The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 445

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 445 - Turn of events (2)

He was very happy. Although he knew that a woman probably wouldn't be useful, he already felt lucky enough that she was finally willing to be with him.

As for the thing that had happened to her in the past... let bygones be bygones. Ji Man was different from other women; she wouldn't attempt suicide because of forced intimacy.

He... could forget that matter too.

Ji Man had no inkling of Zhao Zhe's successful deception.

When they returned to the marquis's estate, Ning Yuxuan's wound was treated, then a doctor was called over to diagnose the severity of his injury. Under the enticement of gold, the doctor determined that Marquis Moyu had indeed been poisoned, and the detoxification would take half a year.

When this diagnosis was reported to Zhao Zhe, he scoffed. But, his hands were tied. He could only leave Marquis Moyu alone to recuperate.

Still, during this period of recovery, couldn't his authority over certain areas be transferred to other officials? After all, if he had too much work to do, wouldn't that be detrimental to his recuperation?

However, Marquis Moyu had moved quicker than Zhao Zhe. The next day, he presented a report to the emperor. It was a written plan on how to allocate all of his authority to the key figures in the imperial courts during his recuperation.

Under this plan, the majority of Ning Yuxuan’s authority was given to Qian Yingchen, a smaller portion amongst the heads of each of the six Ministries, and the remaining portion was given to his loyal clan members.

Although his power had been technically dispersed, in actuality, nothing changed.

Zhao Zhe had originally wanted to disagree, but the report was very well written. The wording had been tactful while still being conspicuously reproachful. Many of the old officials thought this was the best possible plan and expressed their agreement.

And so, Qian Yingchen became the manager of the Six Ministries and on the same level of the prime minister in hierarchy.


Ning Yuxuan was quite happy with being idle. Every day, he would go tease the birds and look at the flowers in his estate, then he would go tease Ji Man. His life was pretty good.


There were rumors that Shen Youqing had become pregnant. When Ji Man heard this news, she immediately dropped what she was doing and went to palace to see her.

How could a commoner like her freely enter the palace? It was because Zhao Zhe had issued the order that Nie Sangyu could enter the palace without needing a token. Naturally, no one dared to refute the emperor's words. Under normal circumstances, Ji Man wouldn't bring trouble onto herself by going to the palace. However, this time was different.

Pregnancy brain, ah. During pregnancy, a woman would be at her most softhearted point. It should be especially true for someone like Shen Youqing, who had had finally gotten pregnant after several years of marriage.

As someone that had experienced pregnancy, Ji Man was able to share her considerable experience and have a long chat with Shen Youqing. The ceremony to promote Shen Youqing to empress was expected to happen very soon, and she had become much more prideful. After listening to Ji Man speak for a long time, her expression showed that she was still suspicious of her intentions.

"Your Highness, you know that the most important thing to do is to accumulate good karma for your unborn child." Ji Man's expression was very resolute. “Everything else like getting enough rest and eating healthy is of secondary importance. When you're pregnant, you can't harm other people. Otherwise, your unborn child's predestined lifespan will be harmed. On the other hand, if you help people fulfill their wishes, those people will feel grateful towards Your Highness, and your unborn child's predestined lifespan will increase accordingly."

Shen Youqing's heart slightly tensed. Women in ancient times were ignorant. Rather than believe in scientific knowledge, they preferred to listen to these superstitious beliefs. Seeing Shen Youqing's frightened expression, Ji Man added, "It's especially bad to harm young children. Children have spiritual connections that allow them to communicate with one another. If you hurt someone else's child, your child will feel uneasy.”

Shen Youqing's face paled. She stood up and said, "Thank you, Miss Nie. This consort is feeling a bit tired and will leave first to rest. Miss Nie, you're free to do as you please.

Ji Man nodded and left. However, in the following days, she kept going to the palace to talk about Buddhism with Shen Youqing. By the fifth day, Shen Youqing firmly believed in the rumors that harming other children would hurt her own unborn child.

Women were easier to deal with than men. Who knows how many people Shen Youqing had unjustly killed? By now, she was plagued with nightmares every day and night. Ji Man resumed her search for Haohao in the palace. From time to time, she would linger around Shen Youqing's palace's entrance and ask her servant girls if they had seen her child.


Tonight, Shen Youqing had a nightmare that Nie Sangyu had turned into a malicious ghost and came to ask her for her child's whereabouts. She woke up screaming and saw a shadow of a ghost outside her window.


Consort Shen was too deeply frightened, which lead to the fetus being disturbed. The imperial physicians anxiously rushed over to stabilize her condition.


The next day, Ji Man was summoned to the palace.

Shen Youqing was pursing her lips as she looked at her. "Miss Nie, have you looked in Wangyue Building?

After the deposed emperor and empress died in Wangyue Building, it had become a forbidden place. Since people generally weren't allowed to go inside, Ji Man naturally hadn't gone there to look.

Hearing Shen Youqing saying these words, Ji Man rushed over there.

She pushed opened the locked palace doors, walked into Wangyue Building, and searched multiple floors before seeing a door to an underground level. Ji Man called people over and open the door together.

"Is someone there?" Guibai's voice came from the other side of the door.

Hearing only his voice, Ji Man slumped to ground. 

Then, she heard the sound of Haohao crying, "Daddy - "

Alright, she wouldn't quibble over whether he was calling for dad or mom. She had found her child!

Guibai and Haohao had been outside when they were suddenly knocked out with drugs and brought to this basement. Each day, they would get their food and water from a hole. This was a secluded place without windows, that's why no matter how hard Ji Man had searched; she wouldn't have stumbled on this place.

Seeing how pale Haohao's face had become, Ji Man's heart ached. She gritted her teeth and picked him up.

"Who are you?" Haohao doubtfully looked at Ji Man. There were tears on his face, and his mouth puckered as if he was going to cry.

Translator Ramblings: It feels ironic that Haohao suffered less when Zhao Li was the emperor, and Ji Man help put Zhao Zhe on the throne. To be fair, I don't know if this is something that she could have reasonably foreseen.

A few chapters ago, Ji Man's coworker mentioned that other people call her Abbess Miejue behind her back. In the story, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, there were several times when Abbess Miejue choose to dogmatically value revenge over the well-being of her dependents. Ji Man has lots of good points, and she's much more merciful than the abbess, but I think the author shows throughout the novel that Ji Man lets revenge blind her too.

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