The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 297

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 297 – Buying insurance (2)

Miss Shui had brought along this tea set when she dropped off the account books last month. The rouge store's business was getting better and better, and the profits were like rolling snowballs that were getting bigger too. As a result, Miss Shui had developed a slight connection with the local authorities. This tea set had passed through many hands before Miss Shui had purchased it off a wife of a government official for a high price. Miss Shui had also given that woman a VIP membership card to express her thanks for parting with the tea set.

Ji Man had Dengxin bring out this tea set as a way to tell Pengyue that she wasn't lacking in money, so the offered benefit from Pengyue naturally couldn't be money. Although Ji Man hadn't decided yet whether or not she would help Pengyue, she still wanted to establish a base for the value of this favor.

Pengyue pursed her lips and lightly smiled. "This is a really good tea."

"Your Highness, you know that Sangyu's family isn't in a good situation right now, so my words won't have much weight with Marquis Moyu." Ji Man sighed and said, "Even if Sangyu wants to help, Sangyu don't have the power to do so."

Pengyue blinked and said, "Ah Li said your words will be the most effective."

"Eh?" Ji Man's lips twitched. Didn't the second prince live a secluded life? Where did he get the information to reach this verdict? If her words had any persuasive ability, she would have already gotten Ning Yuxuan to say, "I love you" and made a clean getaway a long time ago.

Watching her, Pengyue said, "I just want older sister to try. I said that I would protect Ah Li and not let him suffer being bullied and humiliated anymore. Older sister, please help me accomplish my goal."

Alright, she was even calling her older sister. But, had this silly girl not considered the fact that Nie Sangyu’s older cousin was the third prince? If she helped out the second prince by saying good words about him to Ning Yuxuan, wouldn't there be a missing motive? Could she say that she was sympathetic towards the second prince and liked Pengyue? No, that wouldn’t make sense. She wasn't the Holy Mother.

Ji Man lowered her eyes in hesitation.

Pengyue also silently thought for a long time. Then, she gritted her teeth and unhooked the red whip that was hanging from her waist. "Older sister, if you think that Pengyue can't give you a worthwhile benefit, then how about this, I'll leave this whip with you. It'll count as Pengyue owing older sister an extremely big favor. In the future, if older sister is ever in a difficult situation, then Pengyue will definitely help you without hesitation if it's within my power."

This type of promise was what someone like Ji Man, who was scared of death and living in a place far from home, liked the most. Still, during a negotiation, she couldn't show how much she wanted this promise. Ji Man pretended to quietly consider this offer for a long time, then she pinched her thigh. In a tone of voice as if she had been put into a difficult position, she finally said, "Your Highness, since you're already shown such heartfelt sentiment, then Sangyu can only try my best."

Pengyu let out a sigh of relied. With a heart filled with joy, she said, "I'll wait for your good news."

Since she had agreed, then what should she say to Marquis Moyu? At the time that Ji Man agreed, she had already thought of an answer,

Right now, during the war period, what was the imperial court most lacking? Money.

What did she have the most of and was just piling up without any use? Money.

In summary, there was no need for her to say any extra words. She could just literally tell Ning Yuxuan Pengyue's request, then replace Pengyue's whip with a huge amount of banknotes as the grand gift.

This was the equivalent to spending her money to buy insurance, and Marquis Moyu was doing the paid work for her. Thinking about it like this, it was definitely worth it.

Ning Yuxuan was a wily old fox. He definitely wouldn't refuse this request that wouldn’t take any effort at all and would also gain him the second prince's favorable impression. Moreover, it wasn't like Ning Yuxuan was an honest and upright official that wouldn't accept bribes. He had such a large family to support. Did you think that his fiefdom and his official's salary would be enough?

Still, as the third prince's younger cousin, she couldn't tell him this matter with a happy face. She had to look extremely unwilling and helpless as she told him about this request.

Even though it wouldn't be a threat to the other princes if the second prince gained a title that would improve his living standards, she still had pay attention to any adverse changes.

After Pengyue left, Ji Man decided to talk about this matter with Ning Yuxuan and went to his study.

But, when she pushed open the doors, she saw Nie Chenyu's snow white shoulders and back.

Hearing the creaking sound from the doors, Nie Chenyu hurriedly came down from Ning Yuxuan's body and bashfully put on her clothes. She stamped her feet and said, "Older sister, why didn't you knock on the door before coming in?"

Ning Yuxuan raised his eyes and saw Sangyu. Surprisingly, his clothes weren't disheveled.

How was this her fault? Every time there was a passionate scene inside the study, the doors were never locked, and there wasn't a servant posted outside the doors to warn visitors. Ji Man rolled her eyes. Looking at Nie Chenyu's pleased expression, she indifferently said, "My lord, I have something to discuss with you."

Tugging on Ning Yuxuan's sleeve, Nie Chenyu coquettishly protested, "But younger sister's clothes are already in disarray. It's so cold outside. What if I get a cold? At the very least, we're sisters by blood. Is there really something that you can't say in front of your own sister?"

"Oh." Ji Man found a nearby seat and sat down, then she nodded her head and said, "Feel free to continue then. After the two of you are done, and you return to your courtyard, I'll discuss the matter with the marquis. After all, we're sisters by blood. Is there really something that you can't do in front of your own sister?"

Nie Chenyu choked on her words. She cautiously looked at the marquis's expression. There was a smile in his eyes.

He waved his hand and said, "You should leave first."

"My lord..." Nie Chenyu pouted in discontent.

Marquis Moyu glanced at her and said with a smile, "Go."

Nie Chenyu felt a shiver up her spine. She wrapped her cloak around herself and hatefully glared at her sister before opening the doors and leaving.

Ning Yuxuan stared at Nie Sangyu's face, but he was left feeling disappointed once again. There wasn't the slightest trace of jealousy and vexation that a woman should be feeling. Instead, she was looking at him with a fake smile as she said, "My lord, this servant came here to tell you the reason behind the princess consort’s visit.”

"En." Marquis Moyu withdrew his gaze and disinterestedly fiddled with the brush he was holding.

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