The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 424

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 424 - I know a secret (1)

Ning Yuxuan didn't agree with Ji Man's words. Recollecting Nie Sangyu's past conduct and deeds, he still didn't like her very much. The only thing that he thought was precious about her was her genuine heart.

Perhaps, that was just the work of fate. He had gotten Ji Man because he had lost Nie Sangyu. Although Ji Man was a celestial immortal, as long as he didn't allow her to fulfill Nie Sangyu's wish, she wouldn't be able to leave.

Since it was like that, he would be able to keep her here for a while.

"In the beginning, I didn't especially dislike Sangyu," Ning Yuxuan said in a low voice, “Even though she was lacking in manners and a bit unruly, she could still be considered to have a kind heart. But, after she entered my household, she was very jealous. Behind my back, she sent away servants girls that had been serving me for a long time. She bullied the honored concubines that entered the household after her. It's because of these things that I slowly lost any goodwill towards her."

Ji Man nodded. She knew the things that Nie Sangyu had done. From the perspective of someone in ancient times, Nie Sangyu had indeed acted immaturely. Moreover, she had been overbearing and too willful. It wasn't unexpected that her husband wouldn't be fond of her.

That foolish girl had used the wrong methods to love someone and gradually wander off from the correct path.

"So, do you like the current me then?" Separated by the railing, Ji Man looked at him and very charmingly fluttered her eyelashes. "I don't compete or feel jealous of other women. You can have as many concubines as you want. As long as those women leave me alone, I won't bicker with them either. Isn't this the ideal example of a main wife?"

Ning Yuxuan didn't smile. He expressionlessly glanced at her, then shook his head and said, "That's not good at all."

He couldn't sense her feelings at all. Really, this wasn't good at all.

Ji Man curled her lip and mumbled, "You're so hard to please. You don't like this, and you don't like that."

Ning Yuxuan lightly snorted. Looking at her slightly messy hair, he pursed his lips and asked, "Do you want to leave here?"

They had been locked up here for so long. The average woman would have already fallen apart. It was only her that could continue to calmly talk with him every day.

"I thought about it." Ji Man helplessly said, “But since the emperor won't let me go, I probably won't be able to leave here until I can figure out a good plan.”

"You’re not tempted by the emperor's proposal?" It was rare for Marquis Moyu to joke. "The emperor's court is very wealthy."

Ji Man rolled her eyes. "What use do I have for wealth? It's not something I can take with me. Even if I can take it with me, the inner palace is a nest of rouge-wearing vipers. Besides, the wealth I can acquire as his consort might not even be as much as the profit I earn from selling rice. More importantly, I don't like..."

She didn't like Zhao Zhe, who looked at her like she was a valuable machine that could be exploited.

Ning Yuxuan smiled. He turned his head away to secretly smile with great gratification.

Ning Mingjie had stopped at a corridor to listen to their conversation. Although he didn't understand everything, he understood Ji Man's last words.

Even if she was locked up here, she would be happier staying here than going to the inner palace.

Silently sighing, Ning Mingjie turned around and quietly walked out as if he had never come here. With his cousin here, there was no need for him to worry.


In Marquis Moyu's estate, Nie Qingyun was discussing with a group of high-ranking officials how to rescue Marquis Moyu. His expression was very grave.

On the side, Errong was also feeling very anxious. Sangyu was trapped in there!

"What this one doesn't understand is, why is His Majesty holding the marquis in custody?" One of the officials asked. "There's already rumors that Nie Sangyu killed the deposed emperor by herself, so why is the marquis also locked up?"

Next to him, someone quietly said, "The marquis serves the country and its people. The common people have always thought well of him, so it's only to be expected that a newly ascended emperor would feel threatened. In this one's opinion, the court officials can write a joint petition to request the emperor to execute Nie Sangyu. Afterwards, the marquis will definitely be able to come out alive."

Nie Qingyun's expression sunk.

One of the court officials coughed. He respectfully cupped one fist in the other hand as he said to Nie Qingyun, "We're too worried about the marquis, so someone ended up saying something inappropriate. Jing Province's commander-in-chief, please excuse us.”

Nie Sangyu was Nie Qingyun most beloved sister. How could he possibly agree to sign a petition that requested her death?

One after another, everyone remembered this important fact and shut their mouths. However, in their eyes, Nie Sangyu was only a woman. Not only that, she was a beautiful woman that brought disaster. It would work out perfectly if she died. They only wanted to save Marquis Moyu.

Errong looked at Nie Qingyun with reddened eyes. The latter signaled with his eyes that she should keep her calm. Sangyu wouldn’t die. He had heard the emperor's words in the prison. He knew that the emperor wouldn't let Sangyu die for real.


Nie Qingyun hadn't guessed wrong. Zhao Zhe was currently racking his brains in the palace over this matter. The longer the matter dragged out, the more difficult it would become. The high-ranking court officials had repeated warned him that matter of the deposed emperor had to be settled before bestowing rewards for commendable deeds, selecting consorts to enter the harem, and other various ceremonies. This was to avoid this matter becoming a pretext for gossip.

He had imprisoned Nie Sangyu for such a long period of time, but she hadn't relented. What else could he do?


When Shen Youqing returned to palace, she brought someone back with her.

She had intentionally left the palace today to visit her old friends that had stayed in the capital. She wanted to select brainless first-class beauties from her friends' families to enter the palace as consorts. As a result, when she was halfway to her destination, Wen Wan stopped her palanquin on the road

Wen Wan had once been her follower, but she had ended their communications once Wen Wan was put into confinement and lost her value. Seeing her today, she still courteously greeted, "Wan-er."

"I know a secret." Wen Wan smiled very gently. "I originally knew two secrets, but now there's only one secret that you and His Majesty don't know. Moreover, it's a secret that will be helpful to you."

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