The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 264

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 264 - Aren't you afraid that I'll tell on you? (1)

Marquis Moyu sneered. Fu-er was probably feeling uncomfortable being held in his arms and started crying.

Muxu felt overcome with panic. If Marquis Moyu had asked a question or said something, it would at least give her the chance to respond. But, he hadn't said anything and only sneered. His gaze seemed to be saying that he had completely seen through her lies. It made her feel as if she had nowhere to hide.

Sitting by Ning Yuxuan, Ji Man quietly drank her tea. She had only come here as a spectator. She finally understood what kind of person Muxu was. She was a person that was doing her best to climb up, but she was shortsighted and easily tricked.

Back when she was contending with Qian Lianxue, she had thought that Muxu had some amount of intelligence. At the very least, she had been able to pull off being a double agent, ah. But, after Qian Lianxue's mysterious death, it was as if Muxu had let out a sigh of relief and started scheming to improve her status in this household.

Muxu's mind was a little too simple. She thought that once Qian Lianxue died, the past would be erased and her repeated betrayals would be forgotten.

Ji Man sighed. Muxu was being too stupid and naive, ah. It was to be expected. A woman from ancient times wasn't as clever as a woman from modern times.

From the side, Wen Wan suggested a rotten idea, "My lord, if you're suspicious about this child's origin, how about mixing your blood with his to check?"

Ji Man rolled her eyes. Would someone as clever as Ning Yuxuan really accept such a stupid idea?

"Alright, that's a good idea." Marquis Moyu nodded.


Ji Man had forgotten. These people weren’t from modern-day. People in this ancient time period had no idea how DNA identification worked. They thought that if two people could mix their blood together without it clumping, it meant they were relatives.

Based on this logic, Nie Sangyu and Ning Yuxuan could also be siblings that had been separated for several years.

Wen Wan asked, "What's wrong? From your expression, it seems like you don't agree with this idea, Madam."

Ji Man nodded. "If you think that mixing blood together can determine if two people are related or not, let's try an experiment first."

"Why wouldn't it be able to determine it?" Wen Wan frowned. "Madam, haven't you read books? Since ancient times, people have used this method..."

"Just because I haven't read many books, there's no need for you to discriminate against me." Ji Man waved her hand. "We'll only know for sure if we test it out first."

Ji Man picked up her tea saucer and had Dengxin bring her a knife, then she grabbed Ning Yuxuan's hand and forcefully slashed the blade against one of Ning Yuxuan's finger.

The cut was slightly bigger than it needed to be, so it was easy for her to squeeze the blood out.

The corners of Marquis Moyu's eyes twitched. "Ow!"

Ji Man had seen so many TV shows with men being stabbed in the chest without making any sounds of pain. This was a mere cut on his finger, and he was a grown man. Did this really warrant a reaction from him? Ji Man shot a glance at him before taking out her handkerchief and wrapping his finger with it. Then, she walked to Wen Wan's side with the saucer of blood. Before Wen Wan had time to resist, she had grabbed her hand and made a cut on Wen Wan's finger too.

"Ah!!!" Wen Wan jumped up in fright. Blood fell from her finger and landed into the saucer. After staring at Nie Sangyu in shock, she flew to Marquis Moyu's side. "My lord!"

Ning Yuxuan only responded with an "en" before looking at the saucer with curiosity.

Ji Man covered the saucer with the teacup's lid and swirled it around a few times until their blood had mixed together. She put it down by Ning Yuxuan and said, "My lord, congratulation on being reunited with your long-lost younger sister."

Wen Wan froze in shock, and she cycled through a lot of complicated emotions. There was absolute silence in the room.

"My mother only gave birth to me," Ning Yuxuan lightly said.

"En." Ji Man nodded, then she slashed Guibai's finger too. His blood also didn't have any problems being mixed in. "This servant just wanted to prove that this type of blood test isn't reliable. You don't need to be relatives for your blood to be able to mix together."

Everyone was enlightened.

Clutching her injured finger, Wen Wan looked at Ning Yuxuan with tears in her eyes and said, "My lord, Madam did that deliberately. What if it ends up scarring?"

By the side, Nie Chenyu asked, "Older sister, why didn't you cut yourself?"

"I'm scared of pain," Ji Man responded with a serious expression.

Furious, Wen Wan shouted, "Who's not afraid of pain? I'm scared too!"

"It's no big deal. Just endure it for a while and the feeling will pass," Ji Man comforted.

Wen Wan, "..."

Qi Siling said, "Let's get back to the main point. Madam, you said that mixing blood doesn't work, then what kind of method will work for checking if this child is the marquis's son or not?"

"That's easy enough, " Ji Man said, "Doesn't everyone say that Xiangguo Temple has a an unusually talented monk that's skilled in medical expertise? There's definitely a difference between a premature baby and a full-term baby. A normal doctor might not be able to distinguish one from the other, but that monk should be able to, right?"

Doctor Li has said Fu-er was a premature baby. If that was true, then the timing of Fu-er's conception would match the second time that Marquis Moyu had favored Muxu. If it that was false, then Fu-er couldn't be Marquis Moyu's son.

Monk Xuwu was very famous. Even though Ji Man rarely left the estate, she had still heard rumors about him.

Ning Yuxuan's brow relaxed. He turned his head and said to Guibai, "Go and invite Great Master Xuwu."

Guibai left right after making a sound of assent.

Muxu had been kneeling with her head lowered this entire time. Her heart was extremely uneasy. Her child was a full-term baby. To conceal the true, Li Zixiu had lied and said he was a premature baby. If this was found out, what kind of excuse could she use to continue hiding the truth?

As the dread crept through her mind, it was inevitable that hatred would also begin to develop. No matter what, she had once been Nie Sangyu's servant. Why wasn't she willing to let her off for this? Was Nie Sangyu scared that Fu-er would negatively impact her future? She still had a secret of Nie Sangyu’s that she could be used against her. If she really pushed her to a point of no return...

Kneeling on the ground with Muxu, Li Zixiu's back was straight. But, feeling guilty from Nie Sangyu's prolonged scrutinizing stare, he averted his gaze and looked at the ground.

With his finger wrapped in a handkerchief, Ning Yuxuan quietly looked at the baby in his arms. Fu-er wasn't making a peep either. And so, the room continued to be utterly silent until Monk Xuwu arrived.

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