The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 442

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 442 - Challenges (1)

After being stunned for a brief moment, Ji Man jumped up like a spring. She quickly put on her clothes and washed up. Her actions were so swift that it startled the young servant girl.

Nie Sangyu's cedar tree cloak was still lying on the side. Ji Man pursed her lips and looked at it for a moment before she solemnly put it back into the wardrobe.

It didn't matter if her return to modern-day was only a dream or if it was something else, the first thing that she had to do right now was stop Ning Yuxuan from leaving.

He couldn't go to the military training field!

She had hated him as well as loved him for a long time on Nie Sangyu's behalf. Nie Sangyu's had died because of him in her previous life. And yet, her wish wasn't for him to fall in love with her or for him to do something for her. She merely wanted him to wear the cloak that she had embroidered.

That foolishly stupid woman had made her take such a long circuitous route for nothing. She had thought that a woman with a one-sided love would become mad with the desire to capture the man's heart. But, as it turned out, what Nie Sangyu wanted was so little.

It was so little that she felt bad for her.

The way she loved him was wrong, and her actions had been wrong too. Even if she had done all of those things out of love, it was still wrong. Ji Man could only wish that in Nie Sangyu's next life, she would be born to a good family and fall in love with the right person.

After closing the wardrobe's doors, Ji Man lifted up her skirt and rushed out of the room.


Qian Yingchen was waiting outside. Seeing Ning Yuxuan coming out, he quietly said, "Marquis, everything has been arranged on the training grounds. Will you be taking Miss Nie with us?"

Ning Yuxuan pursed his lips and walked out the courtyard. "Yes, she's coming. She's said that she's going to give me a cloak too."

Qian Yingchen nodded. When the two of them left the western courtyard, they saw Nie Sangyu sprinting over here and running straight into Marquis Moyu's chest.

Gasping for breath, Ji Man raised her head and said, "My lord, don't go to the training grounds. There's an ambush there. The emperor wants to kill you!"

Qian Yingchen and Ning Yuxuan's expressions changed.

Ji Man was surprised that Ning Yuxuan's first response was to cover her mouth. She anxiously looked him straight in the eyes.

Ning Yuxuan drew in his breath, looked around, and lowered his voice to ask her, "How... how did you know about this?"

Ji Man pulled his hand away. "I'm a celestial immortal. Did you forget? Anyways, you can't go!"

Qian Yingchen looked at her as if she was crazy. A celestial immortal? Haha.

Ning Yuxuan stayed silent for a while, then lightly sighed and asked, "Do you trust me?"

What? Ji Man calmed down too after seeing his unflustered expression. She looked away and said, "I do..."

"If you trust me, come with me." Ning Yuxuan smiled and said, "I wouldn't harm you."

Of course, she knew that he wouldn't harm her. He was someone that had foolishly said he loved her and wanted her to leave at the critical juncture. Ji Man sighed. Since she wouldn't be able to stop him, she might as well get in touch with her older brother and have him bring soldiers to the training grounds to guard Ning Yuxuan?

However, Ning Yuxuan didn't give her the time to do this. He pulled her to the carriage, and they boarded.

Inside the carriage, Marquis Moyu looked at her empty hands and somewhat unhappily asked, "Didn't you say that you were going to give me a cloak? Were you lying?”

Ji Man quickly explained, "No. It's because if I give you that cloak, I might really go back to heaven and disappear from here. That's why I'm not going to give you that cloak anymore."

Ning Yuxuan turned his head and tugged her hand over. "If you decide to go back one day, tell me first. Don't suddenly disappear."

"Okay." Ji Man's heart felt slightly heavy.

She had already returned to modern-day, the place that she had been longing for her. But when she went back, she didn't know why, she ended up sorrowfully crying. It felt as if her world had turned into a cage.

She had discovered that she had been influenced by Nie Sangyu without being aware of it. She had fallen in love with a person that was full of this evil era's male chauvinism.

However, if you wanted wealth, that person had it. If you wanted power, that person had that too. If you want an attractive face, that person had it all. She was the one doing social climbing. Other than having to face some challenges as his woman and undertaking the pressure of living in a polygamous society, everything else was pretty good.

There was no such thing as a perfect romance. You simply had to figure out how to fix those flaws. Since she had decided to stay here and write out their ending together, from now, she wouldn't allow herself to easily give up.

Ji Man took a deep breath and tightened her hold on Ning Yuxuan's hand.

There were still challenges waiting ahead of them.

When they walked to the training grounds' entrance, the civil and military officials were already streaming to the stands. It was exactly like the previous scene. Ji Man felt somewhat agitated.

After the required ceremonial steps were over, the emperor ordered for the troops to depart. Once again, Ji Man grabbed this opportunity to approach Marquis Moyu.

However, this time, she didn't have a cloak to give him. She could only awkwardly stand there and look at him.

"Is there something that you want to say?" Ning Yuxuan lightly smiled as he looked at her.

Ji Man cleared her throat. After thinking it over, she decided to act more brazenly. Half-kneeling down in front Ning Yuxuan, she lifted up his hand and softly kissed the back of his hand.

"My lord, this servant vows to be you for the rest of my life. Together in life and death and through any adversity." Ji Man raised her head to look at him. Her eyes were bright as she said, "No matter how long my lord is away, this servant will wait in the capital for you until you return home with honor."

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