The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 334

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 334 - A husband-to-be? (1)

Zhu Yurun giggled. Her eyes curved into crescents, and she even licked her lips. After swallowing the saliva in her mouth, she said, "He looks really, really attractive. He looks the best when he’s wearing a robe embroidered with green bamboo. When he smiles, even the rain will want to stop. He has beautiful eyes, a beautiful nose, and beautiful lips."

Ji Man had been preparing to picture this person in her head, but hearing the last part of that description, her lips twitched. "What does beautiful eyes, nose, and lips mean? Beautiful in what way?"

Zhu Yurun’s hands were cupped around her face, and her eyes were glimmering. "Just really good-looking. I can't describe it well either."

Ji Man, "..."

"But, unfortunately, he wasn’t willing to marry me. If he did, people wouldn't curse at me every day." Zhu Yurun sighed. She pouted and said, "My belly is getting bigger. I can't stay unmarried. It's perfect that you're impotent. Maybe, he'll think things through one day and want to marry me. That's why I want to save my body for him!"

Even if other people thought she was impotent, once this Miss Zhu married her, who would be willing to marry a divorced woman? If the other party wasn't even willing to marry a woman that he had gotten pregnant, then it was even more impossible that he would be willing to marry divorced woman. What kind of heartless man did Zhu Yurun meet?

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"At the very least, your father is an assistant minister. Why didn't your father find that man and force him to take responsibility?"

Zhu Yurun smiled. She looked around and said with a blushing face, "I don't know his name or where he lives."

Ji Man was struck dumb. She looked at Miss Zhu's belly. "Then, that?"

"I went traveling with my older brother half a year ago. When we were passing by a small town, a heavy rainstorm started and I got lost from my older brother. I walked to an inn and got a room. When I passed by the doors to another room, I saw an exceptionally handsome man. I couldn't stop myself from looking for him in the middle of the night.”

In a very calm tone, Zhu Yurun continued, "That person was so fierce too. Even thought I drugged him with aphrodisiacs, he still had the willpower to glare at me. He was probably busy the next morning so he left in a hurry and forgot to take me with him."

Ji Man's chin dropped to the ground.

So what happened was, this young lady had passed by someone's room, saw a handsome man, had a surging of lustful desire for him, decided to drugged him, and forcefully pushed him down onto the bed?

So unbelievably wild and barbaric. Who would dare take you with him?!

Ji Man rubbed her face and nervously laughed. "Since you met him while traveling, then it naturally wouldn't be easy to find him. But, Miss Zhu, this one is staying at Marquis Moyu's estate and doesn't have a home of my own. If you marry this one, it would be wronging yourself. Moreover... It would be really inconvenient for me to take a wife."

"That's fine!" Zhu Yurun open-mindedly waved her hand. "I won't look down on you for being impotent. I just want to marry someone so that my baby will have a father.  I'm okay with getting cursed at, but it would be so miserable for the baby if it gets cursed at too as soon as its born."

Ji Man stayed silent. She still felt a bit guilty over the idea of marrying a woman...

"Oh right, my dad said that your family has a rice store." Zhu Yurun narrowed her eyes as she looked at Ji Man and said, "As long as you're willing to be my baby's father, my father will give you many benefits. No matter what path you want to take, my father can you help you. You won't suffer any losses by marrying me."

Ji Man's eyes brightened.

Honestly, while it was true that she felt sympathetic towards Miss Zhu, her status wasn't really suitable for discussing marriage with someone. Still, if she was given the proper motivation, she was willing to take this risk out of desperation.

After contemplating for a while, Ji Man said, "Then, how about we make a contract? I can marry you, but I can't be with you forever. If you find your baby's biological father, we can get divorced at that time. If you never find him, you can keep your status as my wife, but we'll live separate lives. I can't promise that I won't suddenly disappear one day..."

Laughing as she shook her head, Miss Zhu interrupted her, "You're overthinking things! I'm not planning on trapping you for a lifetime. Once the baby is born and reaches its first birthday, I just want you give it a name. After that, we can get divorced."

Ji Man suddenly thought; it was so unreasonable that no one wanted such a fair and sensible woman.

"Since we're going to married, let me go back and inform the marquis," Ji Man said, "Since I have to teach the heir, it won't be convenient for me to live too far, this one will see if there's any houses near the marquis's estate."

"You agree then?" Zhu Yurun's eyes brightened. She happily clapped her hands and said, "Then, I'll go back and discuss with my dad what my dowry will be. I definitely won't treat you badly!"

Ji Man's mood was complicated. This was her first time being a groom, and she felt somewhat nervous. After nodding her head, she got off the boat to return to the marquis's estate.

She had known that if she wanted to get what she wanted, she would to pay some sort of price, but she hadn't expected that it would be selling herself into a marriage. Ji Man didn't know what she should be feeling right now. Fortunately, although Miss Zhu seemed a bit weird, she was still a pretty cute person. Ji Man decided that she would just treat this agreement as mutually helping each other out.


After returning to the marquis's estate and playing with Haohao for a while, Ji Man asked a servant girl, "Where's the marquis?"

"The marquis went to Linghan Courtyard a while ago. This servant isn't sure if he's still there now," the servant girl answered.

Ji Man nodded. Looking back at Haohao, who was watching her with his eyes wide open, she couldn't bear to put him down. And so, she held him in her arms as she headed over to Linghan Courtyard.

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