The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 395

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 395 - A pleasant surprise (2)

Wen Wan's smile slightly stiffened.

Ning Yuxuan quietly said, "Dad will bring teacher along the next I come, okay?"

Haohao obediently nodded. "En." Then, with his little hand around Ning Yuxuan's neck, he vigorously cuddled him.

From the position of the sun in the sky, it was about that time. A young eunuch came running over and whispered something into Ning Yuxuan's ear. Ning Yuxuan nodded and said to Wen Wan, “Go to the western entrance and tell my cousin it's time for him to go over there and surprise the junzhu."

Wen Wan nodded and somewhat stiffly headed towards the outer part of the palace. She was someone that had lost her memories, so this was technically her first time coming to the palace. If she happened to get lost, it wouldn't be her fault, right?

Smiling, the young eunuch caught up to Wen Wan to lead the way for her, "This way, please." 

Wen Wan wasn't able to smile in response.


Ning Mingjie had gone shopping again and picked out a new gift. He was holding the wrapped up gift in his hand. After Yuxuan had said all those words to him to persuade him, he finally came round. Kangyuan Junzhu was a good woman. He had been too distant with her this entire time. It wouldn't be wrong to treat her a bit better by giving her a nice surprise.

The eunuch led Wen Wan to a spot near the western entrance. There was no way that Wen Wan could pretend to get lost. She could only go forward and salute Ning Mingjie. "Young Master, my lord said it's time."

Ning Mingjie nodded when he saw that it was her. "Oh, that's good. I can bring you with me. I was just saying yesterday that you should meet Kangyuan. You might remember some old memories if you see her."

Wen Wan shook her head. "No, that's not a good idea. It would be too much of an imposition..."

"It's okay,” Ning Mingjie said, “Come with me. We're not far Zichen Hall."

Wen Wan could only brace herself and follow him.


Inside Zichen Hall,

It was true that Zhao Li had prepared a banquet for Kangyuan, but Pengyue had said she wasn't feeling well and didn't want to attend. Thus, it was only Zhao Li and Kangyuan inside the hall.

Kangyuan had drunk a lot of wine, and her gaze had become a bit blurry. She looked at him with a besotted gaze and said, "Your Majesty, did you know that I wasn't happy at all when you bestowed that marriage?”

Zhao Li raised his eyebrows. "Is General Ning not treating you well?"

Kangyuan wryly smiled. "That person, he looks so warm, and he treats people well. But, if his heart isn't with you, no matter what, it still feels cold. We haven't shared a bed since our wedding night."

Zhao Li slightly furrowed his brow in shock.

Kangyuan was probably drunk. She gestured for the palace servants to withdraw, then she got up, fell into his arms, and wailed. "Why did you marry me off to someone else? Do you like that Yuzhen Princess that much? How is she better than me? Your Majesty, Yu-er has loved you for so long. Why did you give Yu-er such an ending?"

Zhao Li was sitting on a thick cushion, and his legs couldn't move. He could only let her continue to cry. He sighed and said, "I'm sorry. I wronged you."

He had promised Pengyue that he wouldn't have any consorts, so he had to keep his promise. Perhaps, he might break this promise in the future for a political benefit, but he would do his best to keep his promise for as long as possible.

Kangyuan wretchedly cried. She raised her head and looked at the man in front of her. She had loved him for so long and had even trade away her lifetime happiness by marrying Ning Mingjie to help him. Why wasn't he moved by her sacrifice?

Crying, Kangyuan hugged Zhao Li and kissed him.

Zhao Li frowned and pushed Kangyuan away. Her falling tears were like raindrops on pear blossoms as she asked, "Your Majesty, won't you allow Yu-er to have a moment of happiness on my birthday? Just... Just treat it as bestowing a last gift to Yu-er."

The air felt a bit hot and dry. Zhao Li looked at her beautifully tearful face. He sighed and finally didn't push her away.

Outside, the head eunuch had gestured for the other palace servants to withdraw with only him left at the doors to keep watch. The surroundings were quiet, and the people inside the hall weren't keeping their voices low. And so, from the outside, one could clearly hear, "Yu-er loves you. Your Majesty, Yu-er loves you...."

Standing outside of Zichen Hall, Ning Mingjie's expression gradually turned cold. He was tightly holding the present in his hand, and his body had stiffened.

The head eunuch saw Ning Mingjie and hurriedly shouted, "Your Majesty, Zhenyuan General is here to see you!"

The sounds inside the hall immediately came to a stop. Zhao Li's clothes weren't that disheveled, but Kangyuan's clothes were in complete disarray. In a flustered state, she tried to straighten out her clothes.

"No need to announce my presence. I'll wait here for the junzhu to come out," Ning Mingjie lightly said.

The eunuch had a somewhat embarrassed expression. Smiling, he said, "General, don't misunderstand. The junzhu drank too much and was just randomly saying things."

"En." Ning Mingjie lowered his eyes.

When the doors opened, Kangyuan half-stumbled out. Looking at Ning Mingjie with a very shocked expression, she said, "General, why..."

When she turned her head, she saw that Wen Wan, who was dressed as a pageboy, was standing behind him.

What was going on? Why was Wen Wan with Ning Mingjie? And, why had they come here together? Kangyuan felt shocked and angry. She didn't pay attention to her own appearance. Her clothes and hair were disheveled, and there was even a mark on her neck.

Ning Mingjie sneered. He turned around and left. He threw down the gift that he had been holding, and it landed in a nearby flowerbed.

Wen Wan docilely followed after him. She didn't want to get caught in this crossfire. She could only hope that the junzhu wouldn't think that she had led Ning Mingjie here.

Panicking, Kangyuan turned her head to look at Zichen Hall before chasing after Ning Mingjie. "General!"

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