The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 261

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 261 - I'm getting married soon (2)

After scurrying back to where the banquet was being held, she bumped into Marquis Moyu. This person was still looking at her without much emotion.

He grabbed her wrist and said, "Don't wander around."

"Oh." Ji Man obediently stood by his side and started exchanging conventional greetings and other social niceties with the various people that approached them.


After returning to the estate, Ji Man ordered Steward Qian to prepare a wedding gift for Ning Mingjie. Even though it was still early, he was Ning Yuxuan's relative, so more thought should be put into this present.


Wen Wan repeated Tanxiang's words in a questioning tone with her mouth left gaping open in shock, "Young Master is getting married?"

Tanxiang nodded. "Madam is currently ordering Steward Qian to prepare a present."

Wen Wan was stunned. Her heart felt an inexplicable ache. Ning Mingjie had always treated her courteously and gently, which had made her subconsciously think that this man probably liked her. She genuinely felt a bit depressed at the news of his upcoming marriage.

Still, it really was about time for Ning Mingjie to get married. Ning Yuxuan was younger than him and already had four children, but Ning Mingjie didn't even have a main wife.

Thinking this over, Wen Wan said, "I do feel a bit guilt for using him like that last time. We should prepare a gift for him too."

Tanxiang nodded.


Let's rewind a bit.

Ji Man had punished four of Nie Chenyu's servants by sending them to the back of the estate and still hadn't given a verdict on how Xia-shi would be punished for the fight that she had with Muxu. And so, Nie Chenyu and Muxu were both feeling dissatisfied with her.

As a result, when Ji Man and Ning Yuxuan went to the palace banquet, it was inevitable that they would make Xia-shi and Hanyun suffer.

When Xia-shi went to the garden to pick some plum blossoms by herself, she got into an argument with the servant that tended the plum trees. That servant shockingly didn't show any regard for Xia-shi's status and started a fight with her. Xia-shi was a shrewish and bold person herself. Pulling on the other person's hair and grabbing the other person's clothes, the two of them were engaged in a heated struggle.

As for Liu Hanyun, Nie Chenyu's personal servant girl, Zelan, brought out all of the silk fabric and the high quality coal that had been allocated to Linghan Courtyard using gold. Since Nie Sangyu had set a precedent by allowing this last time, Steward Qian didn't know what to say.

Liu Hanyun's health had been doing poorly, and she kept coughing. Chunpi wanted to ask a doctor to come over, but Nie Chenyu had monopolized both of the doctors in the estate. She said that her stomach area wasn't feeling well and needed them to check if she was pregnant.

And so, when Ji Man and Marquis Moyu returned from the palace banquet, they saw the servant that tended to the plum blossoms covered in bruises and kneeling on the ground. Xia-shi was next to her. Xia-shi’s clothes were still disheveled, but she was showing a prideful expression of "I won that fight."

Ning Yuxuan suddenly thought; having so many women, it really was quite stressful.

In a low voice, Ji Man calmly asked, "How can a mere servant dare to fight with a master?"

Someone had clearly told this servant what to say. She put on a bold face and said, "Isn't it because this servant heard that Mistress Xia was allowed to hit Honored Concubine Zheng? She still hasn't been punished. Well, this time, Mistress Xia plucked the flowers that servant had worked so hard to grow, so why can't this servant hit her?"

She said that she had hit Xia-shi, but she was clearly the one that had been beaten by Xia-shi. Xia-shi hadn't just docilely allowed herself to be hit.

Hearing these words, Ning Yuxuan felt the start of a migraine. He said, "I've never seen a woman that likes to fight. Sangyu, did you not teach Xia-shi manners?"

She's your woman. How can you blame me? Ji Man rolled her eyes, but she still pleasantly said, "This servant feels that Xia-shi's directness is actually quite cute. It's rare to see this quality in a woman."

Ning Yuxuan looked at her. He pursed his lips and said, "It would be outrageous if propriety wasn't adhered to in this household. You can make the decision on how to rectify this issue."

"How could this servant dare to make the decision?" Ji Man scoffed. "She's practically untouchable. She's your precious person. It wouldn't be okay to scold her or say anything too harsh."

Marquis Moyu's eyes slightly brightened. He actually smiled and said, "You can deal with everyone in the estate as you like as long as there's a reasonable justification behind your actions. I won't say anything."

Ji Man raised her eyebrows. After contemplating his words, she seemed to have understood something. Right now the first prince and the third prince were busy competing for power and didn't have the free time to care about Marquis Moyu's family affairs. As a result, the value of these women had become limited. Since they stirred up trouble, it would be best to deal with them.

Then, whom should she start with?

Nie Chenyu.

Liu Hanyun was the most good-natured person in this household, but she was also the one that was being tormented the most. As soon as she turned her back, Nie Chenyu would take the opportunity to make Liu Hanyun's life miserable in some way. Unfortunately, Liu Hanyun continued to be the type of person that didn't complain when she was being treated unfairly.


Ji Man brought Dengxin with her to Luoyan Courtyard. The two doctors in the estate had both been detained here. Nie Chenyu was lying in bed, clutching her stomach, shouting that it hurt, and insisting that they keep checking her pulse to see if she was pregnant.

For lack of a better option, Ji Man said, "You probably just ate too much, so you're feeling indigestion right now. Your stomach won't hurt just from being pregnant.”

Nie Chenyu harrumphed. She curled her lip and said, "Anyways, there's nothing you want more than for me to not be pregnant."

Ji Man didn't refute her words. That was true too. If Nie Chenyu became pregnant, who knows how troublesome her life would become.

"Doctor Li, come to Linghan Courtyard with me."

Nie Chenyu sat up. Frowning, she asked, "What right do you have to say that? I requested him to come here first."

Ji Man turned her head and said with a smile, "The marquis is waiting at Linghan Courtyard. Don't you know that the marquis dislikes malicious women the most?"


Translator Ramblings: Lol, I think Ning Yuxuan is happily thinking that Ji Man is feeling jealous of Xia-shi, but Ji Man is just feeling annoyed that he's dumping his problems at her feet.

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