The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 304

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 304 – Treasure what you have (1)

When she had first supported Liu Hanyun up into the position of honored concubine, she did it in hopes of having a backup. Since the marquis protected Liu Hanyun and Liu Hanyun would feel grateful for her favor, then Liu Hanyun would be inclined to plead on her behalf if she encountered trouble later.

But, after Liu Hanyun had a child, her previous temperament in not competing and being content with her lot had changed, and she started to have conflict with Xia-shi.

Ji Man had a headache just thinking about this, but she still had go over there and resolve this issue.

Today had been a cold day, and Liu Hanyun had fallen into the garden's pond. When Ji Man arrived, Liu Hanyun's face was deathly pale. She was shivering underneath the quilt that was wrapped around her.

Looking bewildered, Xia-shi was holding Haohao and standing at the side. She kept mumbling, "It wasn't me."

The doctor withdrew his hand and said, "Mistress Yun suffered a fright, followed by a chill. Cook ginger soup for her to drink first before preparing her herbal medicine.”

Ji Man turned her head and ordered Dengxin to carry out the doctor's orders. Then, she somewhat sympathetically looked at Liu Hanyun.

With chattering teeth, Liu Hanyun glared at Xia-shi and said, "Madam, she's determined to kill me. She deliberately pushed me into the water. Madam, do you believe me or not?"

Xia-shi hastily shook her head. "I was holding Haohao. Why would I go push her? She was the one that insisted on walking forward, squeezing herself onto the bridge, and falling into the water because she wasn't careful enough."

Ji Man rubbed her temples. "Could the two of you just stopping bumping into each other?"

Xia-shi innocently said, "I was just taking Haohao out on a stroll."

Standing at the side, Muyu said with dissatisfaction, "My master didn't push her. It's more likely that she wanted to push my master, but wasn't strong enough and ended up falling down herself."

Liu Hanyun's pale face became even paler. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

Once again, Haohao was involved. Ji Man didn't know how handle this matter. She wanted to protect Liu Hanyun, but Liu Hanyun had repeatedly been too blatant with her attempts. Ning Yuxuan wasn't an idiot. If this matter was to be fairly resolved, there wouldn't be a good outcome for Xia-shi either.

While she was hesitating on what to do next, Wen Wan had already dragged Ning Yuxuan over.

Pulling Ning Yuxuan by the hand, Wen Wan clicked her tongue and said, "I heard that something happened to Mistress Yun again. Day after day, there's no peace."

Ning Yuxuan walked into the room, sat down by the bed, and looked at Liu Hanyun. Frowning, he said, "Why do you look like this?"

Liu Hanyun opened her eyes. A glimmer of light reappeared in her eyes. "My lord."

"En, I'm here." Marquis Moyu held her hand, pursed his lips, and said, "You need to be more careful."

Somewhat stirred up, Liu Hanyun asked with trembling lips, "My lord, do you believe in Hanyun?"

Ning Yuxuan paused. He glanced at the nearby Xia-shi, then said, "You don't need to think so much. You should focus on getting better first."

Clenching her jaw and still holding Haohao, Xia-shi knelt down. "Since my lord is here too, I'll say it as it is. My lord, please have Mistress Yun let me and Haohao off. Haohao is so young, and I don't know anything, so I can't protect him well either. If something bad happens, then I'll have let down my lord."

Haohao opened his eyes and innocently looked around.

Ning Yuxuan was silent for a long time before he sighed and turned around to look at Liu Hanyun as he said, "Yun-er, the thing that I promised you won't change.

Marquis Moyu gently tucked a wisp of her hair behind her ear and said, "I shouldn't have let you get engulfed into this mess. Let's go back to before. Staying safely at the edges is the best for you. It's not easy for you to take care of Xi-er. How about I have the other estate tidied up? And you can go there with Xi-er and live there without worries?"

Liu Hanyun was stunned.

With her eyes widened in alarm, Liu Hanyun was somewhat unwilling to accept this. "My lord... why do you believe in her so much? She's the one that's stirring up trouble. Why do I have to be the one that leaves?"

Because Xia-shi's child was the heir. It wouldn't make sense for the heir to go to the other estate and grow up there, right? Ji Man lightly sighed. Liu Hanyun had saved Marquis Moyu's life once, but saving his life couldn't compete with the affection that he felt for his child. Ning Yuxuan cared more about keeping and protecting Haohao.

"Once Xi-er is a bit older, I'll bring the two of you back." Marquis Moyu's gaze was very gentle he stroked her face and said in a low voice, "I'm not doing this to punish you. It's so that you and Xi-er will be able live without worries."

Minding only her own business, Xia-shi got up and dusted off her knees with one hand, then she quietly stood to the side while holding Haohao.

Liu Hanyun blankly looked at Marquis Moyu for a long time, then she suddenly laughed. Everyone else in the room was at loss from her reaction. Clutching the quilt, she laughed so hard that tears came out. "This servant had always thought that the marquis and Madam were clever people that could see through everything and would have never expected that the two of you would be deceived by a peasant. Fine, whatever. Xi-er and I will be able to live more comfortably in the other estate anyways."

After saying this, she pushed away the quilt, stood up, and heavily kowtowed Nie Sangyu and Ning Yuxuan. "My lord, Madam, Hanyun thanks you."

Ji Man felt her heart slightly dropping. After looking at Hanyun for a while, she still chose to close her eyes.

It wasn't like the other estate was in a faraway place. Hanyun could still be easily brought back to here. And, it was good that she and Xia-shi could be separated.

Standing by the side, Wen Wan smiled. There was a gloating look in her eyes.


As they were leaving Linghan Courtyard, Xia-shi looked around before asking Muyu, "What kind of place is the other estate?"

Muyu said with a smile, "It's an estate that's outside the capital. The marquis basically never goes there. It's worse than being sent to the confinement courtyard. If Young Master Xi-er grows up there, the marquis naturally won't end up having any affection for him."

Xia-shi nodded in understanding. As they walked back to Cailian Courtyard, she coaxed Haohao with a gentle voice as she held him in her arms.


Translator Ramblings:  I wrote a spoiler about Ning Yuxuan’s words and promise to Liu Hanyun in the comments below.

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