The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 221

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 221 – I know what you did (2)

“Who know what you were thinking?” Qi Siling lightly laughed. “Perhaps, you just couldn’t stand watching how much the marquis favored Mistress Xue. Either way, there’s conclusive proof of your wrongdoing. Do you think the truth will change if you try quibbling?”

“Enough,” Ning Yuxuan interrupted her and indifferently waved his hand. “Send her away.”

By his side, Guibai made a sound of assent, ordered more servants to come into the room, and they started dragging Jinse outside.

“Marquis! Mistress Xue! Madam!” In the end, Jinse called out to these three people. Her voice was coming from farther and father way. Very quickly, her voice couldn’t be heard anymore.

When people were in a desperate state, they would usually shout out for people that could save them. Ji Man stroked her chin. It made sense that she would call out for the marquis as well as herself. But, why would she call out for Qian Lianxue too? Qian Lianxue had fallen unconscious because of Jinse’s snacks. Why did Jinse thinking Qian Lianxue would save her?

Even though Ji Man couldn’t figure that part out. She felt that Marquis Moyu had handled this matter too breezily. No matter what, Jinse had once been pregnant with his child. Now, she was being sent out of the estate without any further consideration.

There wasn’t any expression on Ning Yuxuan. When Guibai returned to report that there was still something that needed the marquis’s attention in the study, Ning Yuxuan left. As Ning Yuxuan left the room, he glanced at Nie Sangyu and quietly said, “Take care of Xue-er.”

Ji Man nodded. It was only at this moment that everyone else noticed her presence. She didn’t stand up to salute him, just nodded her head to send her regards.

“Gancao, stay behind to take care of Honored Concubine Xue. Everyone else, it’s about time for dinner. Go back to your respective courtyards,” Ji Man said.

Wen Wan stood up, made a sound of assent, and was the first person to leave. Qi Siling also followed after her in departing. Muxu was the only one that looked at Nie Sangyu and seemed somewhat hesitant in leaving.

Ji Man asked, “What’s wrong?”

Muxu quickly shook her head, came forward to help her stand, and said, “This servant will go back with you, okay?”

Since Gancao was staying behind, Ji Man agreed to Muxu’s request and walked out of the room with Muxu supporting her by the arm.

As they were walking, Ji Man looked at Muxu’s shifty gaze and suddenly thought of an online game. Feeling interested, Ji Man brightly smiled at her and said, “I know what you did.”

Muxu’s hand stiffened. She blankly raised her head to look at her.

Ji Man inwardly laughed, but showed an outwardly all-knowing smile. “You know how skillful I am. If you still want to stand on my side, tell me the truth now.”

Muxu couldn’t maintain her composure anymore. Her face was deathly pale, and her lips were trembling. She almost fell down to kneel.

Ji Man’s heart turned cold, and her smile disappeared. People in ancient times really couldn’t withstand fear tactics. As soon as they were scared, they would spill out all of their secrets. No wonder there were people that like to pretend to be ghosts to scare other people.

“This servant hasn’t betrayed you!” Muxu said, “This servant only went to Xuesong Courtyard in the past two days for master.”

Xuesong Courtyard? Ji Man looked at her. Of course Muxu went running to Xuesong Courtyard as soon as she wasn’t paying attention to her.

Ji Man took her arm back and looked at her as she asked, “What do you mean it was for me?”

Muxu composed herself, moved a little bit closer, and quietly said, “Master, don’t you find it strange that the people waiting in the outer room while you were giving birth had all fallen asleep?”

What was strange about that? Someone had wanted to steal her child. Of course, they would use drugs to make everyone fall unconscious first. Ji Man slightly clenched her hand. At the mention of this topic, her voice wasn’t as steady anymore. “What do you know?”

Muxu clutched her handkerchief. Her gaze was somewhat shifty as she said, “This servant doesn’t know anything either. This servant is just guessing after hearing that Mistress Xue had Danzhu lit incense in the back. Later, everyone fell asleep. This servant thinks… there was something wrong with that incense.”

Ji Man’s smile was insincere as she contemplated these words for a while. Looking at Muxu, she said, “Where did you hear that it was Mistress Xue’s incense? I remembered that when I was giving birth, they said the odor of blood was too strong and told everyone that was pregnant to leave first.”

Muxu paused. “This servant overheard…”

Ji Man sneered. “Don’t you know that I’m a person that’s seen too many plays? Do you think your paltry acting skills is enough? All your thoughts are practically written on your face.”

Shocked, Muxu took a step a back and covered her face. Feeling confused, she looked at Nie Sangyu.

Right now, Muxu looked like a small white rabbit that had been startled. Unfortunately, her intelligence was too low. She had wanted to benefit from both sides, but Ji Man had easily seen through her scheme.

“You wanted to tell me that there’s something wrong with Honored Concubine Xue as a way of proving that there’s nothing between you two, in order to obtain my trust, right?” Ji Man chuckled. She stretched her foot out and lightly nudged Muxu’s trembling leg. Like a bullying ruffian, she said, “Then, stop shaking. How can you expect me to believe you when you’re looking so guilty?”

Muxu was so frightened that she took several steps back. But, for every step that she retreated, Ji Man would also move one step forward. Her chubby face looked quite cute as she said, “Go on, tell me more. There was something wrong with Honored Concubine Xue’s incense. What happened next? Where did she take my child?”

“That… this servant doesn’t know…” Muxu shook her head. “Didn’t Mistress Xue make herself fall unconscious too?”

Her acting had to look realistic if she didn’t want people to suspect her. Ji Man sneered. Her intuition wasn’t wrong. There was something off about Qian Lianxue. But, how could she pursue this matter? Qian Lianxue had always behaved like a good person in this household, and was a hundred times better at being a Holy Mother than Wen Wan. She hadn’t left behind any evidence of wrongdoings either.

In the eyes of other people, Muxu was loyal to her, so it would be useless to use Muxu’s words as viable proof. Perhaps, other people might even accuse her of slandering Qian Lianxue.

Still, if Qian Lianxue didn’t have anything to do with her missing child, then she wouldn’t care about her other schemes. But, if Qian Lianxue really was the one that took her child, then, at the very least, she would tear off a layer of her skin in retaliation.


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