The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 290

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 290 - Other than possessing his heart, have you thought about your future? (1)

Ji Man felt a bit shocked to hear Liu Hanyun saying these words. Liu Hanyun had always been blessed with Marquis Moyu's protection. How could she also feel that men weren't reliable?

Liu Hanyun didn't notice that Nie Sangyu had been struck dumb by her words and continued to say, "Besides, Xia-shi isn't a person that's suitable to appear in public. If her child becomes the heir, she might become too heady from success."

Ji Man lowered her head and played with Xi-er for a few moments before handing him back to Liu Hanyun. "The marquis has always liked Haohao, so there's really nothing I can do to change his mind about this matter. If Xia-shi acts poorly, I'll spend more time teaching her etiquette."

Liu Hanyun didn’t say anymore about this matter. She sighed and changed the topic. "This servant heard that Madam's family had encountered a calamity."

"En," Ji Man said, "It's not a big deal. It's just that my father is getting old, so he's going back his hometown to live his golden years in comfort."

Liu Hanyun nodded and said a few more reassuring words.

Ji Man didn't linger here. After only chatting for a short while, she left Linghan Courtyard.

Walking by her side, Dengxin quietly said, "Master, a servant from Feiwan Courtyard reported that Miss Wan-er went to the study with Young Miss Yun-er."

"En." Ji Man nodded. Wen Wan was basically holding a ticking time bomb. She didn't care where this bomb would explode as long as it wasn't directed at herself. Right now, she was more concerned about Nie Qingyun and Errong. Their divorce was already a forgone conclusion, and Errong would be leaving the capital to return to Jing Province soon.

Right now, Nie Clan was undergoing a calamity, but Errong wasn't a person that longed for riches and honor. She had probably just reached a deadlock with Nie Qingyun. Neither of them was willing to clear the air, so the situation had deteriorated to the point of divorce. While it wouldn't be appropriate for her to step forward to say something, there was one person that would be very suitable.

Marquis Moyu.

During the recent past period, Ning Yuxuan hadn't been home, so she couldn't ask him then. But, Errong was his younger cousin, and Nie Qingyun was his brother-in-law. It would be completely justified for him to act as a mediator between these two.

After thinking it over, Ji Man went to a room near the study to wait and ordered Dengxin to tell her as soon as Wen Wan left the study.

Standing by the doorway of the room, Dengxin suddenly said, "Master, something seems to be wrong, ah." 

Ji Man went to the doorway to look.

Guibai came out of the study in a rarely seen flustered state and returned with a doctor. The study and this room was only separated by several steps, but Ji Man couldn't hear the sound of a baby crying.

It seemed that something had happened to Yun-er again. During the past period, Wen Wan had used Yun-er's poor health to capture Ning Yuxuan's sympathy, and Ning Yuxuan had seemed very weak against this tactic. Out of the three children, Yun-er received the lion's share of Ning Yuxuan's concern and attention.

Ji Man thought for a moment before wrapping her cloak closer and walking over to see what was going on.

Not caring that the floor was cold, Wen Wan had collapsed onto the ground. Ning Yuxuan was standing by the side with an extremely pained expression. His right hand was slightly trembling.

The doctor was currently kneeling by the cushioned couch. The swaddled bundle that had been placed on the cushioned couch was totally silent and unmoving.

Ji Man's heart jumped, then she heard the doctor say, "Her pulse has already stopped. Marquis, you should restrain your grief and accept fate..."

Struck with the pain over the loss of Yun-er, Ning Yuxuan closed his eyes.

Wen Wan seemed to have gone a bit mad. She went forward and pulled at Ning Yuxuan. "She's your daughter. How could you be so heartless? I just wanted you to hold her for a bit. Why did you push me?!"

In a hoarse voice, Marquis Moyu said, "I didn't do it deliberately. It was an accident. I wasn't paying attention."

"Wan-er has just started recovering from my serious illness. You knew that I wouldn't be able to securely hold onto Yun-er. I just wanted you to hold her, but what was the result?" Wen Wan shouted herself hoarse, "Give me back my child!" 

This show wasn't being performed realistically enough. From these words, Ji Man only understood the general gist of what had happened. Wen Wan wanted Marquis Moyu to hold the child, but for an unknown reason, Marquis Moyu had pushed her. Then, Wen Wan's grip slipped and the baby fell onto the ground.

Inside the tiny bundle, Yun-er's little face had already gradually changed colors. Ji Man pressed her lips together and suddenly thought of the legendary Empress Wu Zetian.

How daring and ruthless did a woman have to be in order to strangle her own daughter?

(T/N: Wu Zetian was a Tang Dynasty empress.  Traditional historians believed that she killed her own daughter in order to frame Empress Wang during a power struggle.)

No matter what, Ning Yuxuan was a person that knew martial arts. It was impossible that he wouldn't know how to control his strength.  As for what recently happened between Ning Yuxuan and Wen Wan, only the two of them knew the real truth.

After the wet nurse took the baby away, Wen Wan followed after her in tears and shouted for her to hand over her baby.

Even though she had predicted that Yun-er wouldn't be able to live for long, looking at the dead baby, who was so small, Ji Man still felt very bad. Ning Yuxuan's gaze had already swept over to look at her. She didn't hide her troubled feelings and lightly repeated the traditional words of comfort that the doctor had said earlier.

Looking at her eyes, Ning Yuxuan asked her an inexplicable question, "Can you help bring Yun-er back?"

Ji Man was baffled. How could she bring Yun-er back? Where would she suppose to look? The underworld?

"Never mind." Ning Yuxuan lowered his eyes and said, "I'm being muddle-headed."

"My lord, don't feel too bad," Ji Man said, "Yun-er is gone, but maybe next time, she'll return to Miss Wan-er's belly again and have a second chance at being your child."

Derisively shaking his head, Ning Yuxuan quietly said, "That won't happen."

How could he know that it won't happen? Based on how frequently he was sowing his seeds, it shouldn't be difficult for Wen Wan to get pregnant again, right?


Translator Ramblings: “Ji Man felt a bit shocked to hear Liu Hanyun saying these words. Liu Hanyun had always been blessed with Marquis Moyu's protection. How could she also feel that men weren't reliable?” I wonder what happened during the hot spring and temple trip.

I’m interpreting Ning Yuxuan’s words, “That won’t happen”, as him not letting Wen Wan get pregnant again.

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