The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 454

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 454 - From heaven to hell (1)

Of course, Zhao Zhe couldn't understand this. He merely wanted to obtain Nie Sangyu, as well as causing discord between them.

Contrarily, Ning Yuxuan was somewhat stunned to hear these words. He deeply looked at Ji Man. This was the first time he felt moved by her words.

No feeling could surpass finding out that someone loved you back as much as you loved her.

In the past, he had liked women like Wen Wan. Women that were cute, gentle, and weak. They relied on men for help and stirred up a protective desire.

However, after meeting Ji Man, he saw a woman that didn't need a man's protection. He saw her stubbornness, her intelligence, and her ability to remain unruffled. It was only then that he realized he could like women like her.

There wasn't a cemented in stone collection of traits for liking someone. When you met the right person, that's when you'll know what you like.

"This emperor has already prepared Huafu Palce." Zhao Zhe changed the topic and avoided Ji Man's gaze. "There's no use in saying anything else. Go move there for the duration of your pregnancy."

"Your Majesty." Ning Yuxuan's gaze sunk.

Sitting on the throne, Zhao Zhe looked down at them from high above. "Marquis, is there anything left for you to say? Are you going to rebel against your emperor?"

Ning Yuxuan paused before lifting his robe and kneeling down. "This subject was given the position of Marquis Moyu by the late emperor. Although this subject hasn't accomplished any hallowed deeds, this subject has meritorious military accomplishments at least. Now that this subject can't even protect my wife, what's the use of my position?"

Zhao Zhe was shocked.

Ji Man was also dumbstruck. She turned her head to look and saw Ning Yuxuan's bleak expression. He was saluting the person on the throne as he said, "Taking away this subject's wife is the same as taking my life. Yuxuan can return to the emperor all of the grace this subject has received today, but Your Majesty, please give Sangyu to Yuxuan!"

Ah, why did it sound as if he was going commit suicide by ramming his head into the wall? Ji Man rubbed her chin. She was curious what kind of trick he was up to. However, in the next moment, this guy actually seriously rushed towards the nearby pillar!

There was a red pillar in Zichen Hall referred to as Advising Pillar. It was because countless old officials had rammed their head against this pillar without hesitation. They had traded away their lives for a chance to emotionally move the emperor and have him reconsider his decisions.

Right now, Ning Yuxuan was heading towards that very pillar.

Ji Man tried to grab him, but wasn't able to stop him. He dashed towards the red pillar like a Spanish fighting bull.

Zhao Zhe watched on with great alarm, but he didn't call out to stop him. He was probably thinking that if Ning Yuxuan died, it would be one less problem for himself.

Was Marquis Moyu really someone that impulsive? Of course not. And so, his head actually rammed into the stomach of a nearby eunuch instead. At this time, the doors to the great hall were opened, and a group of important officials flocked inside.

"Your Majesty, this subject is here to pay respect." There was a loud clamor as the crowd of officials knelt down in unison. Had this moment been rehearsed in advance?

Startled, Ji Man jumped one step to the side and quickly went over to help Ning Yuxuan stand up.

Although Ning Yuxuan had hit the eunuch instead of the pillar, he had used too much force, and the eunuch fell unconscious from the collision. He wasn't in a good state himself either.

"You may all rise." Looking at the group, Zhao Zhe slightly furrowed his brow.

It was only now that the head eunuch approached with the tokens requesting an audience with the emperor. He trembled as he reported, "Your Majesty, Prime Minister Xiao, Grand Tutor Sun, and the Six Ministries officials are requesting to see you."

These people had already entered the hall. What was the point in coming over to announce this now? Zhao Zhe glared at the eunuch before turning his head to looking at the people kneeling below. "Beloved subjects, why have you requested to see this emperor?"

Xiao Tianyi had already seen the nearby Marquis Moyu. He hastily went over to assist Ji Man in helping Ning Yuxuan stand up.

With the other officials present, Ji Man naturally should withdraw from the hall, so she went over to stand by the other side of the pillar. Ning Yuxuan was somewhat faint, so Xiao Tianyi escorted him back to the spot below the throne.

"This subject heard that Marquis Moyu and his wife has entered the palace. Since there hasn't been any celebratory occasion since Your Majesty ascended the throne, how about bestowing a marriage for Nie-shi and Marquis Moyu? This will add some festivity to the capital."

What a joke. Bestowing a marriage was a trifling matter. Was there a need for the grand prime minister to bring over a group of old officials to request this in person? And, coincidentally at the same time that Nie Sangyu entered the palace? Zhao Zhe was so angry that he laughed. He glanced at Marquis Moyu.

He had to have planned this in advance.

As for Xiao Tianyi, he had probably come here on the empress's behalf. Once Nie-shi entered the palace, the empress wouldn't be safe.

Marquis Moyu had been keeping such a low profile, but once he rebelled, it was in such an impressive show. Such a large group of important officials had come to request a marriage, how could he refuse?

While Zhao Zhe was waiting for him to struggle a bit more, Ning Yuxuan had chosen to stay silent.

Grand Tutor Sun spoke for him, "Although the marquis has a main wife, Nie-shi was his original wife and has a higher claim. Your Majesty, if you bestow the marriage, you can directly raise Nie-shi to the position of main wife and lower the other woman's rank."

The Minister of Justice also said, "Your Majesty, you already have a descendant in waiting. The newly promoted noble consort is pregnant, and the baby needs to accumulate good deeds."

Zhao Zhe chuckled. "My beloved subjects, don't you think this matter is outside the scope of your concern?"

Seeing that the emperor was looking around for someone else to speak, Xiao Tianyi turned his head and asked Marquis Moyu, "Marquis, why did you run towards the Advising Pillar?"

"This matter..." Ning Yuxuan glanced at Zhao Zhe.

If he said it was because the emperor was forcing Nie Sangyu to enter the palace in front of such a large group of officials, how would the officials look at him?

Zhao Zhe closed his eyes. "Never mind, isn't it only an edict to bestow marriage? This emperor will write the edict."

After saying this, he casually grabbed a piece of blank paper and started to write.

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