yuxuan nodded.

"Can you give me the name 'Ji Man' and give the name 'Sangyu' to our daughter then?" Ji Man slightly smiled. "This way, there won't be any repeated name."

She didn't want to be called Nie Sangyu for the rest of her life. Nie Sangyu had her story. As for herself, she was just Ji Man.

It seemed as if Ning Yuxuan was finally reminded of something. His eyes brightened. He stood up and said, "Okay."

Nowadays, he had final say in all the important and unimportant things in the imperial court. It was only a name. How could he not give it to her? Even more importantly, after Ji Man changed her name, the previous emperor's imperial edict would no longer be valid.

Which meant that he could give Ji Man a formal status.


During her one-month resting period after childbirth, Ji Man played with little Sangyu every day. Little Sangyu showed signs of being clever like her older brother. When she smiled, she was quite cute too and very well-liked by the people in the estate.


After Xi-er had been given to Mu Shuiqing to raise, he gradually became more cheerful and carefree. From time to time, they would come over to pay respects to Ji Man. Xi-er seemed a lot livelier than before. When all was said and done, he was Ning Yuxuan's child, and his birth mother had died. Ji Man felt that she could let go of some of her grievances. There was no benefit to herself to focus excessively on the past. And so, she became more caring towards Xi-er.


There were countless women that wanted to enter Marquis Moyu's vast estate.

Zhu Yurun very curiously asked Ji Man, “Mister Ji, what did you do to get the marquis to agree to not marry another woman? Even if its only for the opportunity to be his bed servant, there would be enough women for a line to stretch all the way from here to capital's southern gate."

Ji Man shrugged. She very innocently blinked. "He's the one that doesn't want to. Who am I to argue?"

Even during her one-month recovery period, he only spent his nights coaxing their daughter to sleep. They would sleep in the same room together, but in separate beds. Ji Man honestly didn't know where his motivation had come from for him to achieve such high-level enlightenment and keep to a one-woman diet.

Ji Man didn't expect that there would be no other woman in his courtyard. On the contrary, she could be considered to have indirectly promoted Mu Shuiqing. A man that was never tempted to stray simply wasn't human. She wasn't going to unyielding insist that Ning Yuxuan could only look at her for the rest of his life.

However, Ning Yuxuan never entered Mu Shuiqing's courtyard. Mu Shuiqing didn't compete for his favor either. Instead, she raised Xi-er and peacefully lived her life.

Finally, Ji Man couldn't resist asking Ning Yuxuan. "You spent the first half of your life being a Casanova. Why won't you even glance at another woman now?"

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