The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 400

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 400 - About to leave and be separated by a long distance (1)

Although Wen Wan was no longer confined inside Qiangwei Courtyard, she still hadn't been able to serve Marquis Moyu. Not only did he sleep in the western courtyard each night, even if he did visit a woman's courtyard, it would be Mu Shuiqing's.

However, Mu Shuiqing's health was getting worse by the day. Whenever Wen Wan went over to visit her, she would be told that Mu Shuiqing was bedridden and couldn't see any guests. The marquis continued to be gone during the daytime, so Wen Wan could only go see Liu Hanyun.

"I have to figure out a way." With her handkerchief covering her mouth, Wen Wan quietly said, "Madam, you have to help more. The marquis is going to leave the capital soon. If things continue like this, then does it even matter if I was let out of Qiangwei Courtyard or not?

Liu Hanyun knitted her brows. She pursed her lips and said, "I only promised Kangyuan Junzhu that I would help free you from your confinement. As for other matters, I won't be able to help you. After all, the marquis doesn't visit me either."

Wen Wan pursed her lips. "Kangyuan Junzhu has already entered the palace. It's only a matter of time before the emperor gives her a status as his consort. If you help me, I'll say a few good words to her. Young Master Xi will definitely benefit from this."

Liu Hanyun lowered her eyes and stayed silent.

"Madam, it can't be that you're still thinking about her kindness to you back then?" Wen Wan's expression only slightly changed, but her tone became scornful as she said, "Back then, she only promote you to an honored concubine to drag you into the middle of her mess. Madam, why are you being so foolish? Look, neither she nor her child is in the estate, but she hasn't missed taking the marquis's heart and the position of the heir for her son. How could a person with that type of skill be a benevolent person?”

Liu Hanyun shook her head. "She's always protected me. I can't return her kindness with enmity. I can help you with a few things in return for Xi-er's good future, but if you want to harm her, I can't help you. If a person doesn't appreciate gratitude, then even a beast is better than that person.

Wen Wan sneered. She picked up the nearby Xi-er and brought him over. "Who's thinking about harming her? My target is the marquis. Madam, have you heard of hallucinogenic herbs? I happened to have acquired some and want to use it on the marquis. But, he's not even willing to come to my courtyard, and he might not necessarily drink soup that I send over him. I just don't want to waste it."

Xi-er squirmed in Wen Wan's arms and ended up kicking her stomach. The sudden pain caused Wen Wan's expression to change, and she almost tossed him away.

“Xi-er." Liu Hanyun hurriedly stretched her hands out and took her child. She patted his back to comfort him and frowned as she looked at Wen Wan. "How can that type of messy thing be used on the marquis? I won't help you."

Wen Wan rubbed her stomach and tightly pursed her lips. "Madam, are you really going to be this stubborn?"

Liu Hanyun headed inside while holding Xi-er. "Chunpi, send the guest out."

Wen Wan was furious, but her smile didn’t waver. She gestured at Tanxiang and departed the courtyard with her. If Liu Hanyun wasn't willing to help her, then she would have to wait for an opportunity. She didn't believe that Ning Yuxuan would ignore her forever.


The pedestrians on the capital's streets were somewhat unsure where to go. The prices hanging outside the big and small rice stores were all shockingly high.

Ning Yuxuan was in Ji Rice Store and drinking tea. He heard the kids outside, who were too young to know any better, singing,

"No rice to eat, only husks remain,

The imperial family wages a battle, and the commonfolk suffer,

The cripple don't know how long the road is, and the poor don't know the fragrance of rice."

Turning his head to look at the person next to him Ning Yuxuan asked, "Did you compose that?"

Ji Man shook her head. With her eyes on the account book, she said, "I don't know where that song originated. It's already been sung for the past several days. It won't be possible to disperse the dark clouds above the capital. A lot of people have already been forced by the high grain prices to leave the capital in order to seek out food."

Back when Zhao Li had seized the throne, his story had been so sensational. He had been a cripple that survived by living on the edges while the other princes competed with each other. At the end, he had launched a surprise attack and beaten Zhao Jue, the former third prince, and ascended to the top. Back then, everyone had thought he would usher in a golden age. At the very beginning, there had been many scholars that praised Zhao Li by saying that he would definitely be well-suited as the emperor.

However, while Zhao Li was able to abruptly rise to the top during troubled times, he had become paranoid and obstinate during this prosperous period. He wouldn't listen to his officials' advice and did as he pleased. His arrogant behavior was too outrageous. People couldn't be blamed for gradually losing heart.

Ji Man finished writing in her account book. She turned her head to look at Ning Yuxuan and said, "Marquis, you've always been a clever person. Are you really not going to do anything about this situation?"

"How can I do anything?" Marquis Moyu smiled and said, "The emperor was the one that slowly took back the control over the Six Ministries. So, this type of issue, it's for the emperor to worry about. Even if I wanted to trouble myself over it, there's nothing I can do."

Ji Man raised her eyebrows. She didn't know if she was just misinterpreting things, but ever since Haohao entered the palace, Ning Yuxuan's attitude towards the emperor seemed to have subtly changed.

Ji Man jokingly asked, "Marquis, it can't be that you're preparing to become a turncoat, right?"

"No." Ning Yuxuan propped his chin in his hand and looked out the window as he said, "As long as he's sitting on the throne, I'll remain loyal to him."

Until he could safely bring Haohao out of the palace.

Ji Man shrugged. The two of them were certainly strange enough. They understand each other's position, but they were still able to sit here and chat.

Ning Yuxuan asked, “When are you going to return to Zhangjun?"

Ji Man picked up the thick account book and brought it over to a cabinet to put it away. After thinking it over, she said, "I'll probably be leaving sometime in the next several days after I finish making arrangements for the rice store. Otherwise, once the end of the year arrives, I won't be able to go back."

Ning Yuxuan furrowed his brow. "So soon?"

"En." Ji Man turned her head and smiled as she looked at him. "Why? Are you going to miss me, Marquis? If you do, how about saying I love you?"

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