The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 392

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 392 - Going to the palace? (1)

Ning Yuxuan furrowed his brow. He let go of the curtain and said in sunken voice, "Prime Minister, you think too highly of him. He's just a commoner.  If you want General Ning to enter the palace, there's naturally other ways."

"Aiya, you're so overprotective of that person." Xiao Tianyi chuckled. "Even I'm feeling jealous from how protective you're being. Aren't I just asking to borrow him to use for a bit? Ning Mingjie isn't the type of person to easily fall for tricks. I've been inquiring for a long time, but I still haven't found anyone that he's particularly close with. Now that I happened to see he's has some affection for your Mister Ji, why are you being so stingy?"

"I have other ways, so why are you being carried away by an impulse to have him do your work?" Ning Yuxuan lowered his eyes and said, "What kind of affection could he possibly have with Ning Mingjie? They've only met once before because of me. Today is probably just a chance encounter while they're both out shopping. I already have a better person to use than him."

Xiao Tianyi raised his eyebrows. "Really? I was only joking. You don't need to take it so seriously. Still, I never expected that the Marquis Moyu, who has the world's women falling at his feet, would end up falling in love with a man."

Ning Yuxuan snorted. "It's just your imagination. He's only a person that I'm casually favoring.

Standing inside the store, Ji Man suddenly sneezed.

Next to her, Ning Mingjie turned to look. He quietly asked, "Did you catch a cold from not sleeping well last night?"

"Thank you for your concern, General." Ji Man sniffled. " It's probably because someone didn't properly cover me with a quilt last night. This one stayed the night in Marquis Moyu's estate yesterday.”

Ning Mingjie furrowed his brow. "You still frequently go to the marquis's estate?"

"No, last night was an exception. This one accidentally drank too much." Ji Man glanced at him and chuckled. “General, could it be that you haven't visited marquis's estate in a long time? Mistress Wen had tried to hang herself, but her attempt was unsuccessful. What an unexpected event. Who knows if she still remembers you, general?"

Stunned, Ning Mingjie shook his head and said, "I haven't gone over there in the past few months. It's very possible there might be a war, so I've been busy. I haven't even had time to pay a visit to Yuxuan.

A war? Ji Man's ears immediately perked up when she heard these words. "Is there going to be a battle soon?"

"No." Ning Mingjie looked away and changed the topic. "I should take the time to pay a visit to my cousin's estate tomorrow."

"En." If he wasn't willing to say anything, Ji Man wouldn't continue to ask. After all, it was an important military issue.

Once the engraving for the jade was done, and it was put into a fine box, Ji Man took her purchase and said, "This one will be leaving first."

Ning Mingjie nodded.

Changshan, who had been browsing for gifts for the past hour on the side, sighed in relief. Finally, that was over.


Ji Man had originally been thinking of delivering the gift herself, but after thinking it over, she decided that it would better to go back and have Yan Buba find someone to deliver it for her. The gift was only intended as a bribe. There was no reason for her to be so meticulously by delivering it herself.


Once Ning Yuxuan and Xiao Tianyi finished discussing their plan, Ning Yuxuan returned home.

Liu Hanyun apprehensively came over to his courtyard and said, "My lord, this servant feels that there aren't enough people to serve you in the inner court. How about lifting the ban on Qiangwei Courtyard? Mister Ji even went to see Wan-er in Qiangwei Courtyard this morning. Wan-er really doesn't remember anything. This servant thinks that it would be good if there's more people to serve the marquis."

"She doesn’t remember anything?" Ning Yuxuan chuckled. "How novel."

After saying this, he stood up and went to Qiangwei Courtyard.

Wen Wan was currently embroidering a handkerchief. Her embroidery skill wasn't good, and her stitches were crooked. She was gritting her teeth and bristling with anger as she tried again. She looked like a child that was about throw a tantrum.

As soon Ning Yuxuan stepped through the entrance, Wen Wan's eyes brightened. Looking like bashful young girl, she obediently stood up and saluted. "My lord."

"You're embroidering?" Ning Yuxuan walked over and sat down.

Wen Wan hurriedly hid the handkerchief and replied, "It doesn't look good. There's not much I can do here, so I was just playing around."

"Really?" Ning Yuxuan stretched his hand and pulled her over.

After gasping, she obediently leaned on him with a bright red face.

"You don't remember anything, but you can embroidered a handkerchief. How interesting." Ning Yuxuan's expression was very gentle. He quietly said, "Madam recently said that she wanted you to resume serving me. Are you willing?"

Feeling somewhat happy, Wen Wan shyly asked, "Really...?"

She had lost her memory, but she was still so deeply in love with him. How touching. Ning Yuxuan's eyes were like deep pools that didn't miss capturing any emotion that flicked over her face. "Really."

Clutching her handkerchief, Wen Wan said, "This servant fell in love with my lord at first sight. Although this servant can't remember anything from the past, this servant is a hundred percent willing to serve my lord."

"En, that's good then." Ning Yuxuan smiled and said, "I'm going to the palace to see my son the day after tomorrow. You used to really like him in the past too. Would you want to come along with me to see him?"

Wen Wan was a bit stunned.

"Well?" Ning Yuxuan continued to smile. "You don't want to? Is it because you don't remember him, so you don't want to come along to see him?"

"No..." Wen Wan lowered her eyes and pursed her lips. "This servant hasn't gone to the palace before. My lord, you're suddenly mentioning this out of the blue, so this servant feels a bit nervous. It would better if..."

"It's okay. Nothing will happen." Ning Yuxuan let her go, stood up, and said, "You'll have a whole day to prepare yourself. When I go to the palace the day after tomorrow, I'll send Guibai over to come get you."

"Okay..." Wen Wan lowered her head and saluted.


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