The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 343

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 343 - A special task (2)

Bringing the small bag with her, the servant girl passed through the garden on her way to Liu Hanyun's courtyard.

Liu Hanyun looked at the concentric knot waist accessory and the concentric knot ring. She pursed her lips and said, "What's special about this? Isn't Teacher Ji going to get married soon? Perhaps, these are just love tokens that he's exchange with his fiancée."

Wen Wan was sitting by the side. She frowned and said, "What family would use such cheap items as engagement tokens? They're totally lacking in value. This servant has also investigated. Teacher Ji is marrying Assistant Minister Zhu's daughter. There was even a commotion in the western courtyard because of her. It's exactly because of this that this servant finds him despicable. He's a man that's about to get married, but he still go around and seduces our lord."

Liu Hanyun handed the items back to the servant girl and gestured for her to put those items back. Then, she turned and disdainfully smiled as she said to Wen Wan, "There aren’t many people left in this household. I though the rest of my days could go by peacefully. But now, this man has appeared."

"He should move out of the estate once he gets married, so there shouldn't be any danger after that." Wen Wan wrung her handkerchief. "This servant is just unhappy that his wedding day is still fairly far away. What if he steals away the marquis's soul during this time?"

If the other person was a woman, then at least they could just compete for favor as usual. But, if the other party was a man, how could they compete with him?

However, Wen Wan was very good at comforting herself. Perhaps, the marquis was just feeling impulsive last night and not gay. After all, she had been with him for so long and hadn't seen any indications of this preference before. Perhaps, the moonlight had just been too beautiful, so he had briefly lost his senses.

That master already had her here. It couldn't be that her master had sent someone over here to compete with her for the marquis favor as a way to test her ability, right? Perhaps, Teacher Ji was just using a special method in order to accomplish something?


After finishing Haohao's lessons for the day, Ji Man left the estate. She decided that it would be best if she finished buying the bridal gifts anyways. Although Ning Yuxuan had said he would help Miss Zhu, she had a premonition that his help wouldn't be very dependable. It would better if she prepared for the worst. That way, if this marriage didn't work out, she could just take everything back.

However, she had only taken a few steps on the street when a carriage stopped by her side. The carriage's curtain was slightly lifted up, and Wu Yong quietly called out, "Brother Ji."

After a pause, Ji Man very naturally boarded the carriage.

Of course, Zhao Zhe was also in the carriage. There wasn't much affection in his expression as he smiled at her and said, "Teacher Ji, you seem to be living well lately."

Ji Man very properly saluted him with her hands placed over each other and head bowed low. "This one has tried to not disappoint His Highness's great expectations."

Zhao Zhe didn't say she could come out of her salute. Instead, he asked her, "I heard that you're getting married and planning on leaving Marquis Moyu's estate?"

Ji Man shook her head. "This one has already thoroughly considered everything. Even if this one gets married, this one will continue to stay in the marquis's estate."

"That's good then." Zhao Zhe nodded. "You seem to have gotten very close with Marquis Moyu. Rather than handing this task to someone else, it would be better to just assign it you."

Ji Man knew there had to be something. Why else would he suddenly come looking for her? She lowered her eyes and said, "Your Highness, please issue your order."

"Once the road to Zhangjun is completed, a tariff for iron ore will be imposed on Zhangjun for military use. Did you know about this?"

Ji Man nodded. Everything had its advantages and disadvantages. A price naturally had to be paid for Zhangjun gaining a benefit of having a road that went straight to the capital. Other than rice, Zhangjun was also rich in iron ore. Because of this abundance, Zhangjun's army was equipped with especially good swords and armor.

"What can this one do?"

Zhao Zhe deeply looked at her as he said, "I need you to seal Marquis Moyu's signature seal so that I can alter a few details on the official order."

The corners of Ji Man's lips twitched. Did this great lord think she was a mystical thief or a secret service agent? Marquis Moyu was a very guarded person. His seal was probably hidden away somewhere. With his current status as a teacher, it wouldn't even be good for him to stay in the marquis's room for long. How was she supposed to steal it?

"You don't have to worry. When the time comes, someone will assist you. It's okay if you fail at getting the item. It's more important to keep yourself safe." Zhao Zhe waved his hand. His expression showed that he wasn't at all optimistic about her chances of success.

"This one understands."

Each advisor had his or her unique value. Her extra values were that she had a murky connection with certain people as well as her ability to accurately judge a person's motive. She knew what Zhao Zhe wanted and what each of his actions meant, so she could help him a bit. This was why Zhao Zhe allowed her to stay.

Although this task was very difficult, she still had to figure out a way to complete it.

Ji Man calmly disembarked from the carriage and finished the purchases she had planned, then she returned to the marquis's estate.

Ning Yuxuan hadn't returned yet. When he wasn't home, there would be people watching over his study and bedroom, so there was no way for her to get close.

Just as Ji Man was feeling a bit despondent, the helper that Zhao Zhe had mentioned earlier arrived.

"Teacher Ji." Wen Wan smiled as she saluted. "Wan-er heard that the teacher is getting married and didn't have time to congratulate you until now."

"Thank you." Ji Man saluted with her hands.

Wen Wan carefully looked at Teacher Ji's face. His pale face wasn't even rosy at the cheeks. This somewhat sickly-looking scholar, how could his looks possible compared to her beauty?

"Teacher Ji, you were probably informed about that task while you were out." Wen Wan insincerely smiled and said, "Once the marquis comes home, Wan-er will need Teacher Ji to cooperate with me."

"What's your plan?" Ji Man looked at her. She felt that Wen Wan wouldn't be very dependable.

"Once the marquis comes home, Wan-er will lead him out of the study. Teacher Ji, you can then take the opportunity to go take that item. What do you think?" Wen Wan asked.

Do you think I'm an idiot? Ji Man inwardly sneered. What if Wen Wan didn't keep the marquis's attention on herself? Wouldn't she be the one deemed guilty if Marquis Moyu happened to turn around?

But, after thinking it over, Ji Man actually said, "Good idea, let's do that then."

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