The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 402

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Thank you Ziaoi for writing a review on NU =)! Here's as extra chapter today to say thank you! I feel so flattered. I read your review three times =).

Yay, glad you like the story enough to binge read =). I liked how the characters grow and change from the ripples of Ji Man's actions too, and how their lives continues on off-screen. And, how the author portrays how difficult relationship are. There is no happily ever after. You have to keep working on it and not take the other person for granted.

Tiny spoiler related to the harem thing. There's a moment when Ji Man thinks, hmm, Ning Yuxuan as emperor? Immediately, she squashes that idea because it would be impossible for him to not have a harem as the emperor. Better for him stay the marquis.

Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 402 - Giving him an umbrella (1)

Guibai glanced at his master in a somewhat flabbergasted gaze, but he wasn't a garrulous type of person. Since his master had already told him to leave, he silently left the room and closed the doors on his way out.

The face in front of him looked very blurry and slowly changed into another person's face. Feeling a bit vexed, Ning Yuxuan stretched his hand out and wanted to push Wen Wan away. "What did you do?"

Wen Wan's face looked extremely innocent and slowly changed into Nie Sangyu's face. In a nervous and helpless tone, she said, "I haven't done anything."

Ning Yuxuan furrowed his brow. His mind felt muddled, and he felt dizzy. He wanted to stand up, but he ended up falling down.

Wen Wan hurriedly helped him up and towards the bed. Seeing that his gaze wasn't focused, she looked at him with feeling and somewhat bashfully asked, "My lord, does this servant look beautiful?"

Ning Yuxuan stretched his hand out and stroked the spot between her eyebrows that he saw with his eyes. "En, very beautiful."

Wen Wan smiled. She brought him to the bed and softly said, "My lord, this servant hasn't done anything. You're just drunk. Look at you, you can't even stand up."

Ning Yuxuan was leaning on a pillow and looking at her with half-opened eyes. After a long time, he finally said, "En."

A glimmer flashed through Wen Wan's eyes. She untied her clothes, pressed closer to him, and softly asked, "My lord, what's the most important thing to you right now?"

Ning Yuxuan really didn't want to answer. He didn't even know the answer to this question himself, but he surprisingly said, "World peace."

Wen Wan was stunned for a moment, and then she laughed.

From Ning Yuxuan's perspective, he was seeing Ji Man's radiant smile. He hadn't seen her smile like this in a long time.

He knew this was a trap, but he couldn't resist touching her face. It was rare to see Ji Man smiling so happily without restraint.

"This servant wants to ask my lord for another child. My lord, you've been so heartless to me and unwilling to give a child to this servant." Wen Wan untied Ning Yuxuan's belt. Sounding as if she had been wronged, she continued, "It's been so long, and this servant has tried all sorts of methods. But, this servant still hasn't gotten pregnant. Why?"

Feeling somewhat bad for her, Ning Yuxuan pulled her closer and whispered, "All of the incense in this household has been prepared by a specialist. The more incense that's burned in a courtyard, the more unlikely it is to have a child. Sangyu, I'm sorry."

Wen Wan's body trembled. It wasn't just because of the secret that he had revealed. It was more because of the name he had said.

It was actually Nie Sangyu's name? Kangyuan Junzhu had told her that this hallucinogenic drug would make a person delirious and imagine that the person in front of him was his most beloved person.

She hadn't been willing to believe that Yuxuan, who had once whole-heartedly loved her, had fallen in love with someone else.

"Why are you crying?" Ning Yuxuan was slightly flustered as he looked at her. "Don't feel bad. We'll have lots of children in the future. Once I bring Haohao back, we can live happily together."

Wen Wan wiped away her tears and lowered her eyes as she leaned on his chest. It hadn't been easy for Kangyuan Junzhu to get this drug, and she had given her this drug in order to ask Marquis Moyu questions for her. She had to complete her task.

"My lord, aren't you going to Zhangjun? Do you feel confident about winning the upcoming battle? This servant can't help feeling worried that something might happen to you," said Wen Wan in a low voice. She closed her eyes as she leaned against his chest.

Ning Yuxuan had one hand resting on the side of the pillow and was tenaciously holding onto something, but his voice remained slightly dazed as he said, "Don't worry. I've already prepared everything. I'll complete the emperor's task and return at the appropriate time."

Wen Wan let out a sigh of relief and asked another question. "My lord, do you not resent the emperor for locking Haohao up in the palace?"

"What's there to feel resentful about? It's better for Haohao to be in the palace," Ning Yuxuan said, "I should be thanking His Majesty. This way I won't be troubled by family issues."

"Since it's like that, what will my lord do if Zhangjun Prince revolts?" Wen Wan pressed closer to him as she asked, "My lord, how will you save yourself then?"

Marquis Moyu lightly smiled. "Real men are born to serve the country. There's no need to fear death. In order to stabilize the emperor's reign, Mingjie and I are willing to fight Zhangjun Prince to the death."

The person that had been hiding in the darkness silently left. His martial arts was good enough that not even Ning Yuxuan noticed his presence. Wen Wan heard the secret signal from outside the window and finally relaxed. Wrapping her body around Ning Yuxuan, she said, "This servant doesn't have any regrets in this life after marrying my lord. There's no incense in this room. My lord, let's do that...."

In order to remain clear-headed, Ning Yuxuan had been gripping the dagger that was beneath his pillow so tightly that his hand was bleeding.  However, the person in front of him still had Nie Sangyu's face. He could control his words, but he couldn't force himself to push her away.

While his gaze was still dazed, her beautiful, red lips had already descended down.


Ji Man entered the western courtyard. Seeing the closed doors as well as Guibai, who was standing outside, she curiously asked, "Where's the marquis?"

Guibai panicked. He hurriedly went over to her. "The marquis isn't here. Mister Ji, please follow this servant elsewhere..."

"My lord..." A charming voice drifted out from the room. Hearing the breathy panting that followed, it was easy to guess the amorous scene that was happening inside the room.

Guibai's body stiffened. He hadn't expected Wen Wan to suddenly make such a loud noise. For a time, he didn't know how to explain the situation to Ji Man. Say that the marquis's mind had broken down? That wasn't possible.

Translator Ramblings: It felt like Ning Yuxuan spent the past several chapters crawling out of the hole that he had dug for himself, and now he's fallen back into it, and the impact of the fall has made the hole even deeper. To his credit, he does need to gain Zhao Li's trust for Haohao's sake.

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