The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 217

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 217 – If you harm her once, she would pay you back a hundredfold (2)

How laughably ridiculously. When she had been watching that episode of “Teenager Bao Qingtian”, she had laughed at the foolish people in ancient times. How could they believe a human could give birth to a cat? But now, she was experiencing for herself that public opinion could destroy a person and obscure the actual truth. It left her without even the power of refuting these false rumors.

(T/N: Bao Qingtian is the fictional nickname of Bao Zhen, a Northern Song official that was famous for his honesty.)

Weren’t secondary female characters supposed to have a smoothly sailing life and always be a little bit higher than the female lead? This way they would be able to easily harm the female lead. Why was her life so miserable? Why had she been harmed more often than the female lead?

Was it because she was too softhearted? She had always followed the policy that she wouldn’t hurt someone else if they hadn’t hurt her first. But, if she waited until someone harmed her first, then she would have already lost something valuable. Why not be more cold-hearted and protect the stuff she cared about more securely?

Original translation is from fuyuneko dot org. If you’re reading this elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.Chen-shi coldly said, “I’m only sitting here because her last name is Nie. If her mother was still alive, she would feel so humiliated. At the very least, I never gave birth to a toddy kitten. Have you heard what people are saying about her? What’s wrong with me saying a few words too? Wouldn’t she hear the same type of thing if she went outside?”

After sleeping for two days, Ji Man had recovered most of her energy. She ignored Chen-shi’s words while she waited for Errong to bring the chicken soup. Once Errong came back, Ji Man started drinking the soup without needing anyone to urge her.

Later, after the imperial physician came by with his instructions for post-pregnancy care, she diligently followed them.

Gancao and Dengxin had thought their master would be sad for a long time. Perhaps, she might not even be able to recover from this.

However, Ji Man very accommodatingly ate all the food and medicine that she was suppose to. It was only after everything was done that she allowed herself to sit on the bed and blankly stare into space.

No one needed to worry about her physical health, but as for her mental state… Still, no one dare to say anything. Errong came over to keep her company every day, and she seemed to be less depressed.

The month after giving birth was a woman’s most difficult period, much less someone with Ji Man’s situation. Her baby was gone and Ning Yuxuan hadn’t come to visit her after the first time. Every day, she would hear from the servants that Old Madame was seriously ill, but Ji Man wasn’t strong enough to leave her bed to visit her.

Half a month later after the toddy kitten incident, people gradually stopped gossiping about Nie Sangyu. It was because Marquis Moyu had written a letter to the emperor that said a thief harboring evil thoughts had switched out his child with a toddy kitten for malicious reasons. The emperor went along with his explanation and ordered the Ministry of Justice to investigate this matter and find Marquis Moyu’s lost child.

The speculation that Nie Sangyu was a demoness had also been endlessly gossiped about in the marquis’s household, but it gradually stopped after countless monks had confirmed otherwise.

However, it was inevitable that Nie Sangyu would fall out of favor. Only people from Nie Clan came over to keep her company. Even though Nie Sangyu had fallen sick during this period, Ning Yuxuan hadn’t taken a step towards Feiwan Courtyard.

Wen Wan, who was furthest along in her pregnancy, regained Marquis Moyu’s favor. Even though she remained a servant in name, she was Qiangwei Courtyard’s master. The clothes that she wore and the food that she ate wasn’t any different than what a main wife would have. There were a few people in the household that silently muttered their dissent, but Old Madame was seriously ill and Marquis Moyu was biased in favor of Wen Wan. Thus, no one could say anything, and nothing came from their silent grumbling.

The crown princess sent Wen Wan many gifts and told her to properly take care of her health. Once again, Steward Qian became very attentive and accommodating to Wen Wan and anything that she wanted for Qiangwei Courtyard. Wen Wan regained the female lead halo that she had lost. The prior resentment over the things that she couldn’t have faded away. The female lead’s petty attitude also reverted back to her Holy Mother persona. Everyday, she would walk around with her angel wings fluttering behind her. Today, she would visit Muxu. The next day, she would try to visit Liu Hanyun.

Liu Hanyun and Muxu’s bellies had also grown quite big. However, after Nie Sangyu’s disaster, she locked herself in her courtyard and wouldn’t see anyone. The marquis had granted her this privilege and also ordered everyone to not bother her. In contrast, Muxu became livelier. From time to time, she would even bring her pregnant body over to Jinse’s courtyard to show off. Her days were pretty comfortable.


By the time that Ji Man was almost done with her one-month resting period, she had gained quite a bit of weight. Not even a trace of Nie Sangyu’s previous figure that had appeared as if it could be blown away by a gust of wind could be seen. Ji Man could even feel a double chin when she touched her face.

Gancao and Dengxin had put away all of the mirrors in the courtyard. They were worried that if their master saw her current appear ace, she would feel distressed.

However, Ji Man had already come to terms with things. She had even brought that toddy kitten inside to raise. Looking after it every day, it could be considered a way of raising her spirits.


When Wen Wan delicately walked over to Feiwan Courtyard like a lotus fairy immortal, her jaw almost dropped when she saw Nie Sangyu. She covered her mouth with a mirror that she specially brought over and said, “Madam, how did you become like this?”

The happily smiling person in the mirror was white and plump. She looked a bit like Maitreya (the future Buddha).

Cheerfully smiling, Ji Man said, “I won’t be able to repay everyone for their wonderful kindness and grace if I don’t recuperate my health first. Don’t you agree, Miss Wan-er?”

Wen Wan was scared by the look in her eyes and retreated a step. She pursed her lips and quietly said, “With the way you’re looking now, can you still expect that Yuxuan will want to look at you?”

“I don’t.” Ji Man shook her head. With her current appearance, no matter who was looking at her, they would only feel that she was no longer a threat.

Wen Wan sighed a few times. Then, she brought over a bowl of medicinal soup and gently said, “Don’t take things too hard. It’s more important to live your life well.”

Ji Man burst out into laughter. She used a handkerchief to wipe the tears from her eyes. “Thank you for the advice.”

She just wanted to live her life well too. But, who was willing to give her that chance? Since there were people that wanted her to be miserable, no one in this household would be safe from her wrath! Today, she would swear to the heavens; if you harm her once, she would pay you back a hundredfold!

A debt of blood must be paid in blood!


Translator Ramblings: For a while I wondered if this weight gain had been a calculated move by Ji Man to get people to lower their guard against her.

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