The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 227

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 227 – The weak and delicate person that's on our side (2)

On the way back to Feiwan Courtyard, Ji Man thought about the circumstances around Gancao's death. Although Gancao had been burned to death, there had been a bump that showed she had suffered a heavy blow to the back of her head. Ji Man didn't believe the Gancao would have been clumsy enough to knock herself unconscious and stay in the burning building. There definitely had to be a culprit that sent her to the underworld with a shove.

After Marquis Moyu brought her back to Feiwan Courtyard, he left. Recently, he always secretly came over to see her. Other than the two of them, no one else knew about his visits. Everyone thought that she had lost his favor permanently.

Ji Man put away her turbulent feelings and went over to Old Madame's courtyard.

Muxu hadn't passed the traditional one-month isolation and recuperation period yet, but Nie Chenyu had been bringing over Muxu's child over to try to improve Old Madame's mood. Indeed, Old Madame's complexion had become much healthier in the past few days, and she was also smiling more.

Really, it was the child that was the most important. After glancing at the baby that was wrapped up in swaddling clothes, Ji Man slightly closed her eyes.

Old Madame happily gestured for her to come over. "Sangyu, look at this child. Do you think he looks similar to Xuan-er?"

Ji Man walked over. It was a wrinkled, little face. His eyes and nose weren't distinct at all. How could she possible tell if he looked similar to Ning Yuxuan?

"His mouth does look similar to the marquis's." Although she thought that this child didn't look similar, it was still necessary to try to cheer up the elderly.

Old Madame joyfully laughed and placed the baby down by her bedside to tickle and tease it. As she played with the child, she said, "Last night, I discussed with Xuan-er about this child's name. Let's pick a nickname for him for now. When he's one month old, we'll choose his official name. Since his face looks so full of good fortune, let's call him Fu-er."

(T/N: Fu means good fortune.)

"Fu-er sounds good, ah. It'll guarantee that this little young master will be protected by good fortune in the future." Nie Chenyu was a sweet-talker. She turned her head to look at her sister and cutely said, "Chenyu hasn't seen older sister in such a long time. Older sister, you look even more beautiful than before."

Ji Man smiled and said, "Haven't you been spending all of your time at Qiangwei Courtyard and serving Wan-er? Make sure to be extra careful. Wan-er is in the late stages of pregnancy."

These words made it seem as if she was a real servant girl. Nie Chenyu's eyes darkened, but she kept the smile on her face. "Older sister Wan-er's pregnancy is very stable. Older sister, you don't need to worry."

Old Madame looked at them both. There was something that she wanted to say, but Qi Siling was also in the room. And so, she could only say, "It'll be good if your sisterly relationship can always be this good."

Ji Man nodded.

Nie Chenyu also nodded. But, there had been pregnancy after pregnancy announced in this household, and baby after baby would be coming out soon. Nie Chenyu still wasn't strongly favored. In the last month, Marquis Moyu hadn’t even visited her twice. She couldn't help feeling anxious.

After sitting here for a while, Nie Chenyu left. Calculating the time, it was about the hour when the marquis would be visiting Qiangwei Courtyard. Thus, she naturally had to go there too.

Qi Siling saw that Dengxin, who was standing behind Nie Sangyu, was holding the account book. She smiled and said, "This servant heard that Xuesong Courtyard's recent repairs have been very costly. Madam, did you come here to report expenses to Old Madame?"

Ji Man nodded and had Dengxin place the account book by Old Madame's hands. She lightly laughed and said, "Old Madame, although the marquis's estate is quite wealthy, it still can't support a relative like this one. Sangyu has already shown this account book to the marquis. The marquis said that I should act after I take the entire situation into consideration. So, Sangyu came here to ask Old Madame, what would be the most suitable way to handle this matter?"

At the mention of Xuesong Courtyard, Old Madame pursed her lips, looked at Qi Siling, and said, "Qi Siling, go visit Wen Wan. I have something I want to say in private with Sangyu."

Clutching her handkerchief, Qi Siling somewhat unwillingly stood up and bid farewell.

"What's the big deal about Lianxue's place?" Old Madme slightly sat up and looked at the account book. In the end, she frowned and said, "This... Have that person pay back those costs. There's no need to punish Lianxue too harshly."

"Why?" Ji Man frankly looked at Old Madame. "You're usually very fair with your rewards and punishments, but you always shield Lianxue from criticism and punishment. You even said that she wouldn't harm Sangyu. Old Madame, you also know that Gancao died in her courtyard."

Old Madame paused, then she quietly said, "Perhaps, it was an accident."

With a severe expression, Ji Man looked at Old Madame. "It wasn't an accident. There was an injury on the back of Gancao's head beneath her burnt marks. It couldn't have been an accident."

Old Madame fell silent.

Seeing the expression on Old Madame's face, Danggui and Shouwu withdrew from the room, closed the doors on their way out, and waited outside.

"Sangyu, you have to know, that in noble families, there are always people that you can't touch." Old Madame sighed and said, "I might as well be frank with you. Lianxue... Lianxue has always done work for us. She's on our side."

Ji Man found these words laughable. Her eyes slightly widened. "On our side?"

Would someone on her side kill her servant? Would someone on her side take part in a scheme that led to the disappearance of her baby?

"She has always followed the orders of the third prince and the imperial noble consort. The imperial noble consort has stressed the importance of Lianxue to me," Old Madame said, "That's why I've always said that Lianxue wouldn't harm you. If anything seems wrong, it has to be a misunderstanding."

Hearing these words, Ji Man laughed. She laughed for a very long time. At the end, she flattened her lips and said, "Old Madame, Sangyu believes in her eyes and ears the most. If she's really on our side, then Sangyu will remind Old Madame one thing, this person can't be trusted. Please also convey this message to my aunt and cousin."

Old Madame was slightly stunned. She had been sick in her room for a long time and naturally didn't know what was happening outside.

"Old Madame, if you don't believe Sangyu, then just wait and see. I took something from her. If she's really on our side, then there's no need for her to panic-stricken. She can just directly ask me for that item back. If she's not on our side, then she'll definitely harm me."

Ji Man already had a premonition. If that letter really contained a disastrous secret, then Qian Lianxue would definitely make the decision to harm her.

Ji Man returned to her expression to normal. "Tomorrow is a market day. Sangyu wants to go out and walk around. Old Madame, is there any trinket that you want Sangyu to bring back for you?"

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