The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 287

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 287 - Sister Complex? (2)

The change in the head of this household's attitude naturally couldn't be hidden from servants. Before Ji Man had returned to Feiwan Courtyard to carry out Marquis Moyu's order, Steward Qian had already hand over the account book to Qian Siling.

In a harem, managing the account book was the equivalent to having an empress's authority and power. If she didn't manage the account book, she wouldn't have much to do as the matriarch.

Feeling indignant on her master's behalf, Dengxin said, "Why didn't the marquis tell you why he's giving you the cold shoulder? At the very least, he should let you know what you did wrong, ah."

Ji Man shook her head. No matter how much women competed for power and status, in the end, it was men that would decide their fate. This was the root of evil that existed in ancient times.

She had to think of a way to return to modern-day!

A servant girl that worked in outer part of Feiwan Courtyard came inside to report, "Master, there’s a person from Nie Residence that requesting to see you."

Ji Man froze in surprise for a moment. She hadn't been back for long. Was there was already activity on that side?

As she hurriedly rushed over there and listened to that dependable servant girl's accounting of what was going on, Ji Man's heart felt waves of coldness.

Chen-shi wanted Qingyun to take one of Yanyun Clan's concubine-born daughters as his concubine, but Nie Qingyun had refused. Instead, he went to a brothel and stayed there for three days. At the end of day three, he brought back a courtesan with him. Chen-shi was furious. And yet, Nie Qingyun said that this courtesan was his true love.

True love, my ass! Ji Man didn't even have to guess to know that Errong must be wretchedly crying right now. At the beginning, everyone had known that this was an alliance marriage, but Errong had whole-heartedly devoted herself to Nie Qingyun. And yet, the end result was that he brought back a woman and said that this woman was his true love. Ji Man hated that high heels didn't exist in this world. Otherwise, even if Nie Qingyun was Nie Sangyu's older brother, she would still stomp down hard on his feet.

This dynasty clearly didn't have brain-dead romance novels or TV shows that promoted true love. Why did one fool after another use the excuse of true love to throw away the wife he had at home? Why couldn't you just keep the identity of your true love hidden in your heart? Saying it aloud was so hurtful.

When she arrived at Nie Residence in a mad rush, to her surprise, Nie Xiangyuan was also there. The entire family was in the great hall. Nie Qingyun and a woman that was wearing a dancer's outfit was kneeling on the ground. Ji Man raised her head and looked at Errong first.

To her surprise, Errong wasn't crying. She was just quietly standing and looking at those two kneeling people. Her expression was very calm as if she was only watching a servant saluting her.

Seeing his daughter standing in the doorway, Nie Xiangyuan gestured at her and asked, "Sangyu, why did you come back?"

Although she hadn't met Nie Sangyu's father many times, Ji Man had already formed a good impression of him. It was because his eyes were filled with affection when he looked at his children.

Ji Man politely saluted Nie Xiangyuan and Chen-shi, then she sat down on the side and said, "Sangyu heard that older brother is taking a concubine. At the very least, Sangyu had facilitated the marriage between him and Errong, so Sangyu wanted to come and see what was happening."

The kneeling woman quietly raised her head to look at the new arrival, and their gazes met.

This woman had a beautiful appearance and an alluring style. There was a light birthmark between her eyebrows, and her lips were a soft pink. When she saw Nie Sangyu, there was an astonished look in her eyes that was quickly replaced with understanding. She lowered her head and wryly laughed.

Ji Man was struck dumb. She incredulously looked at Nie Qingyun.

Although this woman's facial features weren’t similar to Nie Sangyu's, her overall figure and bearing, as well as her shallow birthmark placement were exactly the same as Nie Sangyu's. Why?

She wasn't the only one with eyes in the hall. Nie Xiangyuan and Chen-shi had already seen the similarity. Ning Errong wasn't stupid either.

Ji Man's heart suddenly felt chilled. She turned her head and looked at Errong.

No wonder Errong couldn't even bear to cry. If it was another women, she could at least ask why.  But, out of all the possible choices, why had Nie Qingyun brought back a woman that looked so similar to Nie Sangyu?

The great hall was silent. It was Nie Qingyun that broke the silence by calmly saying, "Mother wanted me to take a concubine, so I brought Geshan home. She's already pregnant with my child."

Ning Errong let out a brief, quiet laugh.

Chen-shi's expression was extremely ugly. In a low voice, she reprimanded, "I wanted you to take a concubine, not bring home a dirty creature. I selected Miss Meng for you. Why did you refuse my choice?"

Nie Xiangyuan pressed lips together. "Mind your manners when you speak."

Feeling resentful, Chen-shi turned her head and hatefully glared at Nie Sangyu.

Ji Man thought that it would have been better if she hadn't come here. It was such an awkward situation. She didn't know how to defuse it.

Did Nie Qingyun have a sister complex? Although she had seen that these two had a very good sibling relationship from Nie Sangyu's memories, there were no romantic feelings between them. Nie Qingyun had just been protecting Nie Sangyu.

"Mother, father, if the two of you won't agree, then Qingyun can have Geshan stay outside in a separate household." Nie Qingyun slightly turned his head to glance at Ning Errong, then he pursed his lips and said, "But didn’t you all insist on wanting a grandchild? My child can't be left outside to wander about in destitute state, right?"

Nie Xiangyuan's expression sunk. "It's okay that you're considering the need for the family line to continue so that there will be descendants to burn incense for our ancestors. But, Qingyun, why haven’t you considered Errong's feelings?"

Ning Errong was still smiling. She shook her head and said, "It's alright. I did this to myself. I was the one that said he could take a concubine. He'll have a descendant now. I should be feeling happy for him."

Although she said that she should be feeling happy, she couldn't stop her eyes from reddening.

Ji Man opened and closed her mouth. But, under the circumstances, she really didn't have the right to speak. She could only bitterly smile at Nie Qingyun.

He had already been protecting Nie Sangyu for so long. Why would he do something like this now?

"Have this girl stay in the other estate for now." Nie Xiangyuan glanced at his son, then he stood up and said, "Sangyu, Qingyun, come to the study with me. I have questions for the both of you."

Nie Qingyun slightly paused before getting up and replying, "Understood."

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