The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 360

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 360 - In a dilemma (1)

It was obvious that the flying dragon in the sky was only a kite, but surprisingly no one else in the crowd dared to raise his or her head up to see. The crowd was trembling with fear as they continued to kneel below. Some people were so scared they ended up peeing in their pants, and there was the stench of urine.

Ji Man disdainfully moved a few steps away. When she raised her head again, it seemed that the string on the dragon-shaped kite had broken off. The kite was starting to fall down and drifting towards the back road because of the wind direction. If the kite fell to the ground and was seen by the commonfolk, everyone would definitely spit and curse on the people that had played this hoax.

On the other side, Marquis Moyu had already stood up and was frantically chasing after it. Within the crowd, a few people abruptly jumped up and went after the drifting kite too.

The person in charge of the ceremonial music hastily ordered the musicians to perform, and oppressive, clamoring sounds from a gigantic bugle and ancient bells and cymbals began. The commonfolk, who had looked as if they wanted to get up, immediately and obediently stilled.

While keeping her body lowered, Ji Man quickly followed after those people that had left the crowd.

Ning Yuxuan had availed himself to a horse to chase after the kite. The people that had jumped out from the crowd had also prepared horses on the side. Naturally, Ji Man wouldn't be able to catch up to them with just her two legs. She looked around and saw that someone had tied a mule to a tree stump. She untied the mule, left some money on that spot, and covered the money with leaves. After that, she rode the mule as fast as possible to chase after them.

Because there was an important ceremony going on, the rest of the capital was especially quiet. Ning Yuxuan didn't dare to urge the horse to go faster by using a whip or spurs. He didn't even dare to yell and could only press against the horse's belly to chase after the drifting kite. He could hear the sound of three to four horses gaining on him. The people riding on those horses weren't his subordinates.

He didn't have time to care about anything else except the kite. He finally had a good outcome from today's ancestor veneration ceremony. He couldn't let a mere kite ruin his success.

The kite drifted from the Temple of Heaven to the northern part of the capital. Although there weren't too many people on the streets, there were still peddlers and peasant women coming and going. Ning Yuxuan saw that the kite was about to fall on top of a roof. He immediately reined in the horse to a stop and entered a teahouse by himself.

Those people who had been in hot pursuit followed him into the teahouse and quickly surrounded Ning Yuxuan and blocked him off.

There hadn't been anyone else in the teahouse, and the teahouse's shopkeeper had just been about to close up so he could attend the grand ancestor veneration ceremony too. He was quite terrified to see several people suddenly rushing into his store. The trembling and cowering shopkeeper bundled up the fragile items and went to hide in the back room.

The four pursuers didn't bother with opening remarks before launching into battle. Ning Yuxuan had pretty good martial art skills, but it was difficult for two hands to win over eight hands. He could only make use of his surrounding as he headed upstairs. There were balconies on the second floor, and it was possible to jump onto the roof if enough effort was put into it.

Ji Man was riding a mule, so by the time she had slowly made her way here, she saw Ning Yuxaun very elegantly jumping onto the roof. He was about to get a hold of the kite.

This person was really putting up quite the fight for the new emperor. Hmm, would the emperor pay him overtime wages?

Just as Ji Man was musing over these thoughts, someone pulled her off the mule. This black-robed man, who had his lower face covered, dashed into the teahouse and jumped onto the roof too while bringing her along.

"What are you doing?" As Ji Man stepped on the roof tiles, her legs were wobbling. No wonder her mother had always instructed her to not watch lively disputes.

"Didn't he harm your entire family?" the person behind her asked. To her surprise, it was Wu Yong's voice. "You weren't able to lead him into Quyi Pavilion, so now you should be trying to snatch the kite from him. Otherwise, wouldn't you be deceiving His Highness with your words of wanting revenge?"

Not have a better option, Ji Man could only say, "He obviously knew I was following him and even took the initiative of asking if I want to go to Qiyu Pavilion. You know what kind of person Marquis Moyu is, how could I still foolish say yes after he asked that question?"

Wu Yong paused. Instead of saying another word, he pushed her forward a few steps. Ji Man stumbled and knocked a loose roof tile down. The roof tile fell onto the road and attracted cries of alarm as well as cursing.

On the other side, there was a confrontation between those four people and Ning Yuxuan. Ning Yuxuan had already started to rip the kite that he was holding. What was the point in trying to keep possession of the kite? Destroying the evidence would be the best method.

It had to be said that Ning Yuxuan's decision was the correct one. Once he started to tear the kite, the people that had originally thought they had victory within their grasp started to panic. They hurriedly went forward to snatch the kite from him. Step by step, they forced him towards the edge of the roof. Wu Yong pushed Ji Man over there and called out softly, "Stop or I'll push him off."

Ning Yuxaun turned his head to the side and saw Ji Man's helpless expression. He sneered. "You brought him here to threaten me?"

Wu Yong didn't understand what Zhangjun Prince was thinking either. Ji Man was only a teacher to Marquis Moyu, but the prince had said he could use Ji Man to threaten the marquis.

If Ning Yuxuan didn't back down, was he really going to have to push Ji Man off the roof? Wu Yong felt depressed and frustrated.

Ji Man crouched down on the roof and looked at Ning Yuxuan as she said, "Hurry up and rip it up. Don't stop to talk."

Wu Yong kept his gaze on Ning Yuzuan as he raised his foot behind Ji Man. He was clearly showing that if Ning Yuxuan dared to continue ripping the kite, he would dare to push Ji Man off.

Marquis Moyu's hand paused. He helplessly sighed and took out an item from his clothes.

Everyone felt a bit nervous. What could he possibly take out that would be useful? A concealed weapon?

It was an ancient time lighter. As soon as the cap was taken off and air was blown on the inside part, the ember ignited. While everyone was momentarily stunned, Ning Yuxuan crumbled the giant kite into a ball, lit it on fire, and tossed it down.

(T/N: Below is a picture of an ancient time lighter.)

Ch 360 - ancient time lighter.png

"You!" Wu Yong was speechless with anger. The nearby people had jumped down to follow the burning ball. They wanted to save part of the kite before it was completely burnt.

Ji Man silently gave this person's quick-witted resourcefulness a mental like. A moment later, Ning Yuxuan was rushing over here.

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