The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 389

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 389 - Having supporters (2)

The group was happily chatting away in Luoyan Pagoda. Sir Li was probably feeling embarrassed over today's matter, but the awkwardness wouldn't disappear while the group drank only tea and remained cleared-headed. Thus, as more tea was drunk, it was eventually replaced with wine.

Drunkenness can get rid of all sorts of troubles. The group of people on the seventh floor of Luoyan Pagoda let loose and let poetry skills dictate who was superior. The loser of each round had to drink. Naturally, nothing would happen to Ji Man and Luo Qianqian. Ning Yuxuan wouldn't lose either. Zhu Yurun that pitiful chubby girl was doomed. Ji Man tried to help her by slipping her notes, but Qian Yingchen confiscated the paper. As soon as he saw what was written on the paper, he ripped the paper up and even harshly glared at Ji Man. A human married couple wasn't like a pair of phoenixes that could fly together with their colorful wings, but shouldn't husbands and wives have a close, inseparable union anyways?

The young, chubby woman helplessly wrung her hands, so Qian Yingchen helped her write a few verses. But, in the end, they couldn't win against Luo Qianqian. After drinking a few cups of wine for losing, Zhu Yurun leaned against Qian Yingchen's chest and didn't move.

By the end of the gathering, no one cared about poems and were simply randomly toasting. Sir Li had drunk too much. Holding up a wine cup, he looked at Ji Man and said, "Work hard. You'll have a great future!"

“May your good wishes come true.” Ji Man didn't refuse his toast. She took a few sips. It wasn't bad. There was a slight burning sensation as the wine went down.

Xiao Tianyi and Ning Yuxuan were also drinking wine with each other. Xiao Tianyi chuckled and said, "Who could have expected that the marquis would have this type of taste?"

Ning Yuxuan lightly snorted. He clinked his wine cup with Xiao Tianyi's and drank the contents of his cup in one gulp.

Seeing that most people had drunk a lot and since she was the host, Ji Man asked Luoyan Pagoda's shopkeeper to arrange for carriages to bring everyone back to their respective homes. This gathering had cost Ji Man two hundred silver taels, but she wasn't upset about it. Shopkeeper Liu and Shopkeeper Rong had a dug out a path for her to the minister of revenue, so she would naturally use it. After today, it was very likely that no one else would dare to mess with Ji Store again.

Although she hadn't wanted to rely on a man for her livelihood, it seemed that she still hadn't been able to escape the social system in ancient times. Wasn't she depending on Ning Yuxuan to protect her?

After belching once from the wine, Ji Man smiled. There wasn't anything wrong with that. Another person meant that there was another path available, and Ning Yuxuan was the most stable and steady path. Walking on this path, she wouldn't fall...

Marquis Moyu stretched his hand out and caught hold of this tottering person.

After they had boarded the last carriage, he lightly ordered the carriage driver, "Marquis Moyu's estate."

Although he had drunk a lot too, Ning Yuxuan wasn't drunk at all. He continued to hold her in his arms and even tolerated her using his clothes to wipe her nose.

"I miss my mom..." Ji Man murmured, "I said I would go back on New Year and buy her a foot warmer. How many New Years have passed..."

Ning Yuxuan slightly furrowed his brow and hugged her a bit tighter.

Ji Man felt uncomfortable and pushed him away. She opened her eyes halfway and looked at him for a long time before saying, "Strange, why do I feel so uneasy that you're treating me so well? I keep thinking that you're using me for something. You're too clever. It's hard to believe in smart people."

Marquis Moyu was stunned for a moment before he chuckled. "You're really clever too."

"En, two clever people can't be happy together." Ji Man leaned against the carriage and tilted her head as she looked at him and said,  "Look at Zhu Yurun and Qian Yingchen's relationship. One is clever, and the other one is unbelievably stupid, so they have an easy time together."

Her voice was fuzzy, but her words were very clear. Ning Yuxuan sighed and brought her over to hold in his arms once again. He couldn't tell if she was truly drunk or just pretending to be dunk. When the carriage arrived at the destination, he carried her into his estate.

Ning Yuxuan was carrying Ji Man, who was dressed as a man, to the western courtyard with her face tucked against his chest. On the way there, they passed by servants, who saw the sight of the marquis carrying a man underneath the moonlight and were shocked.

With his robes lightly fluttering, he strode into his room.

At this time, Marquis Moyu's status of a gay man was confirmed. Later on, someone tried to bribe Marquis Moyu by sending him five beautiful men with alluring bodies. Of course, this was something that happened much later on.


When Ji Man woke up, she saw that she was in a somewhat familiar room. Ning Yuxuan was already gone, but Guibai was standing outside by the doors. He sent a servant girl into the room to attend to Ji Man when he heard noise coming from the inside.

"The marquis gave us orders. He said that you were a bit drunk and that you can rest here until you feel better. A carriage will you bring you back to your home when you want to leave," the servant girl obediently said, "The kitchen servants are preparing breakfast. It'll be ready for you in just a bit."

Ji Man just blankly nodded.

However, reality proved that staying in Marquis Moyu's estate for too long was an unwise decision. While she waited for breakfast and did some stretching in the courtyard, Liu Hanyun came over.

Seeing her face, Liu Hanyun let out a long breath and said, "So it's you."

"Hmm?" Ji Man stopped stretching and returned to a normal position.

"It's nothing." Liu Hanyun wiped her cold sweat. She had though that the marquis had brought back a different man. That would be very difficult to deal with. "Were you drunk last night?"

"En." ”Ji Man nodded. Since they happened to meet, they might as well eat breakfast together.

"I happened to have something that I wanted to discuss with you." Something flickered through Liu Hanyun's eyes. She looked in a different direction as she said, "A long time has passed since that incident, and I had people secretly watch Wen Wan during this time. She really has amnesia and doesn't remember anything."

Slightly stunned, Ji Man pursued her lips and asked, "So...?"

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