The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 271

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 271 - Who had flagrantly cut in? (2)

Looking at the pond, Ning Mingjie lightly said, "There's going to be a battle in Jiangdong soon. It'll be good for me to enter the battlefield unencumbered by worries or responsibilities. Matters related to marriage, let's talk about it later."

Standing by his side, Marquis Moyu pursed his lips and said, "I’ve never done anything that would harm you. This time is the same. How about listening to my advice?"

Ning Mingjie chuckled. He turned his head to the side to look at his cousin and said, "How could I not know that you've paved a path for me? The crown prince had expressed his goodwill towards me several times, and I had felt somewhat sway by it. But, on the Southern Trip, you led me to the water to save Sangyu from drowning. After that happened, it was only to be expected that I would kneel under the third prince's wings. Right now, the third prince is the most likely person to become the next crown prince. You naturally haven't done anything to harm me."

Ning Yuxuan faintly smiled. "So, you already knew."

Regarding the matter of Nie Sangyu falling into the water, he had received information in advance that the crown prince would be putting sleeping incense in everyone's rooms. It was also him that had switched out the sleeping incense in Ning Mingjie and Nie Sangyu's rooms. After Nie Sangyu fell into the water, it was him that led Ning Mingjie to save her instead of saving her himself. One aspect was that he was scheming towards pushing Ning Mingjie to the third prince's side. The second aspect was...

He didn’t know how to swim.

Of course, there was no reason to bring out these past matters to talk about. Now that Ning Mingjie could no longer whole-heartedly follow the third prince, Ning Yuxuan had to point out another path for him.

Before Ning Yuxuan could suggest affiliating with the Six Ministries, Ning Mingjie said, "There isn't much of a point in the disputes between political factions. Since there's an opportunity to go the battlefield right now, if I write a letter to the emperor to request allowing me to follow the army and go into the battle, the emperor won't refuse my request."

It was the emperor's son that had made a mistake, but as his father, he wouldn't want to punish his son. Since the emperor didn't have a good way of setting his official's heart at ease, he naturally wouldn't reject his official's request. Although it was very dangerous to go into battle, Ning Yuxuan thought; with Ning Mingjie's skills, his cousin would definitely have a better future as a general than staying as a civilian court official.

Ning Yuxuan didn't tried to persuade Ning Mingjie any further. He sighed and said, "Your romantic life has really been full of trouble and misfortune."

Ning Mingjie lightly shook his head. "It's no big deal. As long as there's people I care about by my side, that's enough."


In the end, Zhao Qian left with Consort Han, but the matter couldn’t be easily swept under the rug. Even if it had been an accident, Prince Gong wouldn't let his daughter suffer by becoming someone's concubine. He naturally demanded that she would become the third prince's princess consort.

The third prince wasn't happy about this. He was saving the position of his princess consort for someone else. How could he possibly give this position to Zhao Qian just because of one mistaken night?

As soon as he showed that he was unwilling, Prince Gong became very angry. Prince Gong went to the emperor and talked all the way from the meritorious services that happened during the founding of the nation to the previous emperor. Furthermore, Zhao Qian was his only legitimate daughter. In what way was she not suitable for the third prince?

The emperor was in a dilemma, but he was angrier with his rotten son that had done such muddled-headed thing.

The first prince used this opportunity to add fuel to the fire by saying, "Prince Gong's daughter has a lovely appearance. This mistake can also be considered as fate. Imperial father, why don't you write an imperial edict to bestow Prince Gong's daughter to the third imperial brother as his princess consort?"

Standing on the side, the third prince's complexion was ashen, but he didn't dare to say a word of refusal.


The imperial consort invited her niece to Ninglu Palace and angrily vented to her for a while. "This consort just knew that the other side wouldn't have any good intentions. They directly trapped your older cousin by tying him to Prince Gong's daughter. Such sinister hearts!"

Ji Man actually didn't know why she was so angry. At the bare minimum, Prince Gong was a first-rank prince. The third prince wasn't suffering an injustice by marrying Prince Gong's daughter!

However, she understood after hearing the imperial noble consort's following words.

"Yuzhen's princess will be coming to the capital in half a month to choose her husband. Jue-er had originally been the best candidate. Everything is ruined now. How could a stately princess from another country be willing to be his concubine? Jue-er has practically lost his chance with her."

Yuzhen was a country that bordered Great Song. The country wasn't big, but it was very wealthy. The king of Yuzhen was sending his daughter here to choose a husband because he wanted an alliance to Great Song though marriage.

Ji Man suddenly understood. No wonder Ning Yuxuan had said that the third prince's wish of becoming the crown prince would soon be fulfilled. If the third prince married the Yuzhen princess, he would be gaining the support of an entire country, and there was no way the position of the crown prince would be able to run away from him. But in the end, an unknown person had flagrantly cut in. Not only did the third prince have to marry Prince Gong's daughter, his relationship with Ning Mingjie had also been damaged.

The imperial noble consort was steaming mad. Pulling on her niece's hand, she said, "You've always been the cleverest one. When that princess comes to the capital, this consort will be responsible for arranging the women that will be keeping her company. Once that time comes, think of words to say to her that will help your older cousin. Prince Gong's daughter might be Jue-er's princess consort right now. But, who knows if something will happen to her later on. Once Jue-er wins power, he definitely wouldn't wrong the Yuzhen princess."

Ji Man nodded. It was only natural for the imperial noble consort to worry about her son. As his younger cousin, it was only to be expected that she would help him.

But, how could a stately princess be easily persuaded into becoming someone's concubine?


After returning the estate, Ning Yuxuan was focused on writing.

When Ji Man came over with tea, he quickly covered up the papers on his desk.

He said with a calm expression, "I'm probably going to be busy for a while. Take good care of the children in this household for me."


Ning Yuxuan thought for a moment before saying in a low voice, "Also, Mingjie is leaving with the army to go to Jiangdong in half a month. You can take some time out to help him with sorting out his estate too."

Did he see her an omnipotent housekeeper? Ji Man twitched her lips. "My lord, will this servant's monthly allowance be increasing?"


Translator Ramblings: When Sangyu's aunt said, "But, who knows if something will happen to her later on," that comes off as "I'm already plotting a way to get rid of her" to me. Poor Zhao Qian.

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