The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 238

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 238 - Leaving behind a net when returning the fish to the pond (1)

Enveloped in pure hatred, Danzhu looked at Nie Sangyu with redden eyes and shouted those words.

Her master had already been pitiful enough, but this woman had driven her master into becoming a divorced woman. Why couldn't she let her off?

They were still in the main courtyard, but she had dared to shout out those words. She was probably just overwhelmed by protective feelings towards her master, but Danggui didn't care how pitifully she was crying. Based on just these words, she could slap her silly. Danggui angrily said, "Outrageous! How dare you insult Madam? Do you still want to live?"

She slapped Danzhu so hard that her face turned to the side, but Danzhu went right back to hatefully glaring at Nie Sangyu.

Old Madame coughed a few times, then she angrily smashed her teacup onto the floor. "Absolutely shameful! Such a dirty mouth. Go and tear out her tongue!"

Hearing these words, the nearby servants went over and prepared to carry out Old Madame's order.

Frightened, Danzhu hurriedly controlled her emotions and kowtowed towards Old Madame. "This servant deserves to die. Old Madame, please forgive this servant. This servant didn't mean those words. It just came out in a moment of desperation..."

Ji Man stood to the side and didn't move. The servants had already immobilized Danzhu. Danggui slapped both sides of Danzhu's face and looked as if she really was going to tear out Danzhu's tongue.

Ji Man touched her own mouth and shivered. She said, "Danggui, no need for you to do this with your hands. Sangyu will take her away to be disciplined."

She wasn't being soft-hearted. If Danzhu lost her tongue, then how would she be able to speak? Even if she was going to die, it had to wait until she was done getting her answers. Gancao's autopsy report was still quietly lying inside her sleeve.

Old Madame coughed a few times. She seemed even more tired than before and needed Shouwu's support as she walked back to her bedroom.


Danzhu's eyes were filled with hate and resentment, but she could only lower her head as she was brought back to Xuesong Courtyard.

In the end, Ning Yuxuan was a person that cared about old affections. He had sent over a doctor to check on Qian Lianxue's health.

Ji Man was sitting by Qian Lianxue's bedside. She had the servants push Danzhu down into a kneeling position.

"This world really has ghosts. Do you think people that have gotten use to having a guilty conscience believes in them?" Ji Man swept her gaze across the bed to look at Qian Lianxue, who had her eyes tightly closed. Then, she looked at the ground, where Danzhu was kneeling. She chuckled and said, "Sleeping in this room, have you seen Gancao in your dreams?"

Danzhu slightly trembled. The room fell silent.

On the side, Doctor Li, who was checking Qian Lianxue's pulse, momentarily paused. The next second, he lowered his head and pretended that he hadn't heard anything.

Danzhu moved her lips and resolutely said, "Gancao died from the fire."

"Really?" Ji Man took out the autopsy report from her sleeve and slowly knelt down in front of Danzhu. "There was an injury on her head. The people from the local judicial office inferred that she was knocked unconscious and that was why she didn't come out of the burning building. Gancao has always been quick-witted. Do you think she knocked herself unconscious for no reason?

Danzhu's eyes slightly widened, and she turned her head away.

"This autopsy report only has the cause of death, but it doesn't name the assailant." Ji Man slightly smiled. She pulled Danzhu's chin to face her. Looking directly at her, she said, "Gancao had been so close to marrying the person that she loved the most, but someone killed her and caused her body to be burnt beyond recognition. Even if she waited in the underworld for him for a hundred years, he might not be able to recognize her. So, what do you think? Do you think I'll be willing to let this go?"

Danzhu kept trying to look away from her, but her voice was stubborn as she said, "This has nothing to do with this servant."

"That's fine." Ji Man was smiling as she patted Danzhu's cheek. "Do you think it's the end once the marquis writes a divorce letter? It won't be. Your master had done too many unspeakable things. I'll drag out each and every one of those things. She won't be able to escape from the law of the land."

Danzhu froze in shock, then hatred reappeared in her eyes. "Madam, why do you insist on making life difficult for Mistress Xue?"

Ji Man laughed. "Wait until she wakes up, then ask her. Why does she insist on making life difficult for me? The path is so wide. I wouldn't have minded sharing the path with her. But, she insists on shoving me off the path. I'm not a person with a good temper either."

After saying this, Ji Man stood up and looked at Qian Lianxue, who still hadn't awaken, and said, "A carriage has already been prepared and is waiting outside. Doctor Li, if you don't mind, you can come with me to Qian Residence and continue examining."

Doctor Li nodded. He stood up and tidied up his things. The stronger servant girls, who had been waiting on the side, stepped forward to carry Qian Lianxue out of the room

"Stop!" Danzhu rushed to the bedside to protect her master. She fiercely glared at those servant girls and said, "None of you are allowed to touch my master. Her body is already very weak. Why can't you just leave her alone and allow her to recuperate?"

Ji Man turned her head back and looked at her as she said, "She's being carried out, not being thrown out. Is there any point in her lolling around here? I'm already personally sending the two of you back. What more do you want?"

The other servants pulled Danzhu away and carried Qian Lainxue out of the room. Dengxin supported Ji Man, and everyone got onto the carriage.

A servant girl didn't have the right to sit in the same carriage as her master, but Danzhu insisted on watching over her master. Ji Man thought; it really was rare to have such a loyal servant.

And so, she agreed.

Danzhu continued to be on her guard as she looked at Nie Sangyu.

Ji Man didn't have any other words that she wanted to say to her. She and Qian Lianxue were probably enemies that couldn't live under the same sky. If Qian Lianxue really was the person responsible for kidnapping her child, then the chasm between the two of them was even deeper. No matter how deep the emotions were between this pair of master and servant, she still wanted pay back Qian Lianxue the pain of being separated from one's flesh and blood.

As for getting revenge for Gancao's death, she felt that Ning Mingjie had a higher right than her for demanding repayment.

The carriage was driven relatively smoothly. Lying in Danzhu's arms, Qian Lianxue still hadn't awakened. With her lips pursed, Danzhu looked at the scenery outside of the window and eventually felt there was something off. "This isn't the way to Qian Residence."

"En." Propping her chin in her palm, Ji Man lightly said, "On the way there, we're going to take a slight detour and pick someone up."

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