The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 212

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 212 – The last night of summer (1)

A deeply adoring gaze? Ning Yuxuan chuckled and glanced at Nie Sangyu.

He hadn’t seen that look in someone’s eyes in a long time. Once upon a time, he had seen that look. It was from the woman that he used to despise the most. She had looked at him with incomparable longing, an almost crazy look. Her eyes only reflected his image.

At that time, he had despised Nie Sangyu’s rude and unreasonable behavior, her pettiness. He would have liked nothing more than writing a divorce letter and sending her far away. He had thought there was no reason to cherish that look of hers.

But now, he felt somewhat envious of Mingjie.

It had been too long since someone had looked at him with that clean and purely adoring gaze that Gancao looked at Mingjie with.

Ning Yuxuan lifted his hands out to look. He felt as if he had lost something without noticing at the time. He used to think that her love wasn’t valuable, but now he knew that it had been a priceless treasure.

Ning Mingjie’s explanation didn’t win over Old Madame. However, it wouldn’t be reasonable for her to say anything more since he was so insistent on asking for Gancao and Sangyu hadn’t refused. After all, this matter was between the youngsters.

“It’s fine if you want Gancao, but Sangyu is in the later stage of her pregnancy and needs personal servants to attend to her. If you really want Gancao, how about waiting until Sangyu gives birth, then I’ll give Gancao to you then?”

Ning Mingjie nodded. Holding that handkerchief in his hand, he stood up and said, “Aright, then it’s settled. It’s not early anymore, so Mingjie will leave first. Old Madame, Mingjie will come back on another day to visit.”

“Alright.” Old Madame nodded.


Ji Man took Gancao with her as she went back to Feiwan Courtyard, but Ning Yuxuan followed after them. And so, she didn’t have the chance to ask Gancao any questions yet.

“Nie Sangyu,” he lightly spoke these words, but he included her last name too.

Ji Man froze for a moment, then she walked to his side. “My lord, do you have any orders?”

Ning Yuxuan raised his head to look at her. He pursed his lips and said, “Tell me the truth. Did you embroider that handkerchief?”

Nie Sangyu’s embroidery skills were very high-level and that handkerchief had been exquisitely made. It really seemed more like something that would have been made by her hands.

Ji Man said with a smile, “Does it matter who embroidered that handkerchief? This servant is willing to swear that this servant doesn’t have any extra feelings for Young Master. It’s also true that Gancao is whole-heartedly in love with Young Master. My lord, what are you concerned about?”

Sitting on the bedside, he gently patted the bed sheet.

Ji Man sat down next to him.

“The women that have chosen to be with me, no matter which one it is, they’re not allowed to be disloyal.” He gently raised his hand and placed it on her belly. “You’ve been with me the longest, so you naturally know this, right?”

Ji Man raised her eyebrows. Didn’t he usually consider himself the most amazing person in this world? Why was he saying such unconfident words? It made her feel as if he was a person that showed a strong front but was fragile inside.

“This servant understands,” she said, “My lord, this servant will never betray you.”

Ning Yuxuan looked at her eyes and couldn’t resist the impulse to cover them. He quietly said, “When will you return to the previous Nie Sangyu?”

Ji Man was stunned.

The spirit that had been lying dormant in this body for such a long time was startled awake by these words. Ji Man couldn’t stop the tears from falling out of her eyes.

“Why are you crying?” Ning Yuxuan pursed his lips. He started wiping them, but no matter how much he wiped, the tears kept falling. Finally, he tugged part of the quilt to cover her face. “What’s there to cry about?”

Ji Man could feel Nie Sangyu’s grief. It felt as if her heart was being torn into pieces too. It was so painful.

He had abandoned Nie Sangyu for so long. How could Nie Sangyu not cry when she finally heard him speak to her in such a nostalgic tone?

However, after the period of crying passed, Ji Man no longer felt Nie Sangyu’s presence. She wiped her tears and uncovered her face. “My lord, it’s late. Let’s go to sleep.”

Ning Yuxuan nodded, but then he stood up. He lightly coughed and said, “I’m going over to Muxu’s place to sleep.”

Ji Man froze in surprise for a moment. She had thought he would stay over. Why did he suddenly think of Muxu? Still, this was better than him going to Xuesong Courtyard. And so, Ji Man nodded and respectfully sent him out.


For a period of time after this, Muxu was very favored. Although Ji Man couldn’t figure out Marquis Moyu’s reasoning, her pregnancy symptoms got worse, so she didn’t have the free time to think or care about this.

However, for some reason, Muxu seemed to be secretly resenting something. Every time she came over here to visit her, she would quietly stare at her, then let out a long sigh.

Ji Man didn’t ask her what was wrong. If Muxu wanted to say something, then she could say it whenever she wanted to. She wasn’t in the mood to ask her.

Her body became heavier and heavier. The imperial noble consort had already sent over the most dependable midwife to stay by her side and wait. The midwife’s last name was Ceng, and she looked very kind.

As summer approached its end, it was about time for Ji Man to give birth. Old Madame suddenly fell seriously sick and the entire household became very nervous.

Marquis Moyu invited over several imperial physicians as well as famous doctors over. However, it had already been diagnosed as an old illness that had flared up due to Old Madame’s advancing age. No one could do anything. They could only properly attend to her and keep her comfortable.


Translator Ramblings: I wonder if Ning Yuxuan is making Muxu sleep on the cushioned couch by herself while he hogs her bed. I posted a tiny spoiler related to this in the comments below.

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