The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 207

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 207 – A repeated rumor becomes a fact (2)

It was true that Nie Sangyu’s belly was very big. He had even poked fun at her by asking her, could it be possible that you're going to give birth to a litter of piglets? After going to Qiangwei Courtyard and Jiyue Courtyard and hearing the same gossip, Ning Yuxuan thought they were just overthinking things. How could it be possible that Ning Mingjie would dare to do something like that? Besides, Nie Sangyu had always deeply loved him…

Deeply loved him? Ning Yuxuan stopped walking and looked at the lonely moon.

He had whittled Nie Sangyu’s feelings for him away into nothing a long time ago. The current Nie Sangyu knew how to fawn over him and how to act cutely spoiled, but she no longer stared at him with a pair of adoring eyes.

His hand slightly clenched, and Ning Yuxuan laughed at himself. When did he start caring about a woman’s feelings?

He continued walking forward a few steps and met Danzhu on the path.

Holding a lantern, she elegantly saluted him. “Greetings, marquis.”

He thought it over and decided that Xuesong Courtyard was the only place that would let him feel more peaceful and calm. Qian Lianxue wasn’t a gossipy person. Ning Yuxuan nodded at Danzhu and signaled for her to lead the way.

It was true that Qian Lianxue wasn’t a gossipy person. However, she happened to be reading a book about women’s health, and it was opened to an illustration of women in various stages of pregnancy by month. His heart felt more stifled as soon as he walked over and saw the illustration.

Nie Sangyu’s stomach looked exactly like the drawing of the woman that was nine month pregnant.

Nine months ago, he hadn’t favored her at all.

Qian Lianxue quietly coughed, then said in a soft voice, “My lord, don’t take this book too seriously. This servant was just feeling bored and started reading this book. It might not be 100% accurate.”

He had already seen that page. How could he not take it seriously? Feeling irritated, Ning Yuxuan plucked the book from her hands and threw it out the window.


The next day, when Ji Man brought over tea to the study to express her sympathy for the hardworking marquis, she noticed that he looked at her with a very unfriendly gaze.

So weird. She hadn’t done anything to offend him. Why was he looking at her like that? Ji Man couldn’t resist her curiosity and asked, “Has this servant done something wrong?”

Marquis Moyu shook his head and turned his eyes towards the book in his hand. He indifferently said, “Just put down the tea. You can leave.”

Since he wasn’t willing to tell her, Ji Man didn’t pursue him for an answer.

Once she left the study, she asked Gancao, “Where did the marquis go yesterday?”

Gancao honestly said, “He went to Qiangwei Courtyard, Jiyue Courtyard, and Xuesong Courtyard.”

For Ning Yuxuan to have that expression, someone must have said something about her behind her back. It was possible to guard against fire and theft, but it was very difficult to guard against a villain’s mouth. Although Marquis Moyu wasn’t a person that easily believed in other people, with three women each saying a few words, it was enough to thoroughly slander her. A repeated rumor becomes fact.

However, Ji Man was curious. What had these three people said to make him silently stew in anger instead of directly lashing out in anger?

This type of situation was the most vexing. You knew that people were talking behind your back, but you didn’t know what they had said, so you had no way of explaining your innocence. If you ignored them and let them talk, other people would think you were silently admitting. If you tried to explain your innocence, then it would only make the matter more conspicuous.

Language really was the most powerful skill in the world.

After thinking for a while, Ji Man turned around and went to Linghan Courtyard. In the passing, she ordered Dengxin to call Muxu over there too.

Since she couldn’t shut their mouths, she would give them a taste of their own medicine. Although Ji Man didn’t know what they had said exactly, there were only two possible options they could have chosen to slander her with. They were either saying that her baby wasn’t Marquis Moyu’s or that she was flirting with another man.

And so, after Ji Man arrived at Linghan Courtyard, she told Liu Hanyun and Muxu a story. Both of these pregnant women felt very despondent after hearing this story.


That night, Marquis Moyu went to Linghan Courtyard and saw Liu Hanyun praying to a strange-shaped Buddha.

Ning Yuxuan curiously asked, “What are you doing?”

Seeing that he had come here, Liu Hanyun hurriedly stood up and quietly said, “This servant is praying to a big mouth Buddha.”

“What kind of Buddha is that?”

Liu Hanyun looked around, then she whispered, “In places where there are a lot of people, it’s inevitable that there will be people with big mouths that maliciously harm others. Their favorite targets are pregnant women and babies. Since this servant has recently became pregnant, this servant hopes that by praying to this big mouth Buddha, it’ll protect my baby from rumors.”

Marquis Moyu paused, then he led her inside with his arm around her waist. “Where did you here this story?”

Liu Hanyun honestly said, “Madam came over here today and happened to tell us this story. This servant wanted to cry after hearing that story. My lord, do you want to hear it? This servant still remembers most of it.”

There was a smile in Ning Yuxuan’s eyes. He looked at Liu Hanyun for a moment, then he said, “Alright, tell me that story.”

Translator Ramblings: “He had whittled Nie Sangyu’s feelings for him away into nothing a long time ago. The current Nie Sangyu knew how to fawn over him and how to act cutely spoiled, but she no longer stared at him with a pair of adoring eyes.”

o.O I thought Ji Man had been doing a good job with her acting. I didn’t realize that Ning Yuxuan knows that she’s faking her feelings until this chapter. That does explain why he doesn’t trust her either. At least he admits it’s his fault that she no longer loves him.

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