The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 433

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 433 - Finding a good equilibrium (2)

"You're a clever woman. If it's possible, this emperor wants to do as this emperor had said back then, make you empress and dismiss the rest of the imperial harem," Zhao Zhe softly said, "However, it's only after this emperor had ascended to the throne, that this emperor realized how irresistible this position and wealth is. Even if someone offered this emperor a hundred beauties, this emperor wouldn't be willing to trade the throne for them. Men have an innate desire for power. There's no exception to this, even Yuxuan is the same."

This child's ability to communicate his thoughts was defective. Ji Man had to listen to him ramble on for a long time before she understood his meaning.

So, Zhao Zhe was telling her that he had only snatched her here because he wanted to see Marquis Moyu's reaction? If Marquis Moyu wanted to be with her and grow old with her, then he would have to leave this country in order to leave Zhao Zhe's sphere of authority. If he wanted power, he would lose her.

This selection was too senseless. It would be just as nonsensical as asking someone if they wanted hamburgers or love. What kind of love would there be without hamburgers? If you didn't have a loved one to share it with, would there be any point in eating a hamburger by yourself?

Why did Ning Yuxuan have to decide between one or the other? Why couldn't equilibrium be found? Ning Yuxuan was a player that had previously maintained balance between three factions, so why should she worry that he wouldn't be able to find a way to reach equilibrium now?

... Actually, she was quite worried. After all, right now, she was hanging at the end of the balance beam. If he gave up on her, she would fall to a horrible death.

Ji Man let out a long sigh. Zhao Zhe was certainly cruel enough. Since that time when his minions had forced her into jumping off the boat, she should known that he was a calculating, traitorous person that wasn't easy to deal with.

"Today, he left the palace after this emperor said he wanted you." Zhao Zhe meaningfully smiled. "Were you hoping that he would save you? Instead of immediately choosing you, he left."

Ji Man nodded. "If someone put my ex-boyfriend and five hundred million dollars in front of me and told me to choose, I would hesitate too."

"You're not angry? That's tantamount to him giving up on you." Zhao Zhe looked at her in surprise. "If a woman is in love with someone, shouldn't she at least feel upset and angry?"

Ji Man slightly smiled and answered, "Your Majesty, do you know that there's a type of person that can bury all of their feelings in their heart? No matter what, they can keep their calm. Even if they wakes up in the middle of night and sees that their home is lost, they can calmly get up and go to the police station."

The corners of Zhao Zhe's lips twitched. He couldn't understand what she was saying at all.

"That type of person isn't without joy and sorrow. Their reflection time is just very long," said Ji Man expressionlessly, "It's long enough to circle the Earth and tie a bow around it. However, once this type of person is given the time to respond, the consequence will be extremely terrible."

"To put it in another way, "For people of noble character, even ten years isn't too long to wait before seeking revenge."

If Ning Yuxuan really dared to give up on her, she would dedicate her life to making his life a living hell.

Zhao Zhe finally understood her meaning. He laughed and said, "Couldn't you have simply answered that you do care?"

Ji Man sneered and lowly said, "I care a little bit, but there's nothing I can do about it. Anyways, I believe in him. He'll definitely find a way to save me."

"What could he possibly do?" Zhao Zhe suddenly stood up and walked to Ji Man's side. He lifted her chin and said, "If this emperor chooses to favor you right now, what can he do? Invade the palace? This emperor would like nothing more."

He laughed for a while, then said, "Face reality. You and him are merely chess pieces that belong to this emperor."

Ji Man turned her head away. She stood up and took two steps back. The mood in the great hall suddenly became tense. She was already thinking that if she kicked Zhao Zhe's lower half, would it count as trying to murder the emperor?

However, right after Zhao Zhe took a step forward, they heard Taxue's voice from outside reporting, "Your Majesty, General Nie and General Ning are seeking an audience with you. Marquis Moyu is already waiting in Zichen Hall. He said an urgent report came from a border station. Your Majesty, please come quickly."

Both people in the hall stiffened. After hearing Taxue's entire message, Zhao Zhe's face changed colors, and Ji Man couldn't resist laughing.

"Don't be too pleased." Zhao Zhe was smoldering in anger, but this only lasted a moment. Soon after, he regained his calm. He looked at her and asked, "Isn't your child still missing?"

Ji Man didn't feel like laughing anymore.

Zhao Zhe coldly harrumphed and left the great hall.


Along the way here, Ning Mingjie and Nie Qingyun frowned when they heard that Sangyu was still in the palace. No one could stop the emperor from adding a woman to his harem.

Still, Ning Mingjie was very curious. He asked, "If the emperor genuinely wants Sangyu, why wouldn't he just write an imperial edict to make her his consort?"

Nie Qingyun foolishly suggested, "Could it be that the emperor doesn't want to force Sangyu?"

Ning Yuxuan incomprehensibly looked at Nie Qingyun for a while before sighing. His older brother-in-law was too simple.

They waited and waited until Zhao Zhe finally arrived. His clothes were a bit disheveled, and his crown was slightly askew.

Ning Yuxuan’s body stiffened, and he didn't even salute the emperor in greeting.

Zhao Zhe was slightly gasping for breath when he sat down and asked, "What happened at the border?"

The three people stayed silent. A long time later, Ning Yuxuan finally answered, "Yuzhen has initiated war with Great Song on the grounds that Princess Pengyue had died unjustly. The message just arrived. This subject estimates the war has already been going on for over a month at the borders."

Zhao Zhe furrowed his brow. He straightened his crown and asked, "How can this have happened? The imperial court should have sent out additional soldiers to defend the borders."

Translator Ramblings: Ji Man’s thoughts reminded me of this skit. Refusing to chose isn’t a valid option (unless your a book character XD).

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