The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 268

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 268 - What kind of men do you like? (1)

The day for Ning Mingjie's big wedding had arrived.

Ji Man had been asked by Marquis Moyu to prepare a wedding gift several days ago. She had selected decoratively carved gold and silver bricks, eight treasures made of colored glass, and two treasures that had been bestowed by the emperor.

Since that incident of finding out that the two babies had been switched, as well as being given a green hat, Ning Yuxuan hadn't returned home for a long period of time. Ji Man was really worried that Ning Yuxuan would lose faith and confidence in women because of the great shock he had suffered. Thus, she frequently went to some high official or assistant minister's home to check up on him. While she was there, she would also deliver some snacks to him.

The high officials in the Six Ministries all thought that Nie Sangyu was a magnanimous woman that suited her role as the matriarch of the family very well. And yet, each time, Ning Yuxuan wasn't very willing to see her.

Ji Man really wanted to give him a lecture. It wasn't right to vent his anger on an innocent party. Although she had been the one that revealed truth, she hadn't been the guilty party. Why wasn't he angry with Wen Wan? The person that had done the wrong thing was still living a good life of being able to hold her child.

Still, Ning Yuxuan probably just wanted some peace and quiet. On the day of Ning Mingjie's big wedding, Ning Yuxuan still returned to the estate to pick her up.

Ji Man had specially worn a light blue, stately ceremonial outfit that was embroidered with colorful butterflies and a light green shawl. Her hair was up in a joyful twin loop hairstyle. She was wearing night pearl earrings, and her eyebrows were lightly painted. As she was coming out of estate and getting onto the carriage, as she had expected, Marquis Moyu's eyes slightly brightened when he saw her.

"Let's go. We can't be late." Ji Man approached him and held his hand to lead him forward.

Ning Yuxaun made a sound of assent and tucked a wisp of hair behind her ear.

Feeling his warm fingers, Ji Man raised her head to look, but his expression was still icy.

After they had boarded the carriage, Ning Yuxuan broke the silence by lightly saying, "The third prince will also be at Mingjie's wedding. Recently, it looks like his opportune time is about to mature, and his wish will soon be coming true soon. Perhaps, it won't take long before we go to the third prince's estate to drink wine at his wedding banquet."

Zhao Jue didn't have a princess consort yet. There was only one very favored Consort Han. Consort Han had visited the marquis's estate before, but Ji Man didn't have any strong impression of her.

Hearing that the third prince would be getting married soon, she felt that it was only normal. She was just curious whom the third prince would be marrying for Ning Yuxuan to say that the third prince's wish would be coming true soon.

The third prince's wish was to become the crown prince.

The wheels of the carriage turned and turned, but Ning Yuxuan didn't say another word. When Ji Man turned her head to the side to look at him, he didn't show any reaction either.

Nie Sangyu wanted this person to fall in love with her, and Ji Man had already done everything that she could. She managed his household and had also helped Nie Sangyu by removing her secret enemy. While Ji Man was capable of logically and clearly discussing theories of love, it would be a bit difficult to apply those theories on Ning Yuxuan and get him to fall in love with her.

When they arrived at Ning Residence's entrance, it was dusk. There were people coming and going at the entrance. It looked as if the bride would soon be here.

Ji Man followed Ning Yuxuan out of the carriage. After their gifts were handed over to the servants stationed by the entrance, she also stood by the entrance to wait for the bride to appear.

Naturally, there were many noble guests attending this wedding. After all, Ning Mingjie was marrying Prince Gong's daughter, so the wedding naturally had be very lavish to be suitable for her. Many yards of red silk had been hung on the walls that lined this street. The surrounding guests that were chatting with each other were all high officials. Ji Man only had to sweep her eyes once across the crowd to find the third prince.

Zhao Jue was wearing a light golden robe. Ji Man didn't know when it had happened, but he had already discarded his elegant mask of being unconcerned about worldly matters. Now, his face showed the candid smile of someone that had obtained power. Looking at him now, she was actually reminded of Zhao Zhe's smile when he had been the crown prince.

Speaking of Zhao Zhe, when she moved her gaze a little farther down, he was actually here too. He wasn't wearing the crown that signified the position of the crown prince and was just wearing a normal prince's robes. And yet, he was smiling very easily. While holding hands with his princess consort, he was surrounded by a group of high officials.

Although the first prince had lost the crown prince's halo, he didn't seem to be dejected or in dire straits. Although the third prince and his faction had come to Ning Mingjie's wedding, the first prince had still brought along his princess consort and his trusted aids here to celebrate.

Ji Man thought; while she was capable of playing along with Ning Yuxuan's harem and their low-level schemes, she would leave this group of people that were capable of rigorous scheming and deep foresight to Ning Yuxuan.

The group of people that had gone to pick up the bride returned. Ning Mingjie was wearing a groom's robe and sitting on top of large horse. There was a faint smile on his face. Behind him, there was a fiery red marriage sedan. The servants that surrounded the carriage were all wearing crimson clothing. Behind the marriage sedan, the train of servants that were carrying the bride's dowry seemed almost endlessly long.

Looking at this scene, Ji Man almost felt overwhelmed.

Ning Yuxuan turned his head to glance at her. He chuckled and said, "What are you thinking about?"

"This servant was thinking of this servant's dowry procession. It had seemed like it was ten miles long too," Ji Man lightly answered, "The bride in the marriage sedan is probably in the same mood as this servant had been on my wedding day."

Marquis Moyu deeply looked at her. "You still remember the past?"

Ji Man smiled and said, "This servant remembers. In return for this servant's heart-filled joy, the marquis left this servant alone on our wedding night to go to a servant girl's room. How could this servant ever forget that feeling? It was like falling off a cloud."

Ning Yuxuan quietly coughed a few times. Looking slightly awkward, he turned his head away. "I thought you had forgotten everything."

Looking at him, Ji Man said, "This servant has a very good memory and will pay back kindness ten-fold and enmity a hundred-fold."

"You're still a small-minded woman."

"En, that's my temperament. It can't be changed."

While they were having this conversation, Ning Mingjie had already dismounted from the horse, kicked open the door of the marriage sedan, and was carrying the bride. After a series of convoluted and overly elaborate wedding rituals were performed, everyone could finally enter the estate and sit down.

Translator Ramblings: “Ji Man really wanted to give him a lecture. It wasn't right to vent his anger on an innocent party.” Ji Man, are you conveniently forgetting that Muxu only became Ning Yuxuan's concubine because of your scheming?

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