The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 406

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 406 - Rather wait three more years (1)

Returning an umbrella? Ji Man really wanted to roll her eyes. There was clearly pervading peril here. Why had he brought an umbrella to act out a lovey-dovey scene?

"It looks like it's going to rain tonight. Marquis, you should keep the umbrella for yourself." Ji Man couldn't resist taking two steps forward. "It's not early anymore. You..."

Could you please turn around and sprint away from here?

The hidden soldiers obviously wouldn't give Marquis Moyu this opportunity. Even though Ji Man had already given him a meaningful look, Ning Yuxuan hadn't seized the best timing to escape and was completely surrounded by the soldiers that had suddenly appeared.

Still holding the white oil-paper umbrella that had a pattern of crimson plum flower petals, Ning Yuxuan stood in place. He swept his gaze over the people around him, but his gaze was focused on the person standing behind him. 

"You won't worry about me?"

Her note had led him here. Did she not worry at all that something would happen to him?

Ji Man pursed her lips. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. How could she have known that he would be so foolish and come here? He was the one that had acted so stupidly. Why was he blaming her? Wasn't he supposed to always be calm and cool-headed and have a pair of eyes that could see through other people's deception? Today had obviously been a trap, so why had he knowingly stepped into it anyways?

If you were to tell her that she could bewitch him to such a level, then the two of them wouldn't have always needed to walk separate paths.

The head of the group came forward and restrained Marquis Moyu. There was strength in numbers, and a wise man would submit to circumstances, so Ning Yuxuan didn't struggle. However, he felt a bit upset when he saw the umbrella falling to the ground.

Ji Man could only salute him with her hands and say, "Marquis, take care."

Ning Yuxuan stared at her and lightly said, "I really want to know. What will you do if Zhangjun Prince imprisons me up, and I never see the light of day again?"

Ji Man was slightly stunned. She lowered her head and looked at the umbrella on the ground.

Thoughts of rebellion had already formed in Zhangjun Prince's mind, and the city was on heightened sense of security. Marquis Moyu had walked right into the trap, and he naturally wouldn't have a good ending. In a split second, a series of cruel scenes such as flogging, being tied to a torture device, and so on flashed through Ji Man's mind. In the end, she actually felt regretful.

If she had known this would happen, she would have pretended to be sick and not come here. It wasn't that she was feeling bad for him. It was only... She had been able to harm this person because he had feelings for her. No matter how she thought about it, she felt a bit sinful.

Ji Man braced herself and said, "I'll come visit the marquis in prison."

Ning Yuxuan's expression sunk. There had still been a trace of a smile on his face before, but now his expression had become serene. "Thanks."


The group of people forcefully took Ning Yuxuan away. Ji Man picked up the umbrella and followed them from a distance. Looking at this pitiful scene of this restrained person, who usually appeared peerlessly talent, she inexplicably felt unwell.

When they arrived at Zhangjun's estate, it was about time to sleep. However, she tossed and turned restlessly after going to bed. So, she got up, put on her outer robes, and went to take a look at the situation.

She heard that Ning Yuxuan had been taken to the main courtyard in the prince's estate, and the prince was personally questioning him, but there wasn't a clear answer about his current state.

Wu Yong happened to come out from the main courtyard at this time. His furrowed brows showed that he was worried and uneasy.

Ji Man hurriedly approached him and asked, "Brother Wu, what's the situation inside?"

"Why are you still awake?" Wu Yong raised his eyebrows as he looked Ji Man. Soon after, he answered, "His Highness has already decided to go out all-out in resisting the soldiers sent by the imperial court. In other words, the sky is going to change. Marquis Moyu is a deep schemer, and he holds great power. In my opinion, since we've already caught him, we should publicly execute him. This would be a good way to declare Zhangjun's position. But, His Highness doesn't agree."

"Of course, you can't do that!" Ji Man was slightly agitated, and her voice had risen. Wu Yong was startled.

After calming herself down a bit, Ji Man awkwardly smiled and continued, “If Marquis Moyu is killed, wouldn't that give the emperor even more of a reason to say he’s righteously sending soldiers to suppress Zhangjun? This would force us into disadvantageous position."

Wu Yong thought it over and nodded, but he still sounded worried as he said, “If Marquis Moyu is allowed to live, he'll definitely cause a catastrophe in the future. His Highness has already ordered for him to be sent to the imperial prison. I don't know how he'll handle this matter."

"Sent to the imperial prison?" Startled, Ji Man asked, "The one on the Zhangjun's northside?"

Wu Yong nodded. "It's probably that one." The prince had only recently issued this order.

Without saying a word, Ji Man rushed away. She got Zhangjun Prince's household token and tuck money into her clothes before leaving the estate.

"Ah, Brother Ji, where are you going?" Wu Yong couldn't resist calling out. However, Ji Man didn't hear him and had already disappeared like a wisp of smoke.


Inside the main courtyard, Marquis Moyu, who was about to be sent to the imperial prison, said something that had Zhangjun Prince ordering his servants to let him go.

Ning Yuxuan said, "Prime Minister Xiao asked me to deliver a letter to Your Highness."

Zhao Zhe's expression changed. After he hastily ordered the servant to release Ning Yuxuan, the doors to the room were closed again.


Ji Man hastily hired a carriage to take her to the imperial prison. The sky had turned dark a while ago, and there was no one on the streets.

The carriage driver even enthusiastically said, "It's a good idea to go to the imperial prison at night. If you bring some warm wine and hot food and bribe the guards with a few silver taels, they'll let you inside."

Forcing herself to smile, Ji Man said, "Yeah, it's pretty convenient."

"Young Master, you seem very anxious. Which relative of yours are you going there to see?" The carriage driver sighed and said, "With war about to happen, there's chaos in the streets. People are being arrested without any rhyme or reason."

Ji Man wasn't in the mood to chat with him. Sitting on the shaft of the carriage, she looked into distance until the shadow of the imperial prison appeared before them.

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