The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 205

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 205 – Being slick at establishing social connections is a praiseworthy trait (2)

Marquis Moyu raised his eyes and deeply looked at her. He chuckled, then brought her onto his lap. “You’re such a clever person and so slick at establishing social connections. You’ve gotten yourself a favorable impression from everyone.”

Sitting on his lap, Ji Man seriously said, “This servant thinks that being slick at establishing social connections is a praiseworthy trait. It’s really not easy to accomplish this.”

Ning Yuxuan chuckled again, “Are you actually praising yourself?” He rubbed her belly and said, “It’ll be born in another five months, right?”

Ji Man also stretched her hand out to touch her stomach. She nodded and tried to probe out his feelings by asking, “My lord, do you think it’s possible for this baby to be born safely?”

Marquis Moyu paused. The smile in his eyes dimmed. “You’re worrying over nothing. This baby is doing fine. Why wouldn’t it be able to be born safely?”

Ji Man turned her head to look at him. Her bright gaze was full of tenderness and a mother’s special glow. "This is this servant’s first time being pregnant. No matter what it takes, this servant wants to give birth to this baby. My lord, please help me accomplish my goal.”

She had been wearing Nie Sangyu’s body for such a long time and done her best to win over Marquis Moyu. She had changed Nie Sangyu’s reputation from an insensible, vicious villainess to a reasonable woman that did her best to know when to advance and when to retreat. If she still hadn’t made a ripple in Marquis Moyu’s heart, then she really wanted to ask if a stone had replaced this person’s heart.

A light flashed through Ning Yuxuan’s eyes. He hugged for a long time while he contemplated his answer. He finally said, “Why would you need my help? Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen. Just be at ease and take of your health.”

Ji Man seriously nodded. In an incomparably intimate and emotional voice, she said, “My lord, this servant will believe in you.”

This would be the only time she would believe in him. If something bad still happened, she would wreak havoc on Marquis Moyu’s entire household.


The next day, Ji Man took the storeroom key and secretly hired people to take her dowry and sell it off for her. This would put an end to the lie she had told Old Madame by making it into a truth.

However, there was still an unavoidable commotion as they were carrying her entire dowry out of the estate. Although Ji Man had chosen a time when everyone was resting after lunch, Muxu happened to not be napping today. Moreover, Muxu had decided to come over to talk to her.

And so, Muxu saw a stream of familiar boxes being carried out of the estate. Although she felt very puzzled, she didn’t anything and continued walking to Feiwan Courtyard to pay respects to Nie Sangyu.

Looking at Muxu with a smile, Ji Man asked her how she had been doing lately.

Muxu forced herself to smile and said, “Thanks to Madam’s generosity, this servant no longer has to serve anyone. Still, this servant’s days haven’t been very good.”

Ji Man thought; you had such a good opportunity last time. Whose fault was it that you were scared of dying and didn’t go with us to take care of Marquis Moyu? You repeatedly said you’re in love with Ning Yuxuan, but those feelings are probably just a teenage girl’s infatuation from being mesmerized by his face. Although she had agreed to help Muxu with becoming an honored concubine, if Muxu acted too stupidly, then her hands were tied.

Ji Man softened her voice and said, “I’ll say a few words for you to the marquis to help you out. If you receive more favor and get pregnant, it’ll be easy for you to have good days in the future."

A light flashed through Muxu’s eyes. After she had become a concubine, Marquis Moyu hadn’t gone to her courtyard. Many of the servant girls were laughing at her behind her back. If Madam was willing to help her receive favor, then it hadn’t been a waste to betray Mistress Xue.

After leaving Feiwan Courytard, it was obvious that Muxu’s mood had significantly improved. She was smiling and had practically skipped her way back to Wenxiang Courtyard. However, when she arrived at the entrance to the courtyard, she saw Li Zixiu.

Muxu’s face immediately paled. She straightened her posture and kept a proper distance from him. Feeling somewhat helpless, she bunched up her handkerchief.

Holding his medicine box, Li Zixiu asked in unclear tone, “You look so happy. Are you going to be favored?”

Muxu glanced behind her to look at Luqiao. Luqiao hurriedly said, “Doctor Li, did you come here to check my master’s pulse? Let’s go inside to talk.”

After Li Zixiu was invited to Wenxiang Courytard, Luqiao checked the outside surroundings before closing the doors.


Ji Man was in her room reconciling her accounts. Recently, she had been using quite a bit of her money to pay for the household’s expenses. For example, she had only recorded the normal prices for the food and medicine that she had purchased last time. However, the actual expenditure had been outrageously high. Fortunately, she had her private savings. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible for her to complete Marquis Moyu’s task.

Everyone thought she was very talented at managing money and could use one silver tael to buy ten silver taels worth of stuff. That wasn’t true, she had simply bought the items with ten silver taels! She was completely relying on her secret stash of money. Ji Man silently cried; it really was very difficult to manage a household.

However, she had to find an opportunity to stop using her money to supplement the household expenditures. Otherwise, sooner or later, someone would notice that it seemed as if she had an unending supply of money. If she was found out, it could be disastrous.

Right now, Muxu was the only person in this household that knew about her secret business. Ji Man supported her chin and thought. There was a fifty-fifty chance that Muxu would betray her, so it wasn’t very safe. She had to find a way to make sure this secret would never be told.


After two days of Nie Sangyu’s persuasion, or to put it another way, two days of nagging, Marquis Moyu finally couldn’t stand it anymore and went to Muxu’s courtyard. However, it was only one time. For some unknown reason, he was absolutely unwilling to go over there again. Still, Muxu seemed very happy. Even though the marquis never visited her again, Muxu seemed utterly blissful each day and as if her good days would soon arrive.

Ji Man felt very confused, but two months later, she knew the reason behind Muxu’s happiness.

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